Tom Brady takes the high road regarding the Pro Bowl snub

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A day after Tom Brady was more like Tom Petty regarding a perceived diss by Tony Dungy, Brady opted to be Tommy High Road when it comes to the question of whether he was snubbed for the Pro Bowl.

“I think there [are] a lot of people who end up being deserving of a really cool accolade like that,” Brady told reporters on Wednesday. “I’ve been very fortunate to be picked a bunch of times, and I think it’s really great for other guys to get picked too. It’s hard sometimes to pick just a few guys. This year, there [were] a lot of great candidates at a lot of positions and a lot of teammates that I wish they would’ve made it. You’ve just got to keep trying to go out there and earn it. I think ultimately, for me, it’s about winning games. I think individual accolades have a certain place, [but] the most important thing for me has always been about winning football games. I wish we were 14-0 at this point, [but] we’re not — we haven’t deserved it. We haven’t played to that level yet, but hopefully we can play at a much higher level this Saturday.”

The NFC quarterbacks include Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

Brady has made it to the Pro Bowl 14 times. He’s far more motivated to get to the Super Bowl, and to win it. That’s basically what he’s saying.

And if, deep down, he believes he should have made it to the Pro Bowl and uses the omission as extra fuel for an unquenchable fire, so be it.

19 responses to “Tom Brady takes the high road regarding the Pro Bowl snub

  1. Who on that NFC QB list could they replace? All are better than him, so it’s not a snub.

  2. He’s always been about winning, not individual stats or recognition. But while I’m sure he believes that Wilson, Rodgers and Murray are deserving, I bet his omission will drive him in the last two regular-season games and the playoffs. It’s like how his being picked at 199 in the draft has always driven him.

  3. Or another way to say it is pro bowl selections are for players that have been playing at a probowl level all season. And it’s obvious he has not.

  4. Noooo, Tom!
    Where’s that competitiveness? It’s a list of the best players and you were left off!
    How dare they! Maybe a snarky tweet or something. You can’t let them diss you like this.

  5. “Snub” makes it sound as though he is more deserving than the guys that made it…before he got hurt and missed several weeks, I’da had Brees ahead of him, too.

  6. “Snub” implies he was better than those selected… so no. If you want to see “Snub” see James Robinson.

  7. What exactly does making the pro bowl really mean to the players anymore other than hitting a bonus clause in a contract

  8. Murray is a stretch, but Brady has been too up and down this season to have that strong of a case. He no doubt realizes that.

  9. Are you saying it’s OK for him to use the snub for motivation? I’m good with that.

  10. The Pro Bowl is, or should be, base on the entire work of your season. Clearly Brady’s has had some good games and also clearly he has had some not so good games. Those QB’s chosen, had better overall seasons than Brady.

    On the plus side, the Bucs should make the playoffs this year.

  11. Brandon Spikes, Patriots middle linebacker tells a story of a time Spikes was upset because Spikes hadn’t been named to the Pro Bowl & Brady came up to him and said ‘Hey B, you think I play this s— to go to Pro Bowls? Get it together. Get your head up. We’re trying to win rings. That’s what it is here.’

    After that, Spikes says that where he knew what kind of environment he was in, how blessed he was.

  12. 5th in the league in yards and TDs at the age of 43, which is kind of kind-boggling, but he’s been under Pro Bowl consistency this year with the new coach, new team and new offense. Amazingly, the zip on the ball is still there though.

  13. Pro bowl equals fan vote stuffing. Who rea.lly cares? About as meaningful as power rankings.

  14. The NFL is doing everything it can to get Brady into the NFC playoffs with these calls this year. That should be enough for Tom.

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