Frank Gore won’t play this weekend, due to a lung injury

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If Sunday ultimately will be Frank Gore‘s final NFL game, he will end his career with exactly 16,000 rushing yards.

While it may not have been the last game of Gore’s career, it will be Gore’s last game in 2020. Coach Adam Gase told reporters on Monday that Gore won’t play in Week 17 at the Patriots due to a lung contusion.

Gore entered the NFL in 2005 as the first pick in round three, after suffering a pair of ACL tears in college. Following a decade with the 49ers, Gore spent three seasons with the Colts and one year with each of three AFC East teams: The Dolphins, Bills, and Jets.

Gore, if he’s indeed done, finishes third on the all-time rushing list, behind Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton. With 3,985 career receiving yards, Gore’s 19,985 yards from scrimmage place him at No. 4 on the all-time list, behind Jerry Rice, Smith, and Payton.

The rest of the top 14 players on that list are or will be in the Hall of Fame. Gore undoubtedly should be, and hopefully he will be. Despite a bizarre cadre of Gore naysayers, he brought incredible durability and resilience to the position — especially during the years when he was pretty much all the 49ers had offensively.

10 responses to “Frank Gore won’t play this weekend, due to a lung injury

  1. For sure he is a hall of famer. 1st ballot HOFer as well. 3rd in rushing in the history of the game. How anybody would question Gore’s HOF status baffles me??

  2. Hard working fella. Never caused a problem, worked hard, & great teammate. Exactly what a hall of famer is defined by. Best of luck in the future Mr.Gore.

  3. If Jerome Bettis can make the HOF, then half the RB’s currently in the NFL should make the HOF. Gore on the other hand is a no-brainer.

  4. Definite HOF. It’s about peak plus longevity IMHO. Ideally you have both, but if you are extremely high on one or the other you are in. It’s like Terrell Davis having a high peak for a few years being enough. Gore wasn’t just a stat compiler, either. He had a good peak, it was just longer and not as extreme.

  5. Though an accumulator, he will be HOF as well because of the 49ers going to three consecutive NFC Championship games. Had the defense played better in the SB, he would be a champion as well. Imagine if Luck had been healthy during Gore’s time in Indy ?

  6. Never lead the league in rushing. Never lead the league in touchdowns. Never All-Pro. No Super Bowls. 69.2 yds/game, not super impressive. I agree you have to have some staying power to make things count (looking at you Terrell Davis), but longevity in and of itself is not what defines a HOFer.

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