Steelers should unleash Chase Claypool

Washington Football Team v Pittsburgh Steelers
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For those of you who watch PFT Live, you’ve heard this before. (Keep reading, anyway.)

If the Steelers want to dig themselves out of the rock bottom they’ve recently struck with their third straight loss after starting 11-0, they need to rely more heavily on one of the most exciting rookies in the NFL.

Chase Claypool can get open, can catch, can run after the catch, and can score. He just can’t get on the field as much as he should be on the field. When he is on the field, he doesn’t see the ball nearly as much as he should.

With 10 total touchdowns in his first 10 games, Claypool has earned more chances. However, his playing time remains mired in the 65-percent range. In Week 13 against Washington, he was on the field for only 44 percent of the offensive snaps. Only once this year has Claypool had more than 80-percent playing time.

He should be on the field 100 percent of the time, or close to it. And he should be catching more than three passes (Week 15 and Week 14) or two passes (Week 13). He needs more. More playing time, more targets, more catches.

With the recent (and justified) obsession over the team’s unwillingness or inability to commit to the run, few have pointed out the other problem: Not nearly enough Claypool.

To his credit, he’s not complaining. We’ll complain for him. And if the Steelers want to go as far as they can in the postseason, they’ll use him more.

Who knows why that isn’t happening, but someone is focusing on the wrong issues in deciding whether to send him onto the gridiron or to throw the ball his way. Is it a rookie thing? Is it a “Ben’s not a fan” thing? Who knows. But we know this — he’s a difference maker, and the more he’s involved, the better off the Steelers will be.

17 responses to “Steelers should unleash Chase Claypool

  1. Maybe it’s not a big ben or a rookie thing but a Claypool doesnt know the entire playbook or is unsure of his assignments.

  2. The Steelers are all kinds of messed in the head. I look at Claypool and see a guy who’s an alpha receiver on most NFL teams. He is also the best receiver on the Steelers, but they are too stupid to know it.

  3. Ben has lost his fastball. Good luck with that. Still serviceable (for now) but with a QB that can no longer get the ball downfield, chances are even more limited.

  4. They need to fix their culture before it taints Claypool like it tainted, Smith Schuster, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, Mike Wallace, Santonio Holmes etc etc.

  5. This is a Tomlin thing. He has talked in the past about reducing rookie snaps late in the year to deal with the “rookie wall” that apparently is a thing. The problem is that the entire team hit a wall that started before the Ravens game and is still holding strong.

  6. I think that Claypool is going to be a star in the NFL for years to come,if he isn’t already. He has all the tools and has proven (to me) that he is a better option than JuJu. Why he’s not out there more is a great question.

  7. It seems to me the offense could use all the help it could get. If the other guys are going to drop the ball half the time then give Claypool their snaps. He produces. But Tomlin will do what Tomlin does and they’ll probably lose these last two games.

  8. It wouldn’t matter. This team is in the middle of the most prominent collapse in recent memory. It’s like watching the Falcons fold up in SB except it’s over weeks instead of one half

  9. Sunday Swami says:
    December 27, 2020, at 10:53 am
    Maybe it’s not big ben or a rookie thing but a Claypool doesn’t know the entire playbook or is unsure of his assignments.

    Last week at Cincy when Ben threw the 3rd and long, short to Juju where he took the big hit and fumbled, Claypool was open. The man can get open but the question is, is Ben even looking his way? The answer, he isn’t.

    I have never called for Tomlin to lose his job but the job he is doing this year, possibly the worst of his career. Either he fire some of his position coaches or the Rooneys need to put him on the hot seat. When you barely have cap space every year, then you need to go deep in the playoff every year. Missed the playoff last 2 years, and am sure this year, we will be one and done. Changes need to happen. We are the worst 11 and 3 team I have ever seen.

  10. Mike Tomlin’s latest clock management debacle at the end of the half just dropped him to Moron Level in my books.

  11. Unitil the Michellin Man of an offensive coordinator is gone, this is what we wil get on a weekly basis. As a Steelers fan, we should break ground and OPT OUT of the playoffs.

  12. As an adjunct to that, the Steelers need to stop featuring Johnson as the primary threat. Clearly Claypool, Washington and JuJu are better receivers.

  13. Who is going to throw him the ball? Ya can’t unleash him until you have someone that can get it to him.

  14. You mean “unleash him” as in throw him even more passes that bounce off of his face mask?

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