Washington cuts Dwayne Haskins

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Dwayne Haskins‘ tenure in Washington is over.

Washington’s first-round draft pick in 2019, Haskins has been released today, according to NFL Network.

The move comes after the latest lousy performance in a string of them from Haskins, who was once viewed as Washington’s future franchise quarterback but quickly proved himself not to be up to the task, either on the field or off.

Washington coach Ron Rivera wasn’t involved in drafting Haskins and was clearly never sold on him, and this year Haskins was demoted to third string, first behind Kyle Allen and then behind Alex Smith. On Sunday and in the postseason, Washington plans to start Alex Smith, with Taylor Heinicke backing him up.

Haskins will now be available on waivers to any team that wants him. If there’s another team out there that had a first-round grade on Haskins in next year’s draft, perhaps he’ll get claimed off waivers. But it wouldn’t be surprising if the rest of the NFL is as low on Haskins as Rivera is.

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  1. really heartbreaking as a Michigan fan to see this guy throw for about 600 yards in his final college game against the Wolverines “vaunted” defense with several pro players and then do absolutely nothing in the NFL

  2. Come to KC next year. Work under Reid and Mahomes and play enough in week 18 to have another team take a shot and give mu Chiefs a 3rd round pick. At this point it’s pretty much his only chance at a future in this game.

  3. Good thing Snyder is fighting just to keep the team or he would have told ron to start him next week.

  4. Cut with just 1 game left in the regular season. Pretty sure Ron Rivera was sending a message here. Zero maturity and work ethic will doom you in the NFL.

  5. Haskins was blessed to have so many studs at Ohio State … take him out of that situation he might not ever be in the league …. he lacks the basic (want to) to better yourself at your craft

  6. Hopefully he can land somewhere and sit behind a veteran like Pittsburgh. Rivera never gave him a fair shot.

  7. Let this be a warning to any team thinking of drafting Justin Fields high in the 1st round- Ohio State QBs don’t cut it in the NFL.

  8. still think it’s a savvy move to spend high draft picks on dudes who impressed on dan snyder’s son HS football team! It’s why wft has the best owner in sports.

  9. Pryor, Braxton Miller, cardale Jones, haskins, fields will be the next one to wash out

  10. He went to OSU, they make everything else except Qbs.. I pitty the fool that is going to draft fields in the 1st round..

  11. I love it. Rivera ain’t messing around. The Haskins draft has been a baggage the last few years. They can now just move on, win or lose Sunday. Clean slate.

  12. The Big Ten rarely generates first-round QBs. Teams look to the Big Ten for offensive linemen, linebackers, and running backs.

  13. Bust in less than 2 years in the NFL. Broke in less than 2 years in real life.

  14. The first thing that jumps out at me is the lack of professionalism, from the nightclub incident to the lack of preparation and the absence of basic fundamentals.

    Lots of guys have talent, few make it. Manziel had way more talent but flamed out for the exact same reasons.

  15. Wasn’t this idiot a big part of why Dan Snyder changed the name of his football team? That’s why you don’t listen to idiots Dan.

  16. Haskins will now be available on waivers to any team that wants him.


    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s not going to happen. Career over.

    This is the most immature QB I’ve ever seen in the league, which is saying something when you watched Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell come through the league.

  17. “How was this guy a team captain. Explain that Rivera.”

    He was the Opening day starter. Every other team that does the C patch named their Week 1 QB1 as a C.

  18. I love people blaming the school for the QB failures. Never mind that the QBs played for several different coaches at Ohio State. It’s like the Oregon can’t produce good QBs narrative until Herbert came long and just broke the rookie TD record. Funny how that works.

  19. Rivera ain’t messing around. You wanted a culture change? This is what that looks like. It’s one thing to play badly while doing everything else right. But this kid doesn’t put in the work, isn’t committed to being a leader, and so he’s gone. Give Danny Boy credit for letting Ron do his thing and not interfering.

  20. Redskins have had 7 starting QBs since letting cousins leave.

    Vikings have had 1.

    Say what you want about cousins, but he was and still is reliable.

  21. He has a pretty low salary for the next two years if someone claims him. I would expect if any team does they look at him as a project with very little risk. It’s just a shame that Haskins had an opportunity and just threw it away. He may be lucky to get a second chance and if he does he better take it because he probably won’t get a third.

  22. Even JaMarcus made it to three years.

    Maybe Washington needs to draft QB’s who don’t need their generational suffix on the back of their jersey….they’re 0 for 2 now in that category.

  23. Nobody will put in a waiver claim. They would need to pick up the salary. Over $4 million over the next 2 years.
    He is your basic vet minimum, no guaranteed money guy.

  24. This doesn’t happen if he shows a willingness to learn and try to get better and fails. The only way he gets released this early is because he wasn’t willing to put in the work or try to get better. The best thing the NFL did was get rid of uncapped rookie contracts for 1st rounders. This has allowed for teams to be able to hold these guys accountable

  25. This move was a message to the rest of the squad which has had a “culture” problem pretty much since when Danny bought the team.

  26. A bust of epic proportions. I thought that he said he was going to make the entire league pay for passing on him? The last two guys to say that have both failed spectacularly.

    In all honesty, this is the best for both of them. Now he can sign on somewhere stable and sit for a while and learn and maybe it will be a wake-up call to grow up and mature.

    He went from team captain to cut in about 5 days.

  27. d1l2g3 says:
    December 28, 2020 at 2:32 pm
    Never draft a QB from Ohio State or USC.

    Its a good thing Brady went to Michigan instead of OSU. He would have been terrible. Same with Brees and Russell Wilson.

  28. On another note, some fool NFL team will hire his classless former coach, the one who chose Haskins over Joe Burrow. Myer probably didn’t like Burrow because he was smarter than the coach.

  29. Dwayne that’s karma for blowing off Maryland after you told them you were coming and then going to the Ohio State

  30. I’d be surprised if he ever starts again. Probably out of the league next year. Negatives on and off the field a bad combination.

  31. Recipe for departure: Inaccurate, holds ball too long, off-field “issues”. NFL = Not For Long.

  32. Urban Meyers offensive system will not produce NFL Qbs. Its similar to Steve Spurrier at Florida decades earlier.

    Ohio State and Florida won by having a great athlete at QB… as well as vastly more talent than opponents around them… they then basically schemed players open around them.

    Thats why they continually plugged and play the same “type” of QB in a system. These were not generational guys like Andrew Luck or Trevor Lawrence.

    There was never anything special to me at all about Dwayne Haskins. He just happened to be the guy when OSU had an absolutely loaded football team.

  33. Yet another example of the Parcells’s rule in regards to drafting a QB. Never draft a guy who has only started one year in college. It almost never works out. Haskins was not ready in his play or his maturity. He looked like he didn’t even deserve to be on the field. His only hope is that he is so embarrassed by his lack of production or lack of preparedness that he devotes all of his time and effort into making his game better. He needs to sign with a coach that is good at developing QB’s and just sit and learn for a few years. Sadly, I don’t think his maturity will allow that as he seems to want to party and hang with the boys instead of devoting his time to his craft.

  34. They did wait a week too long. The Team still has a chance next week against Philly.
    I never saw the “talent” that people say Haskins has/had. Maybe he can throw a football 100 yards, but that doesn’t help when trying to dump one off to a running back four yards away.
    I will be shocked if he is ever named as a starter again.

  35. Have to give credit to Haskins for this ridiculous behavior as the blueprint for how not to behave as a pro football player and cheers to Washington for makibg it happen never seen anything quite like it

  36. I expect Snyder will start looking for someone to blame for not stopping him from making a draft mistake.

  37. It took awhile for Cam Newton to grow up, so maybe some team can figure out how to get Haskins to mature.

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