Cowboys stay alive in NFC East race with 37-17 win that eliminates Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys have come back from the dead. They are alive . . . and maybe well?

Dallas won its third game in a row with a dominating 37-17 victory over the Eagles in an elimination game. Philadelphia (4-10-1) is the only NFC East team out of contention for the division title heading into Week 17.

The Cowboys (6-9) and Giants (5-10) play next week, while rooting for the Eagles to beat Washington (6-9). Washington advances to the postseason with a win over Philadelphia, while a Washington loss would send the winner of the Cowboys-Giants game to the playoffs.

Jalen Hurts‘ two red-zone turnovers ended any hopes of an Eagles’ repeat as division champs.

Anthony Brown intercepted Hurts in the end zone with 6:33 remaining with the Eagles facing third-and-12 from the Dallas 17. After the Eagles reached the Dallas 18 on their next possession, Hurts lost a fumble forced by Randy Gregory and recovered by Jaylon Smith.

It was a controversial replay decision with 3:54 remaining as Al Riveron let the fumble call stand, though there was some doubt as to whether Hurts’ knee was down before he lost control of the ball.

Hurts, who went 21-of-39 for 342 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, ended the game throwing a pick to Cowboys rookie Trevon Diggs. Hurts also led the Eagles in rushing with 69 yards on nine carries, though the Eagles forgot about the run after eight attempts on their first possession.

The Eagles finished with 29 rushes for 151 yards against the league’s 32nd-ranked rushing defense. They threw 39 times and took three sacks, so they arguably should have run it more.

The Eagles led 17-13 with two minutes remaining in the first half, but they couldn’t stop the Cowboys’ receiving trio of Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper after that. Cooper caught four passes for 121 yards; Gallup had six catches for 121 yards and two touchdowns; and Lamb had three receptions for 65 yards and a touchdown, while running for a 19-yard score that put the exclamation point on the win.

Andy Dalton completed 22 of 30 passes for 377 yards with three touchdowns and an interception.

The Eagles were outscored 27-3 after they lost defensive lineman Fletcher Cox in the first half. Cox did not return from a stinger.

Gregory had 1.5 sacks, three forced fumbles and six tackles for the Cowboys in his best game as a pro.

30 responses to “Cowboys stay alive in NFC East race with 37-17 win that eliminates Eagles

  1. Cowboys looked good today. Still don’t think they win the division but have to give them credit for playing hard the last two months

  2. Burn it down. Fire Pederson, Howie & Schwartz. It is clear that the Super Bowl win (which I am thankful for, was pulled out of your a**). Time for house cleaning & Doug looks like he is expecting it.

  3. Riveron did not lose the game.
    Pederson and Schwartz did.
    That said Philly fans were fools for hoping to win the division… It doesn’t matter who wins this division this year.

    All I know is Philadelphia makes Dallas look good in 2020 which says a lot and I’m really not sure Jeffrey Lurie knows how to fix this. He can fire or keep who he wants but my eyes are on him at this point.

  4. Typical Pederson can’t help himself “I wanna throw the ball I wanna throw the ball” Saunders runs it in for a touchdown. After than completely abandons the run against the woeful run defence of Dallas. Idiotic all in all though Dallas deserved to win and rightfully so.

  5. I really don’t understand what happened to the Eagles. I was sure they were going to run away with the division this year.

  6. Remember when Eagles fans said the Eagles were the “next dynasty “?

    Yeah , how’s that working out?

  7. As a Cowboy s fan, we’ll take the win. But make no mistake, both teams have major flaws. NFC East should not field a playoff teams his year….a team with a winning record won’t get a playoff spot, and an NFC East team will host a playoff game. Will the NFL fix this? Likely not, and that’s just wrong!

  8. I mean I’m an eagles fan and I’m glad they lost. They played like crap all season and didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

  9. AS Cowboy Fan, I know Jalen Hurts plays for the Eagles, but I still like the young man and his game! I think he has a future in the NFL. I hope so!

  10. So what happened to D. Jack, totally disappeared after his showboat touchdown..

    Anyways its always nice to beat the Eagles and doubly nice knowing we ended their season, I do like Hurts, he’s a fine player and will only get better..

    BTW, his knee was down, horrible call by the booth

  11. Doug Pederson doesn’t need a punter on staff. 4th and 33 at our own 10? We’re going for it.

  12. As a Cowboys fan I’m just glad to see them finishing the year playing hard. As for the Eagles why would you go for it on 4 and 15 with the whole fourth quarter to play.

  13. kmancowboys says:
    December 27, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    As a Cowboy s fan, we’ll take the win. But make no mistake, both teams have major flaws. NFC East should not field a playoff teams his year….a team with a winning record won’t get a playoff spot, and an NFC East team will host a playoff game. Will the NFL fix this? Likely not, and that’s just wrong!


    Give them the playoff spot for winning the division but, if the wild card team they are facing has a better record, that game gets played at the home of the better record. The compromise.

  14. I’m an Eagles fan and I’m glad they lost. This team needs to add a bunch of great players and they only way to get them is by drafting early in the draft. Now I hope they lose to Washington so they’ll get a top 5 draft pick. I just hope they hire a real GM and make Roseman just handle the cap and contracts.

  15. i was pulling for dallas today. im a fan of 37 yrs but i really believe losing helped us more than winning ever could.

  16. Dallas kicked 2 very short FGs that could have cost them the game (they were at the 3 and 4). If they expect to win next week or, if they get in, in the playoffs they will have to capitalize on every opportunity. Next year, with a healthy OL line, they should consider sticking with Dalton and putting the $40 mil per year for Dak towards the defense and let him walk. At least put on the non-exclusive tag, see what the market value truly is for him, and if he signs somewhere else get more high picks.

  17. The Cowboys are 3 games south of .500 and still in the division race? What a joke. Pure mockery! They certainly don’t deserve the playoffs. None of the NFC East teams do.

  18. what happened to DJax after his incredible TD? what happened to Miles Sanders after his incredible 4yrs rushing TD? Why was Jeffrey on the field, when Fulgham is clearly the better receiver. Ertz couldn’t even catch a cold today. Having the punter on the field was laughable. he sucked today..
    and I get that the D-backs were on packing shopping bags last week, but damn, why did it take a quarter of getting burned, for Schwartz to move Mills to CB2? how many “give em another shot” are enough?
    It almost looked like Pederson was purposefully tanking the game.
    whatever. thanks for the absolutely horrible “product” on the field this year Jeffrey Lurie. I hope some real changes are finally made, instead of limping into the playoffs and thinking, we’re only 1 or 2 plays away from turning this around..

  19. Look who they played. The Eagles aren’t exactly the stiffest competition in the league. The entire NFC Least is pathetic…again.

  20. I would not be surprised if the Eagles fired Doug Pederson just based on the fact he didn’t bench Carson sooner and how Foles was handled. There are some who think Dougie is safe because he just won a Super Bowl.
    But it could be the Eagles need to eliminate the WFT for his job. Fearless his book would become a super Meme.

  21. Both these teams blow at this point. What a mess. Both coaches are terrible, though i think atleast the cowboys guys call plays like its real football and not madden.

    I am holding to stance, until Howie is fired i will not spend one dime on the Eagles. I hope more of our fan base will join me. This whole Wentz situation is maybe the biggest mess in football. Honestly i dont understand why he hasn’t already been sent home.

    Good luck to the cowboys. I hope you get in the playoffs so you cant pick a qb in the first and have to give 4 a 40 mill a year contract.

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