Ron Rivera: I told Dwayne Haskins it benefits both parties to go our separate ways

NFL Washington Football Team at Cleveland Browns
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Washington coach Ron Rivera decided after Sunday’s ugly loss that keeping Dwayne Haskins around any longer wasn’t doing anyone any good.

And so, Rivera said in a statement the team released on Monday, Rivera decided to cut Haskins.

“This afternoon I met with Dwayne and informed him that we would be releasing him,” Rivera said in the statement. “I told him that I believe it benefits both parties that we go our separate ways. We want to thank Dwayne for his contributions these last two seasons and wish him well moving forward.”

It’s a stunning fall from grace for a quarterback who was selected with the 15th overall pick in the NFL draft less than two years ago. It’s rare for a first-round draft pick to get jettisoned this fast, but then again it’s rare for a first-round draft pick to play as poorly as Haskins has, while also showing off the field that he doesn’t understand what’s expected of a franchise quarterback.

Haskins will now be available to the other 31 teams on waivers, but it seems unlikely that anyone will pick him up, given that his new team would be on the hook for the remaining two guaranteed years of his contract. If Haskins passes through waivers, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.

64 responses to “Ron Rivera: I told Dwayne Haskins it benefits both parties to go our separate ways

  1. Rivera wasnt playing around. Any QB under Snyder hasnt panned out but he has only himself to blame. Maybe now he can take his job seriously and develop with the right coach.

  2. It is sad to see someone pass up and blow their chances. I wish I had enough talent just to sniff the NFL.

  3. Another lesson learned (oh so many) for Dannyboy…don’t draft a first round QB just because he went to high school with your kid.

  4. Didn’t see that coming. I figured they’d at least wait till the season ended. There must have been so many more BAD things going on that nobody outside of that organization knew about that they just said enough is enough

  5. Good riddance. I hope the Bentley dealership will give you at least half of what you paid for it.

  6. Why is it stunning? I figured it would happen after the strip club issue. He was luck to get another game check.

  7. Maybe he’ll come back as a camp arm next season but it’ll be tough to make a roster. Not sure he can start in the XFL at this point.

  8. I’m curious on how long the Ron Rivera, Dan Synder dynamic is going to last. Dan is Dan, he’s not suddenly going to stop being problematic. You just know he’s going to try to influence a few drafts. Man, the things I would pay to sit in the front office over the next few years.

  9. For this decision to be made, and him cut before the end of the season, I think there is a lot more going on than the mask-less club visit.

  10. Dwayne Haskins earned both the Academic All-Big Ten award and an OSU Scholar-Athlete award. Makes me think I could probably get into Ohio State tomorrow if I had to.

  11. See what happens when the owner picks a player and not rely on his scouting team who he pays for?

  12. Dude how can you screw up a boat load of money that will set you up for life? It’s unbelievable. You could have just rode the bench and be set for two generations. But again I guess you are a child in a man’s body

  13. Enjoy early retirement Dwayne. Hope you saved your money. If WTF cuts you then you will be unemployed for the rest of your football life. You are officially radioactive bro

  14. I’m sure he can be rehabilitated by whatever team you root for. Because the team you root for is so wonderful. Problem players always straighten right out on the team you root for.

  15. Maybe this is a good sign for the franchise. It’s important to hold people accountable for their performance. Haskins was an embarrassment yesterday.

  16. He needs to sit and watch and learn but the NFL today does not really lend itself to that anymore.

  17. Rivera had no choice; he’d have lost his credibility with the team had he kept Haskins around…maybe Haskins & Guice will land in the XFL together…

  18. To get outright released demonstrates just how disliked he was. Guaranteed if he comes across as even halfway coachable they keep him as a backup just to see if he develops with time. On his rookie deal he wasn’t even costing them much.

  19. Maybe he should have spent more time with his face in the playbook and less time at the strip club.

  20. Career backup if he plays his cards right. If not, life is going to be really hard for this young man.

  21. Daniel Jones hasn’t played much better than Haskins but acts the role the way the old boy network wants it to acted. What could possibly explain the disparate treatment between the two?

  22. Rivera did not choose Haskins. Haskins combined poor on field performance with off field stupidity. The off field stuff will eliminate any patience with the on field problems. Haskins earned his release.

  23. Chase Daniel made $38 million in the league and started about as many games as Haskins. Hahaha

  24. If it wasn’t for the off the field stuff you could almost feel bad for this kid. But when you get paid 14,000,000+ at 23 years of age people expect a lot. Frankly this was done one week too late.

  25. On the bright side he has plenty of time for selfies with his adoring fans and won’t have to miss any plays on the field to do it!

  26. Best NFL QB from Ohio State…is it Mike Tomczak or Kent Graham? Just kidding…we all know it’s Tom Tupa…😂

  27. Hats off to Ron Rivera. He made a great decision in cutting Haskins. Haskins is another spoiled brat like Johnny Manziel was and he doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL.
    I am sure there will be teams who jump all over signing him, but buyer beware. The worst thing you can do to your team is bring in a guy who doesn’t commit himself to be the best he can be, especially when that guy is a QB.
    Ron Rivera gets 5 stars from me for making this move. What a class act he is.

  28. Can’t say if he’s the worst QB drafted in the first round, however he’s in the top 5

  29. Epic fail. Gotta put in the work day over day. This guy had bust written all over him from day 1. No work ethic whatsoever.

  30. Meanwhile, Jordan Love quietly labors on, out of the spotlight, way under the radar, soaking up work ethic, technique, and football smarts in the deep shadow of Aaron Rogers in Green Bay.

  31. trollaikman8 says:
    December 28, 2020 at 2:28 pm
    Lol he just bought a $300k Bentley. Poetic.

    Exactly! And Alfred Morris kept his 1991 SAAB even after he got a good contract…I wonder if he still has it? Talk about being humble…

  32. Happy for Washington fans. They deserve a coach like Rivera. I bet they win the division Sunday. Team>Individuals.

  33. Yet another Ohio State QB bust. Better watch out, NFL. Fields is coming next year. LOL. At least some of our Michigan QBs have done well at the NFL level. Brady, of course, and I think Henne is still in the League. There may be others. Cousins from Michigan State. And didn’t Brees and Bob Griese come from Purdue? Jim Harbaugh did pretty well with the Bears…so several other B1G Ten QBs hung around at QB in the NFL. Just these Ohio State QBs who seem to bomb out. Weird, really, since they’re so good in college. Maybe because they’re playing with great O-lines at Ohio State? Or great receivers? For whatever reason, Ohio State QBs just don’t seem to do well in the NFL…. And yes, it’s a mystery why Haskins was able to beat out Joe Burrow at OSU. Now that’s REALLY weird!!!

  34. My gut instinct tells me this kid if not a hard worker. He is just way too immature to have a team relying on him to be the best he can be.

  35. What do you guys mean that Buckeye QBs don’t do well in the NFL ? What about Braxton Miller or Cardale Jones? Well okay those might not be the best examples but there was… no wait how about…OK but when the topic changes to most every other position Thee Ohio State Buckeyes got something to say.

  36. How incredible is it that the Coach said it is beneficial for BOTH parties that we part ways. You never hear that. It’s always some PC statement that it just didn’t work out, not a good fit, etc. The statement basically says you suck and we hope you get better but not here.

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