Josh McDaniels: I’d love to have head coaching opportunity present itself

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It’s an annual tradition for Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to field questions about possibly leaving for a head coaching job with another team.

This hasn’t been a winning season for the Patriots, but McDaniels is still seen as a possible candidate for openings around the league this offseason. On Tuesday, he confirmed general interest in another head coaching chance.

“Absolutely. I definitely want to do that,” McDaniels said, via Ryan Hannable of “I’d love to have that opportunity if it presents itself.”

McDaniels went 11-17 as the Broncos head coach in 2009 and 2010 and backed out of the Colts job after initially accepting it in January 2018. He interviewed with the Browns before they hired Kevin Stefanski last year and with the Packers before they hired Matt LaFleur in 2019.

The Texans, Falcons, and Lions currently have head coaching vacancies. Other teams are expected to join that group when Week 17 is in the books.

28 responses to “Josh McDaniels: I’d love to have head coaching opportunity present itself

  1. I would have lot of questions for him. He is a great coordinator but his time in Denver was odd to say the least. Outside of Tebow he drafted very well but just couldn’t control the locker room. Might have matured but I am not sure I would go with him.

  2. Don’t think anyone is dumb enough to go through the process and watch you back out like a snake.

  3. He should go to the Jaguars where he can do for Trevor Lawrence what he did for Tom Brady.

  4. After that stunt he pulled on the Colts a couple of years ago, I hope nobody answers their phone and give this man a chance to be a head coach.

  5. The whole Denver fiasco, including another taping Spygate incident in London, and his jilting of the Colts, leaving his coaching staff twisting in the wind, hard to believe any team would be dumb enough to go to him again

  6. He should have taken a job when he still had Brady making him look good. He sure hasn’t done much with Newton.

  7. The Broncos were 10 years ago. Assuming posters here have careers – where were you 10 years ago as a professional vs today? Likely changed some. I hold Denver against him not nearly as much as the Colts situation.

    Colts – assume there’s no NDA – I’d want to discuss.

    Not saying hire the guy but you could and should talk to the guy – even for a self scout of where your club is from an outside perspective that HAS seen success.

  8. Think he would make a great head coach,worked very well with TB12. There is a reason NOBODY wanted cam newton except the Patriots who do everything on the cheap.

  9. The irony here is incredible. Bright side of it is that the Colts and their fans are thanking everything holy that McDaniels backed out and they subsequently landed Frank Reich.

  10. I know another coach, GOAT, who backed out of a job after agreeing (BB). Josh deserves another chance and a team would be smart to give it to him.

  11. As it turned out, the Colts dodged a bullet with Josh backing out of the head coaching deal. Frank Reich is a MUCH BETTER coach than McDaniels will ever be.

  12. Name the great head coaches from the Belichek tree? That would concern me as much as anything else. Heck, how much winning have any Patriot coach had without Brady?

  13. Without Tom Brady as his starting quarterback Josh McDaniels is mediocre. Belichick is even worse.

  14. Kraft, Bleichick, O’Brien, Weiss, Crennell, McD, Pioli, etc. etc., should all be naming their kids after Brady, because he made them successful in the NFL and opened opportunities for them. Instead, reports indicated in the past that Patriots staff was saying they could compete for championships with the #15 QB. Ingrates and/or morons all, who will never admit Tom made them. But we know.

  15. The train has left the station with two lights on behind.
    The red one was Tom Brady, the blue one was my mind.

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