Jon Gruden on loss to Dolphins: It still sticks in my gut the wrong way

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Coaches and players talk about the “24-hour rule” all the time, saying that they give themselves one day to ruminate on the previous win or loss before moving on to the next game.

But sometimes things happen that are more difficult to get past.

That’s apparently the case for Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, who on Monday seemed like a man still bothered by the way his team lost to Miami on Saturday.

“The disappointing thing is we played well enough to win that football game,” Gruden said, via Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It goes down to one lousy play and it still sticks in my gut the wrong way right now.”

Miami’s Ryan Fitzpatrick somehow completed a 34-yard pass to wide receiver Mack Hollins with defensive end Arden Key twisting his facemask to the side of his head. The pass plus the 15-yard penalty put Miami on Las Vegas’ 26-yard line with 12 seconds left — so much time that Fitzpatrick had to throw another incomplete pass to run the clock down.

“They have 19 seconds left with no timeouts at the minus-25-yard line,” Gruden said. “For us to not get off the field with a victory, it’s a shame, it’s a disgrace and it’s a reflection on me only. We have to do a lot better job than that.”

Given the unique circumstances of the loss, it’s not hard to understand why it’s sticking with Gruden. It may be little consolation, but at least the Raiders have a chance to finish the season at .500 with a victory over Denver in Week 17.

23 responses to “Jon Gruden on loss to Dolphins: It still sticks in my gut the wrong way

  1. You want to see a team come out flat to play?? Wait until you see the Raiders vs Denver.
    The Raiders will be bone flat after being booted that way.

  2. Gruden should be put out to pasture.sick of hearing him many more failed seasons will it take to get rid of him.

  3. These are all good Gruden’s players and we have 0 winning seasons in 3 years. 0 playoff appearances. How long does it take it rebuild? Teams like the Dolphins, Rams, Browns, Cardinals, Bills, etc. are turning it around in an offseason or two at most. Gruden is picking players and Gruden picked his coordinators. He has no one to blame for this garbage defense than himself. The worst thing you can do as a franchise is misevaluate your own organizations and expectations.

  4. Let’s be real here, the Raiders should of never been in that position in the 1st place.
    The non OPI call and then the DPI call were both garbage and put the game where it was in the 1st place.
    The Raiders are hot garbage and will end up a 500 team just like they are.
    Your record is what you are!

  5. That loss was squarely on Gruden. Outhought himself by not scoring a TD and then his poorly coached, undisciplined D gave up the big play plus a penalty. Watch the replay as the d-back just releases the receiver like he was worried about a 5-yard checkdown happening in front of him. How does that series start without the coaches specifically telling him not to do that?

  6. RB should punched it in instead of stopping at the one if you cant kill the clock , everyone wanted to Crucify Gurley for it earlier this season. but making a team need a TD vs. a FG to win after the two minute warning will never be a bad thing.

  7. If anybody does not think that last pass play that drew a flag for a face mask penalty should not have been offset by an offensive holding call, then you are just a raider hater. Just a fact, carry on.

    End of the day, the bottom line….Go Raiders!!!

  8. jdphx says:
    December 29, 2020 at 11:32 am
    Never “lay down” at the freaking goal line….

    You might NEED those extra 4 points!
    – – – – – – –
    Logic also says you never give the other team an extra 40 seconds

  9. Gruden gets outcoached the majority of the last three seasons and built a defense that cant stop a woman’s flag football team, man up and hire a defensive STUD as a coordinator pick the best player available this draft and stop REACHING for stupid picks that don’t work out…Damn Chucky, 100 million and a disgrace to RAIDER NATION—lock it up or get locked up!

  10. With a below average HC like Gruden who is a clown like Rex Ryan the continuous losing is to be expected. What I can also be sure of is that Gruden is NOT at all bothered by it. In fact he has to be laughing all the way to the bank on a daily basis at the way the moronic owner threw 100 mil. guaranteed of the money he inherited from Al Davis (who got rid of Gruden) at the “coaching genius”.

  11. Gruden must be thankful for Zimmer. If not for Zimmer, Gruden would be the worst coach in the league by a long way.

  12. John, that’s your ego wrestling with your guilty conscience.
    All you need to do is admit that YOU screwed up. I’ve never seen Gruden say “That one’s on me.”

  13. Yeah, well…Gruden DOES have an argument…first, let me say that I am a die hard Phin fan…been dying for MANY years now…and the three teams I hate the most in order are: the Jets, the Raiders, and the Pokes. But we got away with one in this game…BIG TIME!!! Arden Key is being held by Eric Flowers…it is blatant, it is OBVIOUS, but the face mask by Arden Key is SO egregious, that the officials, and pretty much EVERYBODY watching the game…that is ALL of you NEVER even noticed the blatant hold Flowers had on Key. I just watched the NFL replay on the game, and you can clearly see that Flowers has so much of Key’s jersey from his shoulder pad in his hand, that about 2 inches of it is clearly visible ABOVE his hand. Flowers has Key’s head cradled tightly into the crouch of his elbow…Flowers is ripping Key’s head off…and you can clearly see that Key’s eyes are NOT on Fitz at all…he is looking past Fitz, and is just grabbing for anything he can…which just happened to be Fitzmagic’s face mask… The CORRECT call SHOULD have been TWO flags: one for the personal foul face mask against Key, and holding on Flowers…off setting penalties…the ball should have been placed back again on the Phin’s 25, 1st and 10, with 12 seconds left…and there is no way to know what MIGHT have happened in those 12 seconds had the CORRECT call had been made.


    I root for Miami and anybody that plays the Jets!!!

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