Bruce Arians: We’re in the dance, I’ve won a Super Bowl as a wild card

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions
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The Buccaneers will probably have to win three road games in January to get to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium, but coach Bruce Arians says it’s possible.

Arians pointed out after the Buccaneers clinched a wild card berth on Saturday in Detroit that he was the Steelers’ wide receivers coach in 2005 when they won the Super Bowl as the last team in the playoffs.

“Anything can happen,” Arians said. “I’ve been a 6 seed, gone all the way to the Super Bowl and won it right here in this stadium, so anything is possible. Now that we’re in the dance, we’ve got to see what next week brings and where we’re going.”

The Bucs will be either the 5 seed or the 6 seed in the NFC this season, and getting to the Super Bowl would likely require having to win on the road against three NFC division winners. Arians thinks his team is up to the task.

20 responses to “Bruce Arians: We’re in the dance, I’ve won a Super Bowl as a wild card

  1. I know a thing or two about annoying coaches, but i think this guy takes the cake.

  2. you won that super bowl because of horrible officiating, so bad even the ref apologized for his terrible calls

  3. Taking credit at all unless you’re a player, HC, DC, or OC is very strange, but because it’s Arians, I can’t say that I’m shocked.

  4. In other news, most of the Bucs wins have come against teams currently under .500, while most of their losses have come against teams currently over .500. Enjoy another win against a bad team next weekend and then prepared to lose to a good team in the Wildcard round.

  5. Well it helps the NFL allowed them to play the Lions when most of their coaching staff and some players were unavailable due to Covid protocols.

    Would the Bucs have won if the game was delayed? Probably. Were they gifted a guaranteed win because it wasn’t delayed? Definitely.

  6. Christopher Allen, that’s what good teams do. You beat bad teams and occasionally get beat by other good teams! I think you’re confusing the Buccaneers with the Saints! They seem to always lose in the playoffs!

  7. The Bucs are capable of beating anyone if their defense is on. They are great at stopping the run, but it’s hit and miss in pass defense. If they get the 5th seed, they’ll play the NFC East “winner”. That should be a good warmup game for the real competition.

  8. Best of luck! No need for hate. He’s happy and he should be. Coaching in the NFL isn’t easy.

  9. He better hope someone else takes care of big brother Saints! You know the Bucs don’t want any part of that 3 peat sweep. Ask Carolina a couple seasons ago.

  10. Sure way to lose your next game is to focus on three or four games down the road.

    All the celebrating over clinching a playoff spot gives me a bad feeling. Brady knows better so hope he is able to keep the Bucs grounded. But I’ve seen a lot of teams thinking they’ve won their ‘superbowl’ when they beat a good team or get into playoffs before reality slaps them in the face in the next game.

  11. I won 9 Superbowls Bruce…I was there for all 9, and I have the ticket stubs to prove it so there

  12. brees4mvp says:
    December 27, 2020 at 11:30 am
    Be better hope someone else takes care of big brother

    Brees will take care of that himself.

    Manning 2.0 flashy regular season stats , chokes in the playoffs!

  13. The best pass thrown in that super bowl WAS by a wr, so he may kinda have a point here, guys

  14. Congratulations Arians. In spite of your inept coaching, Brady and the all star team your owner provided you has made the playoffs as a wild card team. It’s amazing what good players can overcome to succeed.

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