Jaguars have draft picks, cap space to build a loaded roster

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jaguars clinched the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft on Sunday, but the likely arrival of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence isn’t the only reason there’s optimism in Jacksonville.

In addition to the first pick in the draft, the Jaguars have a boatload of extra picks acquired in trades, plus more salary cap space than any other team in 2021.

The Jaguars have the Rams’ first-round pick and fourth-round pick from the Jalen Ramsey trade. The Jaguars also have the Vikings’ second-round pick from the Yannick Ngakoue trade, and the Browns’ fifth-round pick from the Ronnie Harrison trade.

And at a time when much of the NFL is expecting to be short on cap space, the Jaguars enter the 2021 offseason with about $75 million in cap space, the most in the league, according to

So it’s not just about Lawrence. It’s also about having the resources to build a good team around Lawrence. The Jaguars could be loaded with talent in the years to come.

19 responses to “Jaguars have draft picks, cap space to build a loaded roster

  1. Yep and just as you have all those draft picks playing well (assuming you actually hit on a few) and have the right coaches – they all come due for 2nd contracts and you can only keep 50% of them.

    Until you learn to draft consistently that allows you to build depth with staggered due dates on when “guys need to be paid!” – it’s hard to have success long term.

    Look at GB drafting a RB last year – had 2 VERY good RB’s on the roster but still did it. Why? because you’re going to lose guys, pay guys or not etc. Need depth.

    The RB they took just out rushed King Henry while scoring twice in a game where RB workloads should have been high.

    Jax needs to decide what type of team they want to be, have a plan to DRAFT that way over the long haul, not just this draft and then accept that’s the plan. Either you want to consistently be in the playoffs and contend or you want to go to the playoffs every other or third year and hope to catch lightening in a bottle.

  2. And nobody is going to want to play there still. Mr. Khan, just start the move to London already bud.

  3. Yes, they have extra draft picks and cap space. But, when your talent stinks enough to land the #1 overall pick, a few extra picks and cap space will not make you a “great team”. Even with cap space, it may be tough landing some of the top free agents, because you will have to overpay greatly to get them to go to a horrible team. And, the draft picks are only good if you somehow get every pick right, which no team does. Would you rather have a horrible team that has picks and cap space to possibly fill 8-10 more holes than a good team does, or would you rather have a good team that doesn’t have all of those holes and still has some picks and cap space to fill 2 or 3 holes?

  4. Do the Jags have the scouts and personnel department to know what the heck to do with those picks? Listening to draft touts is the fastest way to remain on the bottom.

  5. If I were drafting i would draft players from the nation’s top five defense and offensive teams and look top five players who lead the nation in passing rushing and defensive stats ,,also i would shake down the CFL for top flight players
    Jacksonville you owe me 10% for my expertise advice

  6. I get the pessimism BUT there will be a new GM and HC in a few weeks making those picks rather than the terrible former GM David Caldwell and HC Doug Marrone.

  7. same ole jags, try building a good management team ! having picks and cap space is great but if ya don’t know how to pick and ya don’t know how to spend your toast. just look at there past my advice do your homework!! stop trying to buy everything.

  8. They’ve had these kind of swings before and built pretty good teams,just not good enough. With a few exceptions, the 3 ingredients you need to build a championship team, beside good players of course, are good coaching, a good QB and good ownership. Can’t remember the Jags having any of those.

  9. First move after drafting Lawrence should be to get him a legitimate #1 wr. Lawrence would love throwing to Allen Robinson… and he’d immediately be the best quarterback Robinson has ever had throwing to him.

  10. Until they get some competent people in the front office they can look forward to continuing to draft in the top five for the next decade under Khan’s ownership. I don’t see how anyone can have faith the Jags will ever turn this around.

    The offensive line has been horrendous for about the last ten years and they’ve done very little to address that. I’m sure with all these picks they’ll draft a bunch of defensive players and yet again ignore the offense. It doesn’t seem to have helped the defense get better–yet again one of the worst in the league–so who think they can get the offense fixed. The Jags are a complete clown show I’m sorry to say.

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