Alvin Kamara on possible fine for cleats: The Grinch always tries to steal Christmas

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara was generating a lot of buzz on social media well before the first of his six touchdowns on Friday.

Kamara was sporting Christmas themed cleats — one was red and one was green — that drew many admirers as people settled in for the afternoon game against the Vikings. He got plenty of time to show them off while tying the NFL record for touchdowns in a game and it’s a good bet that the league office noticed the footwear.

Kamara’s shoes weren’t in team colors and that has resulted in fines for players in the past. After the 52-33 win was in the books, Kamara was asked about that possibility.

“If they fine me, I’ll just match it and send it to charity. The Grinch always tries to steal Christmas,” Kamara said, via Amie Just of

Kamara also set a career high with 155 rushing yards, so he may find a fine a small price to pay for what the shoes helped him pull off on Friday.

30 responses to “Alvin Kamara on possible fine for cleats: The Grinch always tries to steal Christmas

  1. Kamara will definitely be getting a call about those cleats. That call will come from Canton, Ohio.

  2. With every thing that this season has had, it’s obvious the league should find something else to worry about.

  3. That was a Hall of Fame moment tonight. Not saying he’s a Hall of Famer but this wasnoteworthy after 91 years.

  4. This will be one of those games that everyone remembers 50 years from now – Kamara scores 6 TDs on Christmas while wearing red & green cleats. How iconic?

  5. The league fined multiple Saints players including Lance Moore and Pierre Thomas for wearing red and green spats on Christmas Day years ago. They’ll do it again. The league is a damn joke and its idiot commissioner is the biggest joke of all.

  6. ,Watch and see, those cleats will wind up in the Hall of Fame. If they do, why should he be fined? They probably helped him get into the end zone.i

  7. Alvin should be fined they were ugly looking out there. I know it was a season thing but still ugly.

  8. The NFL should be sending those cleats to their Madison Ave advertising firms and Nike, with a note saying, “Gentlemen, we need more cleats!”

    If it wasn’t for the possibility of Kamara have a chance to tie the record, everyone would have turned that game off in the 3rd quarter!

  9. Congrats to Tenn coach Butch Jones who couldn’t recognize talent if it were 3 inches from his face. What a waste.

  10. What a minute!
    You cannot compare that idiot jumping in the Salvation Army kettle with Alvin wearing Christmas cleats! it’s not even in the same galaxy.

  11. If the League comes down on him for wearing Christmas colored cleats, on Christmas day, no special sponsorship, the public blowback on the League will be significant. Come on, man!

  12. “The Grinch always tries to steal Christmas,”

    Tries, but does not succeed. The Grinch gets a bad wrap. Yes, he stole of the Christmas presents and decorations and such. But when he saw that Whoville still celebrated the holiday, his heart grew and he returned all that he had stolen, and joined Whoville for their Christmas celebration feast.

    The Grinch needs a better agent.

  13. I guess I’m old school. Most workplaces have a dress code and if you don’t follow the dress code then you have to accept the consequences. He did say he would donate that money to charity, which I think the NFL would be OK with.

  14. HagemeisterPark says:
    December 25, 2020 at 10:14 pm

    Yeah…the grinch who pays him millions to play a game.

    No, Gayle Benson pays him those millions and he is one of the few who works harder after the new contract !!! Roger Godell just bleeds Millions off of these players to run what he has turned into the No Fun League !1

  15. Possible should be absolutely when Godel goes after sox being two inches low.. BUt this is the NFl and everything changes each week

  16. Being he is a Saint, Roger will double the fine, suspend the Offensive Coordinator for a year, take away three draft choicesin 2021 and prohibit the Saints from blocking above or below the waist if Alvin carries the ball. Vickings will be awarded the three draft choices for being bullied by the Saints.

  17. I know the player is supposed to pay the fine. But, can they retroactively amend his contract to include a bonus for tying or beating the record as an attaboy? That would probably prompt some interference from the league but it would be a gesture from the higher ups. Especially if he wants to match it to charity then the amounts are different from the fine and it’s harder to prove they were paying the fine for him.

  18. Some things you might want to keep in mind IF a fine is forthcoming: The second statement is of interest, I think.

    -All the money collected from fines goes to programs for former players. Fine money does not go to the NFL.

    -The NFL/NFLPA collectively bargain an on-field code of conduct for all players.

    -The rules are intended to protect players from unnecessary risk, promote player safety and emphasize sportsmanship.

    -All players may appeal fines.

  19. Alvin Kamara on possible fine for cleats: The Grinch always tries to steal Christmas

    And idiots never obey the rules, they think the rules don’t apply to them!

  20. He was wearing the colors on the wrong feet – red for left (port) green for right (starboard)

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