Adrian Peterson: I’d love to be back in Detroit, but not in a total rebuild

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Lions running back Adrian Peterson is interested in staying in Detroit in 2021, under the right circumstances.

Peterson said today that he’d love to stay in Detroit next season, but he also said he wouldn’t want to stay if the next coach and GM think a complete rebuild is in order.

Of course, if the next coach and GM are doing a total rebuild, they surely won’t want a 36-year-old running back to be a part of it, either. So Peterson will likely only be back in Detroit if the Lions’ next coach and GM think they can win in 2021.

Peterson becomes a free agent in March. He has given every indication that he wants to keep playing.

Peterson is currently fifth in NFL history with 14,757 career rushing yards. He’s 512 yards behind No. 4, Barry Sanders, so if Peterson plays another season, he may move up a spot in the career rushing charts.

15 responses to “Adrian Peterson: I’d love to be back in Detroit, but not in a total rebuild

  1. Peterson has been average for so long that I struggle to remember when he was one of the best players in the league. No comparison to the brilliant Barry Sanders who retired when he was still the best in the league.

  2. I can see him signing with the Patriots, bc they have no QB and NO WRs at all. Gonna be a running team in 2021.

  3. He’s a soon-to-be 36-year-old running back whose next team will be his sixth. There’s a reason for the second part of that sentence.

  4. Curtis20 By your logic Frank Gore should have retired a decade ago. Obviously teams still see value.

  5. At this point, if he wants to keep playing, its not like he can dictate any terms to any team. He is a free agent now with no one beating his door down to sign him. Peterson will have to go anywhere that will sign him – regardless if its KC or if its Jacksonville.

  6. Adrian Peterson will do whatever it takes to remain viable, even if it means doubling workout times, consulting diet and strength specialist,etc. He has the motivation and work ethics. I wish him well wherever he winds up (except atlanta).

  7. AP has definitely lost a step. You could see it in 2018 on his 64 yard run against the Giants and his 90 yard run against the Eagles. You could see he was not the same player. The league seems to produce good rookie running backs every year so AP would no be a hot commodity even if he was 5 years younger. Look at Todd Gurley, he’s 10 years younger than AP and he too might be out of the league. And AP’s decision making has to be questioned. KC made him an offer after his last minute scratch from Washington and he opted for Detroit instead because the money was guaranteed. Had he taken the KC gig sure there was some risk but he would be playing for the leagues bet team with a great chance at aa Super bowl and he would have gotten a lot of work. Instead he went to another team that gets killed almost every week which plays against his weakness as a running back and never allows him to use his strengths.

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