NFL fines Ravens $250,000, but no lost draft pick, for COVID-19 violations

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens
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A COVID-19 outbreak within the Ravens organization wreaked havoc on the NFL schedule, and that outbreak was caused at least in part by the team failing to follow the league’s COVID-19 protocols. But the league’s discipline on the team was not particularly harsh.

The Ravens were fined $250,000 but not docked a draft pick, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

That’s less than the $350,000 fine the Titans got this season. The Raiders have been docked a sixth-round draft pick and the Saints have been docked a seventh-round draft pick for their own COVID-19 violations.

Annual team revenues are in the hundreds of millions of dollars, so a $250,000 fine is not a lot of money to an NFL franchise. Docking draft picks or suspending those who failed to ensure compliance with COVID-19 policies would send a stronger message that the NFL is taking the pandemic seriously, but the league decided a fine was enough for the Ravens.

16 responses to “NFL fines Ravens $250,000, but no lost draft pick, for COVID-19 violations

  1. Pete Carroll of Seattle, Kyle Shanahan of San Francisco and Vic Fangio of Denver, and Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh were all fined $100,000 for mask violations during a game, and their teams were fined $250,000 each. None of these violations caused an interruption in the schedule or affected the teams involved.

    The Ravens situation caused several schedule changes for several teams, led to at least one player being fairly ill for a time, and just generally wreaked havoc on the NFL for a couple of weeks. A $250,000 fine!? Same as for a coach not wearing a mask properly? Really?

    I would say the Saints and Raiders need an explanation.

  2. Of course not. Taking draft picks from the Ravens would lessen the chance that their favorite QB can succeed.

  3. I guess the Ravens are the new darlings of the NFL. You had a good run New England.

  4. This with the combination of games getting pushed back doesn’t look good for the league at all.

  5. Absolute debacle of a decision by Goodell, as per usual. Bluetooth guy– no fine. Harbuagh whines after losing games– change the rules! Ravens obliterate the COVID protocols after the league had already set precedent of major fines plus draft picks– and instead the Ravens get multiple games moved so their QB only has to miss one game and not two as he should have, no draft pick loss, and a smaller fine than the other teams.
    This makes absolutely no sense. What a joke.
    The league’s insistence on promoting a running back as a QB is really getting old. This is a team not even currently in the playoffs. With one of the worst offenses in the league.

  6. Considering that the third (or was it fourth) time the Ravens violated the offseason practice rules, their punishment was reduced even though they were repeat offenders, fining Baltimore less than other teams makes sense.

  7. “I would say the Saints and Raiders need an explanation.”

    Dude, you missed a great chance to post that Drew Brees demands an explanation. This is the most appropriate use

  8. The nfl has reached NBA level fixing of the teams and games. The nfl is a joke and I’m glad it’s ratings are going down. Favoritism will ruin the league.

  9. dolphinsaredisrespected says:
    December 27, 2020 at 9:02 am
    I guess the Ravens are the new darlings of the NFL. You had a good run New England.

    You’re half right. The Ravens are one of the darlings of the league and them receiving a lighter punishment than other teams in the same situation bears that out. The thing is, if you’re one of the league’s favorites, you don’t get punished. Your rules violations and controversies get ignored or receive light punishments. That clearly never happened with the Patriots.

  10. To all the haters that think the Ravens are getting some type of preferential treatment from the league, you are sadly mistaken. The Ravens are an awesome team that is run superbly by a competent owner. I understand why a lot of people are jealous. Go Ravens!

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