Ron Rivera: We’ll have to see who starts if Alex Smith can’t play

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team
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The Washington Football Team failed to capitalize on an opportunity to win the NFC East on Sunday by losing 20-13 to the Panthers and they’ll need to win against the Eagles in Week 17 in order to extend their season.

It’s unclear who will start at quarterback in that game. Alex Smith missed his second straight game with a calf injury and Dwayne Haskins was benched in favor of Taylor Heinicke in the second half of the game.

Washington head coach Ron Rivera said after the game that he considered pulling Haskins in the first half, but waited to see how he’d respond after halftime. He said “the sum of the parts” of Haskins going 14-of-28 for 154 yards and two interceptions led to the move. He did not say what will happen if Smith is unable to play next weekend.

“We’ll have to see,” Rivera said when asked about that choice, via Sam Fortier of the Washington Post.

Heinicke was 12-of-19 for 137 yards and a touchdown.

Rivera said he reminded the team that they control their path to the playoffs because a win against the Eagles in Week 17 makes them the division champs. If their quarterback play isn’t better than it was on Sunday, that might prove to be a bridge too far for them to travel.

10 responses to “Ron Rivera: We’ll have to see who starts if Alex Smith can’t play

  1. Alex Smith is done for the year…they just aren’t admitting it yet…and bruh…going on 25 years of watching Redskins football…and dwight haskins is the worst QB I’ve ever seen suit up for the Burgundy and Gold…

  2. If you want to win the game, it cannot be Haskins. I know Heinicke is a backup at best, but he at least gives you a chance. As we all know, Haskins will be directed to turn in his #7 jersey after the season and hopefully no one else will wear it.

  3. The number one qualification of a GM is the ability to evaluate QB’s coming out of college. The number two qualification is the ability to evaluate QB’s from other NFL teams. If you don’t have a top QB, you don’t stand a chance, even if you have lots of other good players. You can’t blame Haskins. He didn’t draft himself. He showed absolutely zero pro ability at Ohio State. This guy had the best stats in the world, but he looked terrible on tape. The tape doesn’t lie.

  4. White Star Line CEO: “We might let the Titanic captain sail again next week. I’ll let you know.”

  5. Heineke was fun to watch but all I could see while watching him was Rex Grossman. I would rather see him start than Haskins but it might get ugly.

  6. The WFT ownership and front office have totally mismanaged the QB position for decades. Haskins is just the latest, depressing chapter.

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