Vikings have one of their worst defensive performances, ever

Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers
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Not only were the Vikings on the wrong side of the NFL’s first six-touchdown day since Gale Sayers in 1965 but the Vikings also had generally one of their worst defensive performances in team history.

The 52 points allowed by the Vikings become the first time the Vikings have surrendered 50 or more points since 1984, in a 51-7 blowout loss to the 49ers during the one-season Les Steckel debacle.

It’s also the most points allowed by the Vikings since 1963, when the Cardinals beat the Vikings 56-14 in Minnesota’s third year of existence.

The Vikings have one other 50-points-against-them game: In 1961 against the Bears, a 52-35 loss.

So, yes, today was about as bad as it’s ever been for the Minnesota defense, in a season that still had semi-plausible hope of playoff contention before the game began. Now? Not.

The showing underscores the reality that, come 2021, plenty of people in the organization will be sitting on a hot seat. Given the way things have gone since Mike Zimmer became the head coach in 2014, however, next year will culminate in a guaranteed playoff berth; the Vikings make it in the odd years, and they miss the postseason in the even years.

20 responses to “Vikings have one of their worst defensive performances, ever

  1. Back up linemen, back up linebackers, rookie corners, and a safety on a franchise tag that has played scared to get hurt all year. Makes sense.

  2. Embarrassing. It’s obvious some of these guys (Harris) have given up. Surprised to see this from a Mike Zimmer team.

  3. Time to find out how much the Wilfs write off when we lose.It’s getting pretty obvious that they DO NOT
    want to win because of the insanity of the coaching, and the play calling, and the truly STUPID QB that wont move out of the so called pocket. I quit.

  4. Two Rookie Corners. No Barr, No Kendricks, No Hunter, No Michael Pierce. Also the departed: Griffin, Rhoades, Waynes, Alexander, Joseph, Diggs.

    The fact that the Vikings spent 15 weeks of the season in playoff contention is a miracle. He won’t be considered COTY because of that record, but I sure hope internally it’s appreciated what Zimmer accomplished this year without OTA’s, a pre-season and all the other changes COVID-19 brought to a team that was already going to be in for a drastic transition.

  5. Zimmer has always been held in high regard as a coach. Is it possible that the Vikings just don’t have the talent on defense?

  6. Once Kendricks couldn’t play anymore the Vikings became the worst. Nobody expected much from this defense this year anyway. All new corners, Hunter and Barr out for the season with Pierce.
    I am glad they won’t have to pay Harris next year. $14 plus million for that type effort. He never was a good tackler but this could have been his worse. Against the Bears he turned his back and to tried fall into Montgomery instead of using his shoulder. So yeah the Vikings have a bad defense now but I agree with Troy they will be okay next year.Now lose to the Lions for a better pick.

  7. The excuses. Teams have injuries. At one point this year, the Seahawks had 29 injured or opted out players. Teams lose players to free agency, cap concerns, etc. The Vikings are no different.

    It wasn’t heroic what they did this year; it’s a failure of their system. Guys had to be let go for cap and other reasons. They misfired on their QB several years ago, who puts up nice numbers but cracks under pressure most times. They have injuries and zero depth because of their salary cap issues (yet Rob Brzezinski is a genius). They don’t have a head coach, but they have a DC who’s paid like one and an OC who used to be one. Which is too bad, because they have some great pieces on offense in Cook and Peterson, Irv Smith looks like he’s improving, and Thielen is one of the most dependable receivers in the league.

  8. Would love to see any nfl team trot out 9 new starters on defense that include 6 guys who likely were practice squad at best before the season started and 3 rookie corners.

    This isn’t a surprise. They literally were playing the same defense they would in the 4th game of the preseason in the 4th quarter.

    Why people are freaking out about it is odd. Half the guys out there probably wouldn’t even be on the practice squad.

    Add back hunter, Kendricks, Barr, pierce and this defense is back. But I’m sure losing 4 all pro or pro bowl players isn’t going to affect performance in the eyes of some.

  9. Too many coaches have been through the doors there to think Zimmer is the problem. Management has been a problem for a long time. The Vikings have had teams that could have won superbowls over the past 20 years. Must be a horrible place to play.

  10. philmccracken says:
    December 25, 2020 at 10:13 pm




    Really? Sorry to hear that for you buddy

  11. This is not a zimmer defense considering his six best d players are hurt. especially his two pro bowl linebackers. next year this team will be tough to beat with all the young talent having a years training. no ones going to want to play them

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