Saints must win today for a chance at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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Last season, the Saints’ Super Bowl hopes ended when they lost, as seven-point favorites, at home against the Vikings in the first round of the playoffs. This season, the Saints’ hopes for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs will end if they lose, as seven-point favorites, at home against the Vikings on Christmas Day.

The Vikings-Saints game is a big one for the Saints, as a win keeps them in contention for the No. 1 seed in the NFC, which gives them the only bye in the conference and home-field advantage through the NFC Championship Game. But a loss eliminates the Saints from contention for the No. 1 seed.

A loss also means the Saints could still end up finishing second in the NFC South and having to go on the road in the wild card round of the playoffs. The Saints have a one-game lead over the Buccaneers and own the tiebreaker advantage, but if the Saints lose today, that allows the Buccaneers to stay alive: If the Saints lose their last two and the Bucs win their last two, Tampa Bay takes the division.

So the Saints can’t afford to look past the Vikings. That’s a lesson they may have learned in the playoffs last season.

25 responses to “Saints must win today for a chance at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs

  1. Seems Vikings have Saints number, but this one is different, with all the Vikings injuries and playing rookies it all depends on how well Brees is feeling.

  2. Brees doesn’t have too many chances left, so he’ll be ready to play wherever the game is scheduled.

  3. NFL would love to see the Saints lose to the Vikings again im sure. Itll be an interesting game, especially if its close.

  4. It just makes too much sense for the Saints to lose this one. If i was a betting man….

  5. Doubt the Vikings have much of a chance today. Too many players out and even tho the vikings have won their share from the saints,just hope its entertaining.

  6. As a Viking die hard and going through another miserable season with an undersized super weak offensive line and no defense whatsoever especially the defensive line (i.e. both tackle positions) and a porous secondary (what are we doing back here?)-the only way the Saints could possibly lose is not to show up!

  7. The “Refs'” will see to it that the Saints will win. A holding call here or unnecessary roughness penalty there, will take care of the “Vikings.”Mabee even 12 men in the huddle…………take your pick.

  8. Merry Christmas to all my followers in MN, and may you deservedly enjoy the rest of your season!

  9. Packer nation will be joining Viking fans in cheering for a Vikings big upset again this year over the Saints.

  10. The Vikings (this season) with all the injuries and losses of talent can only beat a good offensive team by playing keep away.

    Their only chance is to have several long sustained drives with Cook running the ball and draining the clock and not turning the ball over.

    They did it against Green Bay. No reason they can’t against NO. Just need to protect the ball.

    Should be interesting.

  11. no chance.

    the saints run defense is good. the vikes game is all about the run setting up the pass

  12. Refs on Saints side? blahahaha. That will never happen with Goodell still in charge. They have lost the penalty disparity every game this year.

  13. Seven out of ten wins for the Saints have come against teams currently under .500, while three of their four loses have come against teams currently over .500. My guess is that the Saints will win their remaining two games and then lose their first playoff game.

  14. If the Saints lose to the severely depleted Vikings at home, they’ll have bigger concerns than home field advantage to worry about.

    And they could.

  15. Last chance for the Vikings to show what they’re made of. Will 2020 season go out with a bang or with a whimper?

  16. It’s nonsense that ANY NFL team “looks past” any other NFL team.

    Strictly a media concept.

  17. The Vikings have nothing to gain by winning the next two games but more to gain by Losing the last two games. The season was over going 1 in 5 start, need to draft a quarterback if there is one.

  18. Since the Vikings defense needs a GPS to find the opponents QB, I wouldn’t worry too much about keeping Brees safe. The Vikings will score 27, but the defense can’t keep anybody below 30 points.

  19. Saints will win this in a close low scoring gane. I think Kamara makes the difference in this one. I’d say the Rams are in the most danger of falling in playoff standing not New Orleans.

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