NHL allowing helmet ads


The slow but inevitable infiltration of corporate sponsorship onto athletic uniforms continues. (This article is brought to you by Snapple.)

Via Mark J. Burns of Sports Business Daily, the Washington Capitals, New Jersey Devils, and Nashville Predators have announced helmet sponsorships for the upcoming season. The teams will display on their helmets the brands of Capital One, Prudential Financial, and Bridgestone, respectively.

Hockey helmets typically are solid in color, without team logos on the side, like football helmets. The placement of the corporate ads becomes conspicuous and, frankly, a little jarring.

It continues a trend that has included the NBA selling jersey space and the NFL permitting ads on practice jerseys.

The NFL already has an organic ad on its game uniforms — the swoosh of Nike, the apparel supplier. As the pressure mounts to rebuild revenue post-pandemic, the NFL could (not will, could) explore the possibility of game-jersey ads of the placement of logos on the back of helmets.

The NFL could allow teams to sell their own ads. Also, the league could put a green-screen circle on the back of all helmets and allow the networks to superimpose ads during game broadcasts, increasing the rights fees and then allowing the various TV partners to sell the ad space for whatever they can get.

10 responses to “NHL allowing helmet ads

  1. NHL depends more heavily on gate revenue. If that’s what it takes to stay afloat this season, so be it.

  2. I’m not a fan of it aesthetically, but how else are owners going to fund their $1.6M sexual harassment complaints?

  3. “Jimmy McGill says:
    December 22, 2020 at 5:05 pm
    Ugh. Once the floodgates open, it’s over. The NHL will look like the KHL.”

    Or NASCAR…

  4. People made a big stink about the NBA doing it. By game two no one even noticed the small logo. Ever look at a football jersey? There are so many patches and tributes on them that no one will notice a sponsor on those as well.

  5. Just what we need……more advertising. They already have three minutes of commercials on every break then mostly commercials during halftime. Then they have advertising during the game. It’s becoming unwatchable with all the advertising.

  6. Is Washington going to bring back the Uncle Bens brand name and put a sticker on their helmet? I am sure fans can come up with some crazy and funny suggestions for each team if the NFL follows suit.

  7. Hockey helmets typically are solid in color, without team logos on the side, like football helmets.

    Wrong, they wear white helmets when they are the visiting team and there is logos on both sides of the helmet on both home and road helmet.

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