Fitzmagic strikes again, leading Dolphins to improbable 26-25 win

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Fitzmagic may have saved the Dolphins’ playoff hopes . . . while dashing those of the Raiders and the Ravens.

Ryan Fitzpatrick replaced Tua Tagovailoa in the fourth quarter. In three drives, the veteran quarterback directed the Dolphins to as points as Tagovailoa did in eight — not counting a kneel down — as the Dolphins came from behind for an improbable win.

Miami beat the Raiders 26-25 on a 44-yard Jason Sanders field goal with one second remaining.

The Dolphins remained in the driver’s seat for the final wild-card berth in the AFC, moving to 10-5. The Raiders fell to 7-8 and are eliminated from postseason contention.

The teams combined for 22 points in the fourth quarter in a wild affair that saw three lead chances in the final 2:55.

The Raiders thought they had it won when they burned down the clock to 23 seconds before calling a timeout to kick a 22-yard Daniel Carlson field goal with 19 seconds left. Carlson missed an extra point in the fourth quarter that proved the difference.

The Raiders didn’t try to score the touchdown, instead running down the time and settling for the go-ahead field goal. It came back to bite them.

On the first snap following the touchback on the kickoff, Fitzpatrick threw a deep pass to Mack Hollins, who dropped a potential touchdown pass earlier in the fourth quarter. It was a 34-yard completion with another 15 yards tacked on with Arden Key grabbing and yanking Fitzpatrick’s facemask as the quarterback threw the ball.

It set up the winning field goal.

Fitzpatrick directed the Dolphins to a game-tying field goal with 4:01 left on his first drive, but Nelson Agholor caught an 85-yard touchdown pass from Derek Carr only 24 seconds later. Carlson then missed the extra point.

Myles Gaskin got the lead back for the Dolphins with a 59-yard touchdown with 2:55 remaining after Sanders made the PAT.

Agholor followed by drawing a 49-yard pass interference penalty on Byron Jones. The penalty set up the Raiders for what Carr thought was going to be his 24th game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime.

But Fitzmagic struck again.

He went 9-of-13 for 182 yards and a touchdown. Tagovailoa went 17-of-22 for 94 yards and a touchdown.

Carr was 21-of-34 for 336 yards and a touchdown. Agholor caught five passes for 155 yards and a touchdown, and tight end Darren Waller added five catches for 112 yards.

76 responses to “Fitzmagic strikes again, leading Dolphins to improbable 26-25 win

  1. That’s what the raiders get for almost winning winning the game on a cheap ticky-tack pass interference call. The dolphins (Fitzmagic) deserved the win. The raiders (Gruden) did not. Gruden should be fired, he’s the new jeff fisher. Riding the coatails of one good season for the rest of his mediocre career.

  2. Raiders have the worst defense in NFL history and its not debatable.

    I knew the second there was time left on the clock we were gonna lose that game if the defense was on the field.

    How many times does Carr and Crew have to prove they can score whenever they want especially when it matters the most. Then the defense goes out there and finds a way to blow it. Truly a joke, im honestly glad we lost just so the anxiety of having a chance doesnt ruin my mood the next 2 weeks.

    I wanna speak on all the help we need via FA and the Draft for Defense but finding 11 new players is gonna be tough..

  3. Let me get this straight, Gruden’s idea was to go up by two points and leave essentially 23 seconds on the clock with his abysmal defense and the Dolphins having one of the best kickers on the NFL? And this guy is making $100 million? Something is very very wrong

  4. It was so great to see Jon Gruden looking sad at the end. He can’t win without Tony Dungy’s players like he did in Tampa.

  5. Brian Flores, coach of the year. He’s not afraid of any moment and knows when to make the moves.

  6. “Carlson missed an extra point in the fourth quarter that proved the difference.”

    I would disagree with that. I’d say the Raiders twice getting to the goal line and settling for field goals made the difference.

    The first one, maybe, it was a 4th down. But the one at the end of the game? At least TRY for the TD. That would have forced the need for a TD in return.

    Why a coach with a 10-year contract would ever “play not to lose” eludes me.

  7. Gruden takes that loss. Talk about dumb coaching. Score the td and the Phins would not have won. Serves him right.

  8. If the face mask causes an incompletion, we only get 15 yards and still need over 30 more yards to get into field goal range. If he catches it without the face mask, we still need 15-20 yards. That’s the only possible thing that could have happened to get us in position to win that game.

    How sweet it is.

  9. Crazy and entertaining game. Going conservative cost the Raiders again. Even if Tua is less turnover prone Fitzapatrick is far better at moving the ball down the field.

  10. Crazy Legs Fitz strikes again.. Huge win to beat the Raiders AND the other team in white and black stripes

  11. The craziest last 3 minutes of a game you will ever see. 4 scores.

    If the Raiders had elected to score the TD instead of trying to run out the clock and kick the winning FG, a FG wouldn’t have beat them. A reverse Gurley.

  12. Fins have a great situation. Tua and Fitz always happy for each other when the other does well. Tua doesn’t take benching personally. Both are team players and credit to them.

  13. Can’t even believe the announcers talking about that pass interference against the Dolphins, not only was it pass interference they should have called face masking too, and the Raiders should have scored twice ,but Gruden chose to play it cute, and blew it! The Raiders had them beat with half the team on ir.

  14. “…what Carr thought was going to be his 24th game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime.”

    Interesting stat. You’d think he’d never won a game in his career the way he’s usually covered here.

  15. Two major screw-ups on one (1) play!
    Loved the look on Gruden face. Even with the mask on you could see his inflated ego crash & burn.
    Also don’t know why Jacobs didn’t score when he had the chance.
    Just another case of John Gruden thinking he’s the smartest coach in the building.

  16. I knew it was a bad idea when they decided to go to Tua. Yea they beat the Rams and he won some games, but he has now been benched twice and both times was thoroughly outplayed. Should have let him sit this year and learn. Not so easy now huh Tua

  17. Knowing how poorly the Raiders have been on defense, they should have scored that TD and not run clock and kicked the field goal. Fitz is the Dolphin QB teams fear. Not Tua.

  18. The Dolphins should not mess around in the next draft and just use that Texans FIRST round pick and get themselves one of the QB’s Available. Your team has a decent enough defense that keeps things close to give your Offense a Chance, And so having the coach being force to treat the Qb’s like their PITCHERS having to run the BULLPEN for relief because the staring QB is ineffective is not a long term recipe for success.

  19. I have absolutely no idea how Miami has managed to get 10 wins out of this group. Nevertheless, Flores is coach of the year…no doubt.

  20. This was actually worse than the zero blitz the Jets did because the Raiders just dealt with that weeks ago. I had a good laugh.

  21. 2 guarantees in life; death and the raiders can’t be better than .500. But during the off-season their fans will tell us how good they’re going to be. And their off-season just started, so get ready…

  22. If Josh Jacobs doesn’t slide twice before going into the end zone the Raiders win plain and simple!

  23. On that big play at the end what was #12 on the Raiders doing? Was covering nobody (listed as a WR)

  24. Miami has the best backup QB, the best CB, the best Kicker, the best 3rd down defense, and the best coaching. The only thing they really lack are alpha WR’s and RB’s. But they have two #1’s and two #2’s in the upcoming draft to address that.

  25. Terrible game calling by Gruden at the end. The Raiders should have scored the TD, but instead Jacobs sat down to burn time. Then they didn’t take another shot to score, settling for the FG. Pathetic. The Raiders gifted this game to the Dolphins. It was so terrible it makes you wonder if they were playing to lose for a better draft pick.

  26. I just dont get offensive holding calls any longer in the nfl. How can you call offensive holding on The Raiders to start their final drive, and then on the dolphins final play you call a facemask unnecessary roghness call on the raiders when the o-lineman has a complete hold on the Arden Keys jersey at the time he grabs the facemask. I just think the NFL should no longer call offensive holding at all. Get rid of the call, rather than picj and choose who gets to hold and who doesn’t. That is unless you want to fix games—-aka KC Chiefs.

  27. Fitzmagic my eye. The Raider D gave it to Miami. This defense will get a complete overhaul this next year staff and players. Hard loss for the Raiders. But if they are going to play that undisciplined they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

  28. When Fitzmagic came into the game, the game finally got interesting!

    Before that it was mainly a snooze feast!!!

  29. The pass interference call on Jones to give Raiders the field goal was one of the worst calls of the year. The Raiders passing up the touchdown to use up the clock was one of the worst play calls of the year. Grabbing Fitzpatrick’s face mask was one of the worst penalties of the year. Great game!

  30. Just to get that (no-look!) pass downfield in a catchable spot was tremendous execution by FitzMagic…maybe the best pass ever completed while taking such a hit in NFL history! I’ve seen nearly 5 decades of football too…

  31. Delusional Raiders fans in 3-2-1…it’s still 1983 and Marcus Allen is in the backfield. Seven years left in that 10 year plan.

  32. Out coached Again!!! But Carr had some good stats in another loss.. guys not a winner,no Qb raiders have Ever drafted has Ever taken them to the playoffs and won’t be anytime in next decade!!! Not even a one and done team !!!

  33. I get the feeling the league doesn’t want Miami in playoffs. Refs made such bogus calls, that Byron Jones P.I. put them at the goaline. There was no holding. Then the Patriots game before that we’re ghost holding calls.

  34. Who takes a knee at the 1 yard line to go up by a whopping 2 points instead of 7 – Jon Gruden the celebrity coach

  35. Once again we ask… why does everyone think Chucky is some football coaching god? He sucks! Hell Adam Gase coulda won the Super Bowl in Tampa taking over Dungy’s team

  36. Not sure about Tua, he seems to be missing opportunities to use his skill set and run for easy gains.

    Go Pats

  37. Seems Miami is intent on totally screwing up their long term qb situation. What? Now that they won last night and if they win next week they’re in the playoffs? So what. You can bet it’s one and done. And then start all over again next year. Leave Tua as the starter and see if he’s in fact the guy.

  38. I thought that 49 yard PI call against the Fins to put the Raiders in FG range at the end was very marginal but that flagrant facemask on the defense against Fitz had to be one of the dumbest penalties i’ve seen.

    Fins needed everything to go right on that last play to have a chance. If the defense played it like a hail mary and don’t commit a penalty, game over.

  39. Great game..the compete level was fantastic; however, I am reminded of how the DPI penalty needs so desparately to be adjusted. Turn a guys by the facemask mask so he can read the name on his jersey…15 yards. Touch a receiver’s shoulder… 49 yards. The whole “heave a prayer and hope for the DPI” has so fundamentally fouled up the game balance that it’s unbelievable that it hasn’t been addressed. Make the DPI penalty a 10 yarder and a automatic first down. Scrap the spot foul…

  40. “Make the DPI penalty a 10 yarder and a automatic first down. Scrap the spot foul…”
    If you do that you won’t have cornerbacks touching receiver on their shoulders. They will just tackle them when the receiver gains a step on a go route to prevent a TD.
    This will kill deep passing because defenses will live with the penalties.

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