Deshaun Watson says he’ll play in Week 17

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson needed help from trainers after being strip-sacked by Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard late in Sunday’s 37-31 loss, but he was back on the field for the final two plays of the game.

Head coach Romeo Crennel said after the game that Watson’s “arm got hit as he was delivering the ball” and that there wasn’t concern about the injury being major, but that they will “do scans and scopes” to make sure that’s the case.

With the 4-11 Texans playing for nothing other than Dolphins draft positioning in their season finale against the Titans and Watson a big piece of their future, it’s fair to wonder if the quarterback should play with even a minor injury. Watson didn’t sound like he was planning to get an early jump on the offseason, however.

“Yeah, I will,” Watson said, via Mark Lane of “I’ll play.”

Hubbard’s sack was the 45th that Watson has taken this year and the 151st he’s taken over the last three seasons. Whatever happens in Week 17, Watson and the Texans need to figure out ways to get that number down in the years to come.

4 responses to “Deshaun Watson says he’ll play in Week 17

  1. As Dolphin fans once again thank Bill O’Brien for owning the Texans number 1 and number 2 draft picks in April.

  2. and he should play it’s not all his problem he’s a decent young man and a good quarterback in this league . Houston is a burning building because of management O’brien screwed the pooch on this one.

  3. He shouldn’t play and should have the maturity to understand why. The last thing the Texans need is to risk the franchise anchor and future in a meaningless game

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