Terrell Owens: Donovan McNabb was out drinking the night before Super Bowl XXXIX

Super Bowl XXXIX - Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots - February 6, 2005
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When receiver Terrell Owens wanted out of Philadelphia, he threw everything he had at the wall in order to make it happen.

Well, almost everything.

Owens, whose effort to be traded or cut in 2005 included a claim that the Eagles would have been undefeated that year if the quarterback were Brett Favre and not Donovan McNabb, has previously chided McNabb for throwing up during Super Bowl XXXIX. In a recent interview with Master Tesfastion of Bleacher Report, Owens takes his claims about McNabb and the Super Bowl and vomiting a step farther.

“I’ve talked to teammates since then and know for a fact that he was out the night before, he was out the night before, before the biggest game pretty much all of our career,” Owens said, via NBC Sports Philly. “People that saw him out the night before said he was drinking, and I think that [contributed] to him throwing up in the huddle.”

It’s definitely a new claim from Owens, and it cuts against the reality (as noted by Reuben Frank) that the Eagles had a curfew the night before the game. Also, the Super Bowl didn’t begin until after 6:30 p.m. ET the following day. So, presumably, McNabb would have recovered from any ill effects of imbibing by then, if Owens’ claim is true.

“He’s obviously had a history of condition problems,” Owens added. “So for me, knowing all this information, I felt like that was irresponsible, especially for somebody of his caliber, his status, to obviously be the leader of the team and you’re out the night before the biggest game of your career, you’re out drinking or what have you, and then that maybe contributed to him throwing up in the huddle. It’s just not good.”

Owens also calls McNabb a “phony” during the interview. Which isn’t nearly as bad as accusing McNabb of getting drunk the night before the Super Bowl, a game that the Eagles lost to the Patriots.

27 responses to “Terrell Owens: Donovan McNabb was out drinking the night before Super Bowl XXXIX

  1. Owens played hurt and played very well. He put his team above himself.. many medical experts said he wouldnt be able to play. He did.

  2. The Eagles had a curfew. So what players break curfew all the time.
    McNabb recovering before a late game. Everyone reacts differently in terms of recovery.
    I tend to believe Owens.

  3. Old wide receivers don’t die or fade away.
    They just keep running their mouths until they get some more attention.

  4. You know T.O. some things are better left unsaid, but not you, still feel the need to jab the dagger and twist one more time and let Donovan know you still haven’t forgotten the way he treated you in Philly..

    still immature as ever

  5. I love how he won’t ever let their hate die or fade away. That’s my wide reciever! Sniff sniff tears.

  6. Say whatever you want about TO but he was by far the best player on the field in that game. And McNabb was the biggest reason they lost.

  7. Way to hold a grudge for the rest of your life.

    If they had gotten back to work, they might’ve had another chance. Blowing up the locker room didn’t exactly help the team either, TO.

  8. Owens will never be in the conversation for all-time top WR’s.
    He’s an idiot.. Like moss.

  9. McNabb was exhausted from running for his life against a physical defense. Owens had a good SB but never scored a TD despite mostly facing a rookie cornerback.

  10. TO wasn’t the best player on the field in SB XXXIV. That was Deion Branch.

    TO started with a bang, and I am sure he blames McNabb for his missing out on a SB MVP opportunity, but MVPs don’t throw teammates under the team bus.

  11. When has TO not wanted to be in the spotlight? He gets back on the field and wants to talk more. Why has become likeable? He is still the attention grabbing crybaby that wrecked several locker rooms.

  12. I would take Todd pinkston or James thrash for what they did producing for the Eagles over their years OVER the crap they got in Philly from TO for 1 stupid spoiled media spectacle. . Freddie Mitchell even…ugh! Even with his undeserved world champs belt celebration w 4 & 24 versus the Green Bay Packers, BETTER memory than any T.O. memory!

  13. I remember thinking to myself, T.O. will go off on us. My friends thought I was crazy, but watching him do the hydrotherapy training was absurd! His commitment was top notch.

    Freddie Mitchell on the other hand, ran his mouth.

    Great game too! I am glad we came out on top, but still it was a terrific game. Jim Johnson and Rac dialed up great defensive game plans.

  14. The best team won. The Patriots did what they did best. Play smart, don’t turn it over. Win in the clutch. One of my favorite teams over that run. 17-2 that year.

  15. The guy played on one leg with a chance at a ring. I’d be upset too if what he is saying is true.

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