A.J. Brown laughs off $12,000 fine for throwing football into stands

USA Today

Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown threw the football into the stands after scoring a touchdown on Sunday against the Lions. In the NFL, that’s a costly thing for a player to do.

Brown was fined $12,000 for throwing the ball into the stands, but he joked about it on Twitter today.

12k for the football last week,” Brown wrote. “Let’s see how high I can get the fine up to. I want the NFL to rename that rule after me tbh lol.”

The NFL has a standard fine schedule that the league and the players’ union agreed upon, and it includes throwing the ball into the stands as a violation that results in a $7,000 fine for a first offense and $12,000 for a second offense. The concern within the league is that there could be safety issues related to fans running and leaping for a thrown football.

Brown indicated in follow-up tweets that he may actually stop throwing the ball into the stands. At $12,000 a pop, that’s probably wise.

7 responses to “A.J. Brown laughs off $12,000 fine for throwing football into stands

  1. Always great to see a guy laughing off a needless $12,000 loss when half the country is wondering how they’re about to have to pay 12-months of back rent so they won’t be evicted when COVID ends. I very much dislike AJ Brown now.

  2. At least we know that the money the league collects for fines go into a charity pool.
    If he wants to donate to charity that way, it’s cool.

  3. To fine him for that is completely ridicolous. The NFL has some of the most nonesense rules of all sports anyway.

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