Bills will have 6,700 fans at first playoff game

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills will have 6,700 fans in attendance when they host a first-round playoff game next weekend.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed today that the Bills will be allowed fans who are wearing masks and test negative before the game. He also said there will be contact tracing after the game, and that the game will serve as a pilot program for how the state can smartly and safely reopen large events and other businesses.

“A football playoff game is outdoors, which is a much better situation from COVID spread,” Cuomo said. “We believe we are the first state in the nation to run this kind of pilot. We think it can be very instructive to us going forward.”

Cuomo thanked the Bills and the NFL for working with the state on the matter. And he urged fans at the playoff opener next weekend to act responsibly.

“For all the Bills fans, please, everyone, take these measures seriously,” Cuomo said. “The numbers are down. We want to keep them down.”

25 responses to “Bills will have 6,700 fans at first playoff game

  1. Great. That means they’ll go home crying like bunch of babies because the Bills will disappoint them as they always did for centuries.

  2. That #2 playoff spot just got a little more valuable for the Bills. McDermott is being coy about whether his starters will play. I would guess they will.

  3. One and done once again however first home playoff game in 30 years will be exciting for them!

  4. Congrats Bills fans! Hopefully Packers brass get their head out of the sand and let us fans in Lambeau for the playoffs. Not one reason we shouldn’t be able to do so.

  5. Hopefully tailgating won’t be an issue. I could see infected fans just going for the tailgate and infecting that 6700. Otherwise, this is great! Hopefully it works.

    To those lucky 6,700: yell really loud!

  6. Why even bother? How loud can you cheer with a mask strapped to your face? Waste of time and personnel.

  7. I’m sure as we are watching the game the camera will show fans wearing their masks under their noses, or not at all.
    Stay safe Buffalo , wear you masks correctly !

  8. Of all the long suffering Bills fans those are some lucky 6,700 people. I’m happy for all of them.

  9. Ummmmmm. If the fans test negative, why would they need to social distance. Something is a little off about this whole COVID thing. Hmmmmm

  10. Heard they aren’t allowing tailgating in the main lot, but I bet the private lots will be packed!

    How are Bills deciding who gets to go?

  11. Sports being played is the number one reason why this virus is not that serious. If Covid was that serious sports would still be canceled

  12. The fact the bro got the season I. Without a hitch shows just how made up all this fear crap really was

  13. Bills can hang with Miami, Cleveland, Tennessee & likely Indianapolis. I’m on the Buffalo bandwagon 100% but I do not want to see Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Hoping for MIA/CLEV. That heart-breaking loss at Houston last season should pay off this year.

  14. mookie34 says:
    December 30, 2020 at 8:54 pm
    Let’s hope for a blizzard in Buffalo.

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    No Problema, Fitzmagic’s face is dressed for a blizzard

  15. So if you’re a season ticket holder you can buy one playoff game but not another . Real question is when will they lift the restrictions for all the rest of the locals to reopen or have more than five people in a store. Sounds like when the blue jays start the season In buffalo again they will play in front of fans? Don’t think so

  16. About 2k Americans dying daily. By all means, let’s open the admission gates. Greedy fools.

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