49ers’ George Kittle will play Saturday vs. Cardinals

NFL: OCT 25 49ers at Patriots
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The 49ers are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, but they’re still playing to win — and even playing one of their most important players who has struggled to stay healthy.

San Francisco tight end George Kittle will play on Saturday against the Cardinals, head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed today.

Kittle was designated to return from injured reserve last week after missing the last six games with a foot injury, and Shanahan said he has looked great in practice and might be the healthiest player on the team.

Shanahan said Kittle may be on a pitch count to ease him back into the lineup, but he will be out there, and the Cardinals will have to account for one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

9 responses to “49ers’ George Kittle will play Saturday vs. Cardinals

  1. As a Niners fan, I think that Shanahan needs to give his ego a rest. The Niners have NOTHING to play for, so why risk Kittle’s health? He’s arguably the best player that they have on offense.

    I know that Arizona beat the Niners to open the season and Shanahan wants to beat Kingsbury, but I think that they should rest Kittle. The Niners are down to their third-string QB and it is not likely that they will beat Arizona, anyway.

  2. I would not risk Kittle being reinjured in this game — especially with that ferocious tackler Budda Baker on the other side.

  3. Even as a Seahawk fan I also think Kittle should sit. Maybe play him next week against Seattle, but frankly even that should be with the greatest caution. I mean can you imagine if the guy were to tear and ACL or pop an achilles? And frankly the Niners could be in a pretty good position to grab one of the top QB’s or another big piece for their team if they lose out.

  4. Tight ends are the Cards’ Achilles heel. Kittle could well make the difference between a W or an L for the Niners. And if he’s ready to go, why not play him? They certainly aren’t saving him for the post-season.

  5. Shanahan said it best. How can he look someone in the eye and tell them they have to risk their career, but Kittle gets a pass? No, this is football. If you’re 100% you play. Don’t become the damn NBA!

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