Kyler Murray got leg whipped, should be OK

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury didn’t have much of an update on quarterback Kyler Murray in his postgame press conference, but one has come shortly after regardless.

NFL Media reports the quarterback “should be OK” after he was shaken up following his last pass of the game late in the fourth quarter.

“He got leg-whipped at the end of the game and is getting checked out,” Ian Rapoport tweeted. “But at first glance, it doesn’t seem serious.”

The Cardinals were not eliminated from playoff contention with Saturday’s loss, but the 20-12 result complicates their chances. If the Bears win their next two games over the Jaguars and Packers, they’ll earn the conference’s No. 7 seed over Arizona.


7 responses to “Kyler Murray got leg whipped, should be OK

  1. He didn’t get leg whipped, he saw the horrible pass he threw on the last play and went full fake injury flop.

  2. Crazy to think when a QB runs for 75 yds you’ve “contained” him but that was the best job I’ve seen by anyone of shutting him down this year. Kudos to Saleh and their players.

  3. I like Kyler Murray. He’s a good QB, and the Cardinals should be good for a while. That said, that was the worst injury flop I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t hurt, he just knew he threw a garbage ball. Come on, bro!

  4. Sorry but I’ve looked at it over a dozen times and can’t see where he was leg whipped. I think it was an act because he didn’t complete the pass on 4th down.

  5. I didn’t see anything I would remotely call a “leg whip” in that tackle. Clean tackle, legs stayed straight without any apparent wrenching, and the leg he grabbed (his right one) was in the air the whole time he went down (it wasn’t bearing his weight or caught on the ground or receiving an impact).

    Always possible he hurt it in a way that wasn’t obvious. But I couldn’t help but think he was fishing for a penalty.

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