Matt Rhule on the rise in Carolina

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For most coaches who see the G.M. fired and a new one hired, it’s a bad sign. For Panthers coach Matt Rhule, it’s a positive development.

As one league source explained it to PFT, the firing of Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney means that Rhule will essentially be running the show in Carolina, once the dust settles on the hiring of a new G.M.

It could happen as a practical matter, or it could be made more official. The new G.M. may report to Rhule; the new G.M. may report to owner David Tepper. Regardless, the new G.M. won’t be someone who comes in with a short list of preferred coaching hires and bides his time until the time comes to move out Rhule and hire someone else.

This makes Rhule a key player in the search for a new G.M., and it gives Rhule plenty of power moving forward.

It should be no surprise. The curve-blowing contract that Tepper gave to Rhule in early 2020 says it all. Rhule won’t have to worry about the new G.M. firing the coach. And the new G.M. surely won’t get the job without Rhule’s agreement.

Although the Panthers could technically give the new G.M. final say over the draft or the roster (even if Rhule will actually be making those calls), any arrangement that doesn’t entail a G.M. contract with those powers will make it harder to hire a replacement who currently has a contract with another team.

Teams from time to time have tried to circumvent the spirit of the rule by creating a disconnect between the contract and the reality for the G.M., and it rarely becomes an issue. Tepper, who angered other owners by paying an entry-level coach so much money, may decide to push the envelope in order to get the G.M. he wants.

5 responses to “Matt Rhule on the rise in Carolina

  1. Finishes last and gets more power? I haven’t seen anything spectacular out of him where he gets this praise. He and Gruden seem to get talk about what a great job they do yet they don’t win. This team won 5 games last year with a QB room that has been replaced.

  2. Surface level,I haven’t been too impressed with the Panthers/Rhule/Teddy this season. However, I think it’s fair to give them another year before passing judgement. They have lost 8 games by one score. They’ve been in virtually every game including road games vs KC and GB, their defense is very young, and their best offensive weapon has been out the entire season, along with the covid 19 off-season. I’d say next year I would expect big improvement. Another 6-10 or worse season next year would probably be more worrisome than this one IMO.

  3. I think it’s too early to call Rhule a failure. They were 5-11 last year and lost their top two QBs (Cam and Kyle Allen). His college record of 19-20 doesn’t sound that impressive but when you consider the state of the program he took over it’s remarkable. They were 1-11 and one of the worst teams in the country when he took over then went 7-6 and 11-3. I’d say that quite an accomplishment.

    I also think this article may be reading too much into the firing of Gettleman. Tepper said it was crazy that the GM didn’t take input from the coach. My guess is Rhule had zero say in personnel. The new GM may still have the final say but it sounds like he wants someone who will work with Rhule and collaborate on the players they acquire through the draft and free agency. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I doubt if Tepper is going to give full control over to Rhule after one year. That would be crazy.

  4. This Carolina coach is a good one. He is not in over his head by any measure and he has the team dialed in on his vision and his plan.

    They’re going to see success with Matt Rhule sooner rather than later. I see him 10+ wins a season for the next decade 2021-2031.

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