Kirk Cousins hasn’t taken Vikings where they thought he would

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Highly-drafted rookie quarterbacks rarely deliver championships, in their first seasons or at any time thereafter. Highly-compensated free-agent quarterbacks rarely accomplish that, either — although the sample size is much smaller.

In 2018, Kirk Cousins became the first healthy, accomplished quarterback on the right side of 30 to hit unrestricted free agency. The Vikings, apparently in competition with only the Jets, gave Cousins a three-year, fully-guaranteed contract worth $28 million per year, a record amount at the time.

The Vikings had big plans for the ongoing growth of the franchise under Cousins. In 2017, the Vikings went 13-3, with one start from Sam Bradford (a rousing Monday night win over the Saints) and 15 from Case Keenum, who lost his first start at Pittsburgh before going 12-2. Then came the Minneapolis Miracle, one of the greatest moments in franchise history.

Like the Immaculate Reception, the Minneapolis Miracle was followed not by a Super Bowl appearance but a loss the following week in the conference championship game. Like the Immaculate Reception, many believed (or at least wondered whether) the Minneapolis Miracle would serve as the front end of a sustained stretch of greatness.

Enter Cousins, objectively a much better quarterback Keenum (but subjectively not a great fit for a team with a periodically suspect offensive line). Throw in running back Dalvin Cook, whose rookie season of 2017 ended with a Week Four torn ACL, and Minnesota’s offense combined with Mike Zimmer’s defense supposedly was ready to take over the league.

It didn’t. In 2018, the Vikings scratched and clawed to 8-7-1. A Week 17 home game against the Bears, who had locked up the division title and were playing for nothing, resulted in a Minnesota loss — and a failure to make the playoffs. In 2019, the Vikings qualified for the postseason at 10-6 and upset the Saints in a wild-card game before being splattered by the 49ers in the divisional round. This year, Minnesota started 1-5, managed to get to 6-6, and promptly fell apart down the stretch. (It has gone eerily like Minnesota’s 1990 season, which saw the Vikings ping-pong from 1-6 to 6-6 to 6-10.)

With one game remaining in 2020, the Cousins-era Vikings have a record of 24-22-1. But for the fact that the Vikings extended his contract by two years in March (paying him now $33 million per year), the Vikings could have walked away from Cousins after next Sunday’s game.

Ownership may be inclined to ponder the possibilities, but the organization is handcuffed by the contract, cap hit, the guarantees, and the fact that (other than maybe the 49ers) no one will be clamoring for Cousins. Unless someone is looking for just good enough.

That’s become the Vikings way in recent years, frankly. Just good enough.

Just good enough to contend for a playoff spot every year, making it every other. Just good enough to maybe win a periodic postseason game before coming up against an elite team that smothers the Vikings. Just good enough to make the fans think the team is trying to finally deliver a championship but not good enough to ever truly get there.

Just good enough is very good for business. Although every team claims it wants to win the Super Bowl every year, any team (even the Patriots) that uses Super Bowl wins as a barometer for success sets itself up for consistent failure. Success flows from contention into December. From never having a lost season. From always being on the porch or at least in its vicinity, even if there’s never a chance to get close enough to try to kick the door in.

That’s the Vikings, or at least that’s what they’ve become over the past 20 years. Just good enough. But for going 3-13 in 2011, they’ve always been in position to make a December run for the postseason. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

The most prominent exception came in 2009, when the first season with Brett Favre created a very realistic expectation that the Vikings would get a chance to run their Super Bowl record to 0-5. But for multiple Adrian Peterson fumbles, a boneheaded “This is not Detroit!” Brett Favre interception late in regulation, and a certain scandal that had placed targets on Favre’s knees and ankles throughout the game, it would have happened.

Since landing on the wrong side of a 41-0 splattering against the Giants in the 2000 NFC title game, the day the Vikings outplayed the Saints and lost in early 2010 and the day the Vikings outplayed the Saints then blew the lead then pulled a rabbit out of their butts in early 2018 are the lone high-water marks of the last 20 years.

Just good enough. But never, ever truly great.

So here’s my first of many predictions for 2021. Unlike the many that will be wrong, this one is dead-on balls accurate: Next year, the Vikings once again will be just good enough.

108 responses to “Kirk Cousins hasn’t taken Vikings where they thought he would

  1. of all the mistakes my Jets have made, and it’s literally countless, as least this flaming pile of overpaid mediocrity wasn’t one of them.

  2. The important thing to remember is he’s taken them where I thought he would and I Vike that. Blame the 5 spinning turnstiles in front of him.

  3. This is why Washington didn’t give him a long term deal.

    Minnesota’s defense didn’t immediately get worse, Cousins’ mental mistakes and turnovers just made their jobs harder.

  4. I’ve never seen an interior offensive line as offensive as the Vikings he last few weeks. Tell me any QB who would thrive with that?

  5. Does he play defense? Hard to win when you are constantly behind.

    Bet he ends up in New England and wins a SB before the Vikings.

  6. I watched the Vikings-Saints game. Cousins couldn’t stop the Saints run game. Cousins couldn’t stop the Saints passing game. The Vikings lost because of Cousins.

  7. Since 1992, Brett Favre’s first year, the Packers have had 2 quarterbacks. TWO! The Vikings on the other hand have had 31. Just good enough is right, Mike.

    I wear a T-shirt that says “Just Once Before I Die”. Honestly, I don’t think they’re going to do it!

  8. At least they can package there 1st and 2nd round draft picks to move up to get a qb… Oh wait.. Forgot they traded there 2nd round pick for a pro bowl DE.. Oh wait.. Forget it..

  9. That’s pretty deep. Someone has had bad experiences reporting on the Vikings. I’m no Vikings fan, but I think this article is below the belt.

  10. Protecting your boss eh? I knew you wouldn’t post it. The Vikings aren’t relevant, yet there were at least 3 articles about them after the loss. They are 6-9!! And no, they were not in the playoff race before the game started. See ya next year Queens.

  11. Go ahead, move on from Cousins, but don’t trot the next QB out behind that garbage OL. Can we try again for a kicker too?

  12. Kirk took them where I thought he would… nowhere.

    You can’t pay a QB $30+ million when he plays a distant third fiddle to the run game and defense and can’t be THE guy.

    I don’t blame Kirk for taking the money tho. This is all on Spielman and Zimmer.

  13. The fact is that Cousins is better than the unknown. The drop off from average to below average QB is horrible.

  14. Kirk is not even wearing the pants in his own family as evidenced by his inability to say “no” to his wife’s request that he must wear his wedding ring on game day. So how is he going to be “The Man” of this team if he’s not a man of his own house?

    Losing!! SKOL!!!!

  15. Why would anyone be surprised? Cousins is little more than a .500 QB who throws for big numbers but doesn’t carry his team and take over when needed.
    Plus, coach Zimmer wants to run more than throw.

  16. I loved this article by Mike Florio because he is a long time Vikings fan and it’s refreshing to see him venting like all fans do.
    First — when the Vikings gave Cousins all that money, I think everyone — including most Vikings fans — were saying, “they did what?”. Cousins was never an elite QB in Washington and the fact that they were willing to let him go said volumes about him.
    That said, it’s certainly not all Cousins’ fault. Has he been great? Absolutely not. But that’s where the Vikings blew it, because they thought that’s what he would be. Instead of realizing they had to improve the weapons around him — especially the “O” line — they kept hoping over and over he’d turn into Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. It was never going to happen.
    So — as Mike Florio says, they are stuck with him as their QB and now they have to mull over whether to change head coaches again to see if they can turn this mess around. Mike Zimmer is another in the long line of good defensive coordinators who didn’t work out as a head coach.
    I am a Packers fan and I love seeing the Vikings in this kind of mess. But I am just being as objective as I can in my comments here. The truth is, just as with the Lions and Matthew Stafford, the Vikings cannot expect Cousins to take the team on his back as Brady, Rodgers, Brees, and Mahomes do. It’s never going to happen. So the objective is perfectly clear. Continue to build around your best player on offense — Dalvin Cook — and get better players on your “O” line to give Cousins way better protection, and rebuild your defense to a top tier defense.
    And — bring in an offensive minded head coach who understands the game as it’s played in the 21st century.
    Your welcome, Vikings fans.

  17. Cousins giving up 52 points is pretty unacceptable. He needs to do a much better job of blocking for himself too. He sucks.

  18. Cousins is a good QB, but because of his lousy defense, he constantly has to play from behind. No QB would thrive on that team.

  19. The guy has a higher career passer rating than both Brady and Manning. He’s not the problem. Probably the most unfairly blamed QB in history

  20. The Vikings had a recent history in which they had bad GMs, bad coaches, and bad QBs (never say the name Tavaris Jackson to a Vikings fan). Now that they have a slightly above average GM, head coach, and QB, there are too many that say, “well, it could be worse!” That is indeed true. They are not the Jets or Jacksonville and no one would trade Zimmer for Gase or Marone. BUT they aren’t going to go to the Super Bowl with any of these three in their current place either. What are you willing to accept as a fan base?

  21. Kubiak repeatedly calling empty sets with THAT O line is beyond a doubt the dumbest idea imaginable. Cousins and the WRs/TEs are unable to recognize where blitzes come from and making adjustments at the line. I believe Cousins’ football IQ is pretty low. For a vet QB he does not play like a ‘coach on the field’ as many top QBs are labeled.

  22. well, Kirk Cousins , not a Super Bowl winner unlike Favre, Rodgers, Brees, Foles, Flacco, Brad Johnson who all have 1. Oh yeah, Peyton has 2, one of them with Denver was the worst QB performance by a QB in Super Bowl history. I’m not defending Cousins, and neither are his offensive line. Cousins is a pocket passer who needs time to be effective or a rollout QB should he not get time in the pocket. If QB’s drive the team you better give them what they need, with our O line Murray, Wilson, Watson, Jackson would be running for their lives, as Gerry Glanville said, you do that in this league and pitmans Not For Long. By the way, why isn’t Brett Jones starting ? Just another example of the poor decision makers in control. Build a line on both sides of the ball and maybe we go farther for a longer time.

  23. I thought this was a copy cat league…the Patriots showed how to sustain success…the concept is simple…but really really difficult to achieve…sustained success requires a QB who wants to win more than getting a few extra bucks…

    How many teams have wrecked their depth overpaying for a QB…Vikings, Eagles coulda had Foles on the cheap and kept the depth that won them a Superbowl…heck even Russell Wilson would have more than 1 Superbowl if he wasn’t so greedy…

  24. Kirk aint out there playing defense. Imagine how bad it would have been if they did not score any points? Kirk immediately makes the Pats or 49ers better. He can throw and run the offense and most importantly he is actually on the field. I know Washington would be happy to have him over Haskins right now. Vikings o_line is trash and their defense has to be near the worst in the league and somehow this is Kirk’s fault? SMH

  25. Let’s see how many times the cheese in the east qb had choked. Humm, makes me wonder if it was their defense or the qb.

  26. Cousins has only been a mediocre quarterback for the Vikings? Gee, who could have seen this coming!

  27. This is on the lousy GM and coach not getting any lineman or a halfway decent defense. They didn’t lose just because of him.

  28. Granted, Cousins has flaws. But scoring 33 points should be enough to win 90% of NFL games. Make it 35, if not for two missed PATs.
    That defense is what killed them yesterday and for most of the season. Add bad not-so-special teams play, too.

  29. “Success flows from contention into December. From never having a lost season. From always being on the porch or at least in its vicinity, even if there’s never a chance to get close enough to try to kick the door in.”

    Well said, Mike

  30. glizzyking says:
    December 26, 2020 at 12:45 pm
    Kirk aint out there playing defense. Imagine how bad it would have been if they did not score any points? Kirk immediately makes the Pats or 49ers better. He can throw and run the offense and most importantly he is actually on the field. I know Washington would be happy to have him over Haskins right now. Vikings o_line is trash and their defense has to be near the worst in the league and somehow this is Kirk’s fault? SMH

    4 0 Rate This


    Skins fan here. Y’all can keep him

  31. Paid Kirk 80 million , paid Cook 30 million no money left for an Oline , Totally dismantled the defense and put the coaches son in charge of said Defense. Yeap its Kirks fault.

  32. edouble says:

    Skins fan here. Y’all can keep him

    — This is nonsense. You must have bought a Haskins jersey on 75% off sale after Seafood with Strippers. What games have you been watching?

    Kirk > Alex Smith on one leg > Dwayne “Shake ya Tailfeather” Haskins

  33. Seriously, it’s mind-boggling they gave him two more years at even more money after underforming with that initial 3-year $84M contract. What were they thinking giving him two more years for $66M? Maybe next year they’ll give him another extension for $100M for two years.

    The good news for Vikes fans is he’s tied to them only through 2021. They can cut him after the 2021 season and only owe him nothing (but would take a $10M cap hit from the bonus).

  34. tremoluxman says:
    Granted, Cousins has flaws. But scoring 33 points should be enough to win 90% of NFL games. Make it 35, if not for two missed PATs.

    Nobody disputes the Vikings’ defense at present is awful. But if it isn’t, and the Saints aren’t sprinting up and down the field like it was a track meet and scoring quickly, the Vikings get far fewer possessions and don’t score anywhere near 33 points.
    People defend Kirk Cousins because of his numbers, but stats mean nothing if you don’t know how to translate them to their circumstances.
    In the age of 35-40 pass attempts per game Cousins has the arm, quality receivers and a great safety valve running back to put up pretty nice numbers. But rarely does he put a team on his back and make good decisions or create big plays on his own. He’s more likely to lead the Vikings on a drive that ends in the red zone with a bad decision or a turnover of his making.
    He’s not a great leader, and he’s never been particularly clutch. Aside from two passes — a great one late against the Saints last year, and a miracle TD thanks to a horrendous mistake by a rookie cornerback three years ago — has he really put that offense on his shoulders when it mattered? He almost always loses under the bright lights.
    Blame the defense all you like, and you won’t be wrong. But Cousins will never take that team or any other to the promised land.

  35. It’s the Injuries. No other team ever has injured players. Only the Vikings. That and the refs are the only reasons they’ve lost a game in 6 decades.

  36. Cousins is a good QB. If he is on a very good team, with great Defense, he goes much further in the playoffs & maybe wins a SB. He isn’t the QB that makes the players around him better, nor does he have the ability to carry a team. It is, what it is. Get better at other areas of the roster or it won’t make a difference who the QB is.

  37. Washington and NY would BOTH be better teams right now with him so let’s not act like he’s terrible.

  38. Damn Kirk Cousins for missing all those tackles on Kamara and allowing him to score six touchdowns. Meanwhile he’s on pace for a 4,000 yard, 35 TD season, but yeah he’s the reason they can’t block, tackle, cover or kick.

  39. I think your wrong. I think your ignoring the missing pieces to the defense like everyone else. That’s 2 probowlers, 2 All-Pros out of the front-7. Cousins has taken the offense to new heights, but the defense is completely gutted out except for the secondary, which is why the Saints ran all over them, but Brees got picked off twice, nearly 4-5 times. Zimmer and Spielman are a good pair, in 2017, without a first round pick, the team went to the championship game riding a 3rd string quarterback. I know Nick Foles , but this guy was an undrafted 3rd string quarterback. Give them back that first round pick, and 2018 is probably a different story. The offensive line is rebuilt, the team looks pretty good outside of missing all of its actual players in the front-7… I’m pretty sure Kendricks got sat down for the season to get a higher draft slot honestly. They’re also in good position regarding the salary cap. So, I think your assessment is terrible.

  40. lol , tell em again which QB leads him to win when defence gives up 52 points? Heck I have not seen these Goat QBs like Rogers Maholmes and Brees winning when other team score 40, forget about 50

  41. It’s a sad state of the NFL that an average, at best, QB can make $160M in 10 years.

    For what the Vikes have stuck in him they could have paid several rookie QB’s and upgraded the O-Line for better production.

    When are these front offices going to learn that overpaying one position is never a good thing.

  42. Very true article. When you have a suspect OL, you need a QB that can do 1 of 2 things, either make your reads very quickly and get rid of the ball knowing you don’t have much time, or use your legs to extend plays, Kirk Cousins does neither. I’ve seen lately where many Viking fans are protecting Cousins saying you don’t put up 3500+ yards and 30 TD’s when you aren’t a good QB. Ever stop to think that a lot of his yards and TD’s are 5-10 yard passes that his WR’s turn into big chunks? The worse QB in NFL history can complete 5 yard passes, it doesn’t mean he should get 30+ million a year. A lot of Cousins numbers have been in garbage time this year, and most of his career. Maybe they’d be able to seriously improve the OL had they not given the career mediocre QB that much money.

  43. bigclam says:

    At least they can package there 1st and 2nd round draft picks to move up to get a qb… Oh wait.. Forgot they traded there 2nd round pick for a pro bowl DE.. Oh wait.. Forget it..


    Where can they package?? And where did they trade their 2nd round pick?? Oh wait..THERE

  44. Mike, you know I’m a straight shooter. The packers had the same exact adversity in 2010 & won the super bowl. Zim gave up & quit on everyone & the blames the players & not his archaic defensive scheme that’s easily exposed.

    52 points!

    Do you think Zimmer has the capability to adapt to the modern NFL? Can he elevate this team to a higher level? Can he motivate players? The answer to that one was provided yesterday.

    Zimmer needs to go. His son needs to go. Dennison needs to go.

    Zim plateaued , it’s over

  45. kaisersoze says:
    December 26, 2020 at 12:15 pm
    Cousins giving up 52 points is pretty unacceptable. He needs to do a much better job of blocking for himself too. He sucks.
    All those complaining about defense need to come up with something a new for an excuse. Is it a problem? Yes. But Seattle, GB and Tennessee have lousy defenses also but they keep playing at a playoff level.

  46. Why does he need his receivers to be at least three yards open before he throws the ball? For that kind of money you would think a QB could throw with pinpoint accuracy to covered receivers like some other QB’s do who make a lot less money.

  47. You’re all making one great big mistake, Cousins has rotten blocking, undersized, pushed around like old ladies offensive lineman. Do you think Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rogers or anyone else you care to name could do any better with this lousy pass protection and can’t get any rushing yards when they need them offensive line! Minnesota Vikings had all year long Covid or no Covid and this is the best they could do as far as getting a defensive line is concerned?! When Cousins receives decent pass blocking and his own offensive lineman are not pushed into his lap then I will judge him. Until then even nuns know you build from the inside out and the Minnesota Vikings have no guts. (Had to be said unfortunately)

  48. We knew when this season started it was going to be a rough year. We had too many holes to fill due to injury and dumping contracts. However I now look at it like this.

    1st rd pick – WR Justin Jefferson – will be perennial pro bowl receiver
    1st rd pick – CB Jeff Gladney – playing tons of plays and getting better all year. He might be a future pro bowler.
    2nd rd pick – OL Ezra Cleveland – Seems ok, but need to see more from him.
    3rd rd pick – CB Cam Dantzler – future pro bowler. The last few weeks has been the highest graded CB in NFL.
    4th rd pick – DL – D. J. Wonnum – So far so good. I believe he leads the team in sacks and will be better when Hunter and Pierce are playing.
    4th rd pick – LB Troy Dye – forced to play due to injuries. He’ll be a back up in 2021, but got valuable playing time.
    5th rd pick – CB Harrison Hand – Intercepted Drew Brees yesterday, but will probably be a nickel back.

    I see the defense being top 5 next year with Barr, Kendricks, Hunter, and Pierce back playing. We can draft a dozen OL in the draft or trade picks for OL and then back to the playoffs we go…

  49. Hey Vikings fans, listen to me carefully. You can and will survive this and you will rebuild your O line and Defense, and be back in the Playoffs long before the Ford family figures out how to do anything football related. The Fords can’t hire a GM, can’t find a Coach, can’t contribute to a draft, nothing, nadda. You could train animals how to talk before the Fords will ever be anything than NFL laughingstocks.

  50. I get it, the season is over for the Vikings. But it’s not like they’re the worst team in the NFC. If the NFL sticks to their new playoff format, the Vikings should be in the mix of things for the next several years. They have a great running back, a better than average set of wideouts, and an up and coming tight end. If the offense chooses to run through Cook, Cousins should be fine. Patch some “line” holes on both sides of the ball, and let the young defensive backs mature. They’ll be ok, I mean it’s not like they are Detroit.

  51. People defend Cousins and criticize Cousins.
    The fact is, once the Vikings are behind, he can’t escape pressure, takes sacks by never moving in the pocket, and has zero leadership skills on the field.
    He’s OK when everything is clicking, so the point is when a team is down, they need the leader to step up, play with fire, and inspire the team.
    Cousins has never done that, ever.

  52. Cousins outperformed Brees. But then again if your defense gives up almost 270 yards rushing and can’t/won’t tackle, does it matter who the opposing QB is?

  53. Lastly, it hurts to be a Minnesota Viking die-hard. The Packer fans are the most obnoxious fans in the NFL universe-but at least they have something to be obnoxious about………….

  54. What it comes down to is, are the Wilfs going look at their mistakes for the next 2 seasons, or just get rid of them: Cousins, Zimmer, Spielman.

  55. The Vikings underperformed this season because the defense fell off a cliff, largely due to the loss of players on their roster when the season began: Michael Pierce, Danielle Hunter, Anthony Barr, Mike Hughes, Holton Hill, Eric Kendricks. Not having an off-season to develop all the rookies hurt too, especially early in the season.

    The NFL is more of a demolition derby than is generally accepted, the popular view being that star players, particularly QBs, carry their team to greatness on their backs. But the truth is that football is a team game, and those that make the playoffs and go the deepest into the postseason are often those that have fared relatively well in terms of injuries to core players.

    The Vikings offense is on pace to score more points than last year, despite being saddled with a much worse defense keeping it off the field longer, and special teams that have cost it many points and field position. None of that has to do with Kirk Cousins, who continues to be a top 10 QB in nearly all the major passing metrics.

    The Vikings will get healthy for next season, have a bunch of more seasoned and developed young players on defense, along with a returning top offense, and make a deep run into the playoffs. How far they get remains to be seen, but they will be a top contender next season with the talent they have returning.

  56. Vikings and 9ers are decimated with injuries on defensive starters who are the difference makers which is why they don’t make the playoffs this year, and no team would be any good without talent. It’s the truth.

  57. They’ve been teetering on the brink of cap hell for years, so they do what got them in that spot in the first place – kicked the can down the road and gave him two more years to get some short term cap relief. I saw a post that said they can move on from him with “only” a $10M dead cap hit. I think they missed the part were Cousins’ $35M 2022 base guarantees on the 3rd league day of the upcoming offseason. If you want to avoid that, you’ve got to take a $41M dead cap hit to move him before then. Sorry Minny fans, he’s yours for two more years.

  58. All these packer fans talking smack about Zimmer. So, the Vikings drafted 3 cornerbacks this season. The first rounder is a bonified starter. The 3rd rounder came on since the bye and is a walking interception machine. The 5th rounder got his first INT off drew Brees yesterday. All this without a offseason or OTAs. How many cornerbacks has Green Bay drafted the last 5 years, and how many of them are starting quality ? How long did it take for them to become quality starters ?

  59. Much like any fan rambling this rant is really lacking in details and more about frustration. I’m not a Viking fan but Cousins is not the problem for this team. He’s not a top ten QB or anything like that but he’s good enough to win with if you give him protection and a defense. He makes mistakes no question but he gets no protection on 3rd downs and this year the defense has been a joke. The offense has been pretty good this year overall but too many injuries to key players defensively and having to rely on rookie CB’s has killed them. You can do a lot worse than a QB who routinely has a 3-1 TD to Int ration every year. If he didn’t take so many blind side shots in the pocket he might not fumble as much either.

  60. I’m not sure it’s the Packers’ fans who are posting & talking smack about Zimmer. Seems to me like there are a whole lot of Vikings’ fans who want to see him gone.

  61. I wonder if Viking Fan will jump on the Packer bandwagon for the remainder of the season in support of a division rival when nearly everybody else in the division has been mathematically eliminated, like we used to do in the old days?

  62. Kurt can’t win a Big Game. Heck, he finally won his first MNF game. Only took 6 years!

    Cousins has all the ‘tangibles’ – adequate mobility, can throw a nice ball between the hashmarks, and gets yards with passes into the flat and quick slants. Looks the part.

    It’s INtangibles he lacks. Doesn’t inspire teammates or come up big a huge game. Can’t launch a deep pass along the sideline, connect on a fade or create with his feet.

    When you add all that up, does it amount to 30+ million a year? Nope.

    Even Bruce Allen knew the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze . . .

  63. Spielman is a bad GM. I’d rather have an above average O-Line, w/ an Average QB / RB, than an above average QB/ RB with an undersized easily pushed around O-Line.

    I’m ready for new leadership at TC Orthopedics Winter Park or whatever it’s called now.

  64. I wish we could just get all of these retread QBs out of the league and move on. Cousins, Foles, Hoyer, Bridgewater, Smith, Newton, Rivers, Bernard, Dalton…I am tired of watching all of their mediocre play.

  65. Cousins has not failed the Vikings, the Vikings have failed him. Give him a real O-line! Also, allow him to have some say in the offense…Zimmer’s edicts that dictate run up the middle, and Kubiak obeying him , and making them so predictable on first and second downs makes our offense constantly in 3rd & long situations, and , again, our sorry interior O- line really stacks the odds against ANY quarterback! Zimmer needs to allow the most talented collection of offensive skill position players that the team has had ever (or at minimum since ‘98), to be more creative, or leave and take Kubiak with him. Furthermore, Spielman needs to finally address the guard position, or leave with them!

  66. stellarperformance says:
    December 26, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    I wonder if Viking Fan will jump on the Packer bandwagon for the remainder of the season in support of a division rival when nearly everybody else in the division has been mathematically eliminated, like we used to do in the old days?
    Sure they will. Question; do they have to act like all the other obnoxious fans already on that wagon?

  67. Football is the ultimate team game. That being said, QB’s get more praise than they deserve when a team wins, shoulders more of the blame when they lose.

    Out of 32 starting QB’s in the NFL, Cousins doesn’t even rate in the top half. That wouldn’t prevent the Vikings from winning but it’s the amount of money spent on Cousins that is the worst thing about him being on the roster. They can’t build around him and that is impacting the level of talent including the offense line.

    You can’t go 60 seasons without winning a Superbowl by accident, you have to make bad choices. Cousin’s contract is just the latest one.

  68. artic19 says:
    December 26, 2020 at 6:14 pm
    Sure they will. Question; do they have to act like all the other obnoxious fans already on that wagon?

    That’s hard to do while sitting on a high horse, isn’t it?

  69. So very convenient to tell the story as you want to paint it. Here is some context for you (not excuses, context. Zimmer vikings only). Drafted Bridgewater round 1. 2nd year as starter make playoffs and defensively dominate seahawks. Teddy leads game winning drive. Kicker misses chipshot. Teddy’s knee inexplicably explodes in practice. Bradford brought in out of desperation. Plays mvp ball until knees give out. Keenum has once in lifetime magic run to 13-3. Cousins signed. Numbers are good but results not great. Keenum goes to Denver and gets benched. Never starts in league again. You get what I’m saying here. Tell the story…paint the fairy tale…

  70. All these posts about rebuilding the O-Line… are you serious in believing it will happen? Spielman has been trying to “rebuild” the O-Line for years (see Samia, Bradbury, Rief, Remmers, etc). What in the world gives you any hope he will “fix” it next year?

    He is what he is… worthy of the exact same label Mr. Florio stamped the Vikings with.. Just good enough and time to move on. The hell we are in has his fingerprints all over it. The wasting of the 2nd round pick on Ngakyue was just the last desperate flail and fail, moreso indicative of the realization he’s in it deep just like he was in Florida before being shown the door.

    Hope the door slams quickly.

  71. The real question is when the high horse isn’t there anymore where will they be? Most likely not here. But you know what, I do have empathy for the Vikings fans. It’s been like 45 years and they still are hanging in there. I seriously doubt Packers fans would even show there face if they went half that long. That is the measurement of a true fan.

  72. I see the Vikings’ fans using the excuse of injuries and the poor defense as reasons why Cousins can’t get the Vikings to the Super Bowl. In 2018, with a Top 5 defense, the Vikings finished the season 8-7-1, no playoffs. In 2019, in a critical late season game against the Packers, Cousins completes only 52% of his passes for 122 yards and an INT in the 3rd quarter results in a Packers scoring drive that gives them a lead that they wouldn’t relinquish. Cousins foibles under pressure are well-documented.

    Other Vikings’ fans will tell you it’s a testament to fortitude that the Vikings stayed in contention until late into the season, but I believe that every team was in contention until at least Week 14, except for the Falcons.

  73. Cousins has weapons other QB’s wished they had Cook,Jefferson, Thielen, Irv Smith jr., Rudolph. I am not sure why they don’t have a 2 Tight End package. He has more than enough to score more than they do. I will say the 1990’s offense hurts but still. Kury doesn’t trust himself, he won’t throw into tight windows hold the ball too long and then throws it away or takes a sack.

  74. Cousins deserves all the hate, he obviously refuses to learn how to move outside the pocket and is obsessed with sitting in his 2’x2′ space waiting to get hit even by his own guys getting blown back into him. If you don’t want to actually learn how to be mobile and roll out, well gtfoh.

  75. In order for the Vikings to go to the Superbowl with Cousins, the team needs to average holding opposing offenses to about 17 points a game. A Cousins lead offense with good skill around him can be counted on for about 21 points a game.

    Zimmer’s defenses haven’t been that stingy since Teddy was our QB. Problem there was, Teddy could only be counted on for 7 to 14 points a game.

  76. And the correct choice all those years ago was Case Keenum. Better salary for the team, they would still have the best WR on the team in Diggs, and they would have money to upgrade the D and O Line.

    Instead we have salary cap hell and a poorly performing team… just like I said.

    I told so, but no one listens to a genius.

  77. Cousins has a horrible O-Line and the Vikings rank 28th out of 32 in scoring defense, at 29.3 points per game. He’s not the greatest quarterback in the league, but he’s also very definitely not the reason the Vikings are not in the playoffs.

    I look at it like this: How many points is the quarterback expected to produce for the team to be reasonably assured of winning? And what is the quality of the backs, receivers and protection the quarterback has behind him? If he has to produce at least 30 points a game (as Cousins does), and has an o-line as bad as they have, then yeah, almost any quarterback is being set up to fail.

  78. Just good enough? Let me correct that for you Mike.

    Just not good enough.

    That’s more like the truth.

  79. Holy Smokes says:
    December 26, 2020 at 11:32 am
    Since 1992, Brett Favre’s first year, the Packers have had 2 quarterbacks. TWO! The Vikings on the other hand have had 31. Just good enough is right, Mike.

    I wear a T-shirt that says “Just Once Before I Die”. Honestly, I don’t think they’re going to do it!


    As a Cubs fan, I can honestly feel for the whole “Just Once Before I Die” mentality. The Vikings will get there some day, but probably not with this QB. Have patience, even if it is agonizing and seems hopeless. It might take a few tweaks and some luck, or it could require a new HC, QB, DC, and five other things. But eventually it will happen.

  80. Guy will retire with $150 mil plus in earnings and is .500. Average pays REAL WELL these days. Just takes a couple dumb GMs to overpay (DC twice and MN twice). Monkey see monkey do.

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