Jerry Rice: Randy Moss can be No. 1 if he wants, for me it was all about the rings

Super Bowl XXIII - Cincinnati Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers - January 22, 1989
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The back-and-forth between Randy Moss and Jerry Rice regarding the greatest receiver of all time continues.

Rice chimed in over the weekend via social media, pointing out that he achieved much more than Moss statistically. Appearing Monday on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, Rice made it clear that debates over rankings don’t matter — and that winning championships does.

“It was not about me being the GOAT,” Rice said. “I don’t care if I’m the one, the second, or the third receiver. It was all about me winning Super Bowls for the city of San Francisco, my teammates and my family. I was able to win three Super Bowls, I was an MVP, I pretty much hold every record right now. He continues to say it’s political or whatever, but if Randy wants to be No. 1 that’s fine. . . . If T.O. wants to be No. 2 that’s fine. But my main thing is it was all about the rings, the championships. And that’s why we play the game.”

Moss won no championships. Owens didn’t, either. All three are in the Hall of Fame, but Rice has three rings. Moss and Owens own none.

Surely, that counts for something when assessing the best of all time. Coupled with the numbers amassed by Rice, he’s definitely the GOAT. The fact that he ultimately doesn’t care only makes his case stronger.

42 responses to “Jerry Rice: Randy Moss can be No. 1 if he wants, for me it was all about the rings

  1. “What was that Randy? I can’t hear you because all my rings are clanking against each other.”

  2. As a lifelong Niner fan: Anyone who thinks Jerry Rice doesn’t care hasn’t been paying attention. More than anyone else, Jerry Rice DEFINITELY cares and would slit the throat of anyone who suggested he was anything other than the greatest. An incredible receiver with an incredible ego that fueled his drive to be the greatest.

  3. An entire defensive scheme was designed to stop Randy Moss – the Cover 2. He took plays off, he had a bad attitude, he didn’t have the longevity or stats or rings or the length of time with 2 HOF QB’s… but there was nothing like him before or since. There’s tons of receivers like Jerry Rice.

  4. I’m with Jerry Rice on this one. When you step on the field you are part of a team that is want’s to win a Superbowl, that is what its all about. The money the stats, Hall of Fame, Icing on the cake! Play to win baby

  5. If you think Rice doesn’t care you have never spent any time with him. He cares. He wouldn’t be chiming in if he didn’t. It is OK for him to.

  6. Largent was a better receiver than Rice. Also Largent did it without the sticky gloves or stickum..Rice is still a great receiver but he had help making all those catches, Moss and Owens are also great, but they had help too. Different time different game, i just wish Largent would have had gloves, he would still own some of the records.

  7. Not so sure. Rice could have been the 4th receiver on the roster in Denver and retired. The team went to the conference championship so they were well in pursuit of a ring. I am no TO fan but what he did in the Superbowl on that ankle was one of the most impressive performances I’ve ever watched.

  8. I don’t know, if he didn’t care he wouldn’t keep commenting on this. Me thinks he does care, and quite a bit.

  9. Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time and it’s not even close. Some of his records are so far out of reach they may never be broken and they were set back when defenses could hit somebody.

  10. Jerry Rice knows his place as GOAT is more than secure. Moss and TO are like ants to him and we all know it.

  11. Moss is nothing but a stat-hound and was only in it for himself. He needed to be motivated everywhere he went.

  12. Football is a team game. When he played, yes, the Niners were a murderers row of talent but those 3 rings were forged through him. Physical, gifted, work ethic I would want in my own child. I witnessed it and I have watched football over 50 years. Saw him live take a slant and run it 80 yards against a top 5 defense to win against my own team. Swann, Irvin, Harrison, TO, Moss, an’t nobody picking anyone over Rice.

  13. This whole argument it totally childish.
    Randy Moss did not need to assert his assessment of his place in receiving history
    Jerry Rice should not have responded.

  14. Rice is the GOAT. Hands down. Nuff said. Randy, T.O. you guys get to fight over who was number 2.

  15. Modern era I’d pick Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson both over either of these two clowns. They were fantastic players but hardly worth the headache. And it continues.

    I hope Jerry takes the high road and refused to talk any more about it.

  16. To be the greatest, you have to show up in the big game. Moss never did that. Neither did TO. Nuff said, Rice is the GOAT.

  17. My Top Ten

    1) Warfield
    2) Rice
    3) Harrison
    4) Alworth
    5) Hutson … domination, not talent
    6) Moss
    7) Largent
    8) Berry
    9) Lofton
    10) Swann/ S Sharpe

  18. I believe that it matters to Rice, but I also believe that he’s secure enough in his legacy at this point to not be overly concerned about what people like Moss say.
    Moss, on the other hand, obviously feels his legacy needs a boost. Otherwise he wouldn’t be running his mouth right now.

  19. jerry rice was a great receiver and great teammate every season of his long career.

    T.O. was a great receiver who played tough on the days when he wasn’t busy destroying every team he played for (until he was sent to the football siberias of Buffalo (then not now) and Cincinnatti). His heroic super bowl effort rang hollow when he made it his personal business to blow up the eagles locker room before the next season even began. That is not a great teammate.

    Moss was the most talented of the three, but was his head was so far up his rear end, that he was gotten rid of by every team he ever played for. How many first ballot hall of famers had to bounce around like that? Because Randy was more trouble than he was worth and the teams thought addition by subtraction was the best way out. Way too many days of loafing around disinterestedly for the best of all time.

  20. Rice unquestionably the greatest WR of all time. As far as whether or not he cares where he is ranked, I’d say that his continuing commentary on subject suggests that he does care a great deal.

  21. Hey Jerry, I wonder how many rings you would have if you hadn’t been drafted by the team you ended up on. Randy Moss IS #1. Rings or not.

  22. Jerry played with a HOF or MVP winning QB his ENTIRE career think about that guys. Montana, Young, Gannon.

    How many years did Moss play with a QB who won MVP or is in the HOF or will be ? Moss changed the game teams had to create an entirely new defensive scheme to stop him and stop drafting CBs under 6 feet. Give him half the years Rice had with a HOF QB see what numbers he puts up. Rice has the numbers but he did not change the game the way moss did.

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