John Harbaugh won’t spend much time talking to his guys about 2017 Week 17 win-and-in against Bengalst

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens
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A narrative has emerged in the past two years regarding the question of whether the Ravens, with Lamar Jackson at quarterback, can win in the postseason. Baltimore has lost two playoff games in a row, and the question becomes will it become three this year?

In reality, the Ravens have already won four straight playoff games, in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. And they’ll likely need to run that streak to five to make it into the seven-team AFC field.

To get there, the Ravens will have to beat the Bengals. Baltimore faced the same win-and-in scenario three years ago. It was going well until it didn’t, with a 49-yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton to Tyler Boyd on fourth and 12 with 44 seconds left knocking Baltimore out of the postseason.

Will coach John Harbaugh remind his players of that wrinkle from New Year’s Eve 2017?

“I’ll probably just kind of like allude to it,” Harbaugh told PFT by phone after Sunday’s win over the Giants. “I doubt that I’ll bring it up too much because I don’t want them to get too tight.”

They’ve been anything but tight in recent weeks, rattling off win after win and culminating in a victory over a Giants team that, despite its 5-9 record, was playing for their playoff lives.

“All they were talking about was how physical the game was going to be and how they were going to beat us up up front and all that kind of stuff,” Harbaugh said of the Giants. “And they were. It was so chippy. I mean after the play every single play pushing, shoving all that.”

The Ravens pushed their way past the Giants and have now shoved their way into serious playoff contention. And maybe the Ravens will win a game or two when it’s time to win or go home, because they’ve already won four in a row under those exact circumstances.

16 responses to “John Harbaugh won’t spend much time talking to his guys about 2017 Week 17 win-and-in against Bengalst

  1. The Ravens are red hot! The past 3 teams they’ve beaten have a winning percentage of roughly .300! Lamar is throwing for 168 yards per game!
    Yes, this team is a sure-fire Super Bowl contender with their MVP QB. But I’ll choose to wait until Lamar actually wins a playoff game for a change.

  2. I’m a ravens fan and I can’t really get hyped up for them considering they haven’t beat a good team this year. The colts and browns are their top wins and those teams are about average.

  3. Completely dominating the Giants defense, which ranks in the top 1/3 of the league. Not bad for a running back.

  4. Guitarkevin,
    Yeah, sure has to feel good “dominating” a 5-10 team which nearly made it a one-possession game in the final minutes. When your stud throwing QB puts up an incredible 56 yards in the air in the 2nd half, you know you dominated the other D.
    Keep convincing yourself your QB can win in the playoffs. I’ll wait for the proof.

  5. Ravens fans. So desperate to believe Jackson is actually a QB. They run against bad teams but can’t beat the good news when it counts. One and done.

  6. Why shouldn’t I believe in Lamar winning in the playoffs? He has led his team to the playoffs every year he has been in the league. It’s the defense I’m more worried about.

  7. I’d believe in Lamar if he could not only lead his team to the playoffs, but actually win a playoff game. Or two. Or four.
    Watching him throw any ball more than 8 yards down field is an interesting journey. Any decent playoff team defense will load up the box and dare him to throw to the hashes and down the field. He quickly becomes a turnover machine.

  8. @ Joey, you do realize the Raven’s formula for success is to run for 200 and throw for 150 and have a combined 3 TDs right? Anything more than that is usually a dominating effort.

  9. Every Lamar hater here will be eating their words when he hoists the Lombardi and get that monkey off his back just like Steve Young did when nobody thought he could win a Super bowl. Just keep on hating!

  10. I am not a Lamar hater. Just a realist. What I see is a flawed QB who won’t be able to win consistently in the playoffs because he can’t throw reliably, accurately, or make the right reads. That doesn’t win in the post season.
    I have always said the dude is a great athlete and running back. He’s just not a good QB. I don’t know why it is so hard for Ravens fans to accept this reality. It presents itself in the playoffs, which is an entirely different season than the regular 16 game season. And why Lamar has yet to win a playoff game.

  11. For all those criticizing Lamar Jackson for being 0-2 in playoff games… Peyton Manning went one and done 8 times in his career and didn’t win a playoff game until his 5th year. I’m not sure but I think he’s a HOF’er.

  12. Ok, now we’re comparing Lamar Jackson to Peyton Manning? Huh? I mean, how crazy can you be? Lamar throws for 180 yards a game! Peyton threw for that before halftime most games. Peyton could decipher defenses in one second before snapping the ball, while Lamar has to try to scramble to make plays because he can’t read defenses and audible.
    I think it’s fun watching running QBs play. But they never win in the playoffs. It’s just not that hard to understand why.

  13. So you can excuse Peyton from the fact that it took 5 tries to win a playoff game because he could “read defenses and throw for more yards”? But it’s not okay for Lamar because he’s not a prototypical QB?

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