Bruce Arians is a huge Matthew Stafford fan

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions
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If, for some reason, quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t return to the Buccaneers in 2021 and coach Bruce Arians does, Arians apparently would be interested in Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Although the tampering rules prevent Arians from expressing interest in signing Stafford if/when the Lions release him, Arians’ didn’t need to. His over-the-top praise makes it obvious.

“He’s one of my all-time favorite guys,” Arians told reporters regarding Stafford. “He’s tough as nails. Like I said the other day, he’s one of the few quarterbacks I like going out and watching warm up. Just watching him throw because he’s so special. I’ve always felt like he was one of the top four or five guys in this league for a long time. Like I said, he’s tough as nails and his guys know it. They know he’s going to suck it up for them.”

The Buccaneers play the Lions on Saturday. Stafford’s future in Detroit remains uncertain. The new coach and G.M. may want to move on. Stafford may want to move on.

If either happens and Stafford does move on, Arians may be ready to give Stafford a landing spot. And, yes, maybe that was a passive-aggressive message to Brady, who is just petty enough to be privately miffed by the public praise for Stafford.

13 responses to “Bruce Arians is a huge Matthew Stafford fan

  1. I’m tired of Bruce and his big mouth, and I’m not even a Bucs fan. I see Arians getting fired if the Bucs don’t make a run this year in the playoffs. Yes ownership will choose Brady over Arians if it comes to that.

  2. Stafford would be a good fit in the pocket offense that BA runs. Ben, Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwich, Matt Stafford. Big guys who can stand inside and wait for the deep ball, and have the cannons needed to go long.

  3. If there are actually problems between Arians and Brady, smart ownership will know it’s Arians who needs to go, not Brady.

  4. Any sound bite that Brady may take as motivation, real or imagined—I like it. He knows how to use it. Insult him some more, because history shows it works. When Garopollo was the incumbent, he took it as a slap and proceeded to outperform his chronologic age to the point that JImmy G. couldn’t unseat him, and Belichick was forced to trade him. No one predicted it, but Brady led the team to 3 more Super Bowls and won 2 of them. Becomes the oldest player to win an MVP at 40.

    That 6th round selection-chip never has left his shoulder, which is impressive considering he’s the most accomplished player in the sport. He’s just wired differently. At 43 years old to be the top 5 in TDs and yards is just ridiculous, and they haven’t even figured it out in Tampa Bay yet.

    There is no doubt Belichick would be odds-on favorite to get this team to the SB if he were the HC. That’s the piece they’re missing—a talented head coach.

  5. Stafford needs to leave the Lions. Patriots, Saints, Raiders and 49ers would be good fits.

  6. First off… I can confidently say the lions will not “release him”… that I know for a fact! If you meant are willing to trade him, than yes ok we can talk!

  7. Stafford’s high downfield throws shortened Megatron’s career significantly. He does not have ‘IT.’

  8. That no-look pass for the touchdown on Sunday was a gem. He froze D-line, Linebackers and DBs.

  9. Watch out Tom, Bruce is ready to kick you out the door. After all, according to Bruce, all the offensive problems are because of Brady.

  10. Get Stafford then. See if he can ever do better than Brady. Brady is not used to deep throws, but he’s adjusting well enough. Still 5th in TDs and yardage. Twenty years of different method and style is difficult to change. Bucs should get better coaches, starting with Arians.

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