Jared Goff’s thumb is indeed broken

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There are mixed reports regarding whether Rams quarterback Jared Goff‘s suffered both a fractured and a dislocated thumb. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Goff did.

The dislocation is indisputable. It happened out in the open, and Goff admitted after the game that it popped out, he popped it back in, and he kept playing.

Goff said that the thumb will be evaluated tomorrow. NFL Media has reported that it’s broken; ESPN has reported that it’s simply feared to be broken.

In confirming that the bone is broken (and it’s surely something that would have become obvious via post-game X-rays), our source says it’s unclear what that means for next week — echoing Goff’s explanation that his availability is “uncertain.” Here’s what is certain: Without him, they’ll be relying on John Wolford, who has no NFL regular-season experience and who led the AAF in passing touchdowns during its lone, and truncated, season.

Even if the Rams were inclined to sign a veteran, like 2019 No. 2 Blake Bortles, the COVID-19 protocols would keep Bortles from practicing for most of the week.

A loss by the Rams to the Cardinals next Sunday coupled with a win by the Bears over the Packers would make Goff’s availability for the postseason moot. The Rams would not qualify.

12 responses to “Jared Goff’s thumb is indeed broken

  1. Hand injury on helmet (friend or foe) is so common for QBs.
    They should have some minimal padding on the outside of helmets, duh…

  2. Any teams that lose to the Jets should be eliminated from the playoffs automatically. The Browns and the Rams may just make my dream of that a reality.
    Because I think they both lose. The Steelers will want to ruin the Browns season and The Rams are starting a guy who could be their Uber driver and nobody would know.

  3. John Wolford may be the best thing to happen to the Rams this season. As a Seahawks fan, I’m fearful of McVay actually having a great QB. Not that Wolford is/will be – that remains to be seen. But Goff definitely is not. He’s a good QB, yes. He may have great streaks, but the lack of consistency keeps him out of any “elite” consideration.
    As a fan of the former AAF, I’m excited to see what McVay can do with Wolford.

  4. Is it safe to infer that it’s not his throwing hand with the fractured thumb?

    Popping back in place a dislocated digit is as gruesome and painful as it sounds, but that does fix the problem.
    Extensively using a broken bone with full contact risks not only significantly more damage directly (especially while numbed up with lidocaine injections), but a bone chip in the bloodstream finding its way into a vital organ.

  5. I don’t think I have ever seen a QB play in fear like Goff does . When he had the chance to escape the pocket he was more concerned about looking to see where the hit was coming from then picking up yardage . He had a first down easily made but decided to slide early causing him to come up short . There were multiple times where he had the chance to make a decent gain and he either refused to run or slowly took off only to once again slide early to prevent getting hit . It also affects him in the pocket , if he feels a little pressure real or imagined he gives up on the play just to get the ball out of his hands .

  6. Goff has continued to fall off since reaching the SB. The Rams have to bring in other options next year to push him.

  7. Goff is a true bust. Can’t read coverage, average arm, holds the ball too long, what did I miss??

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