Derek Carr on Nelson Agholor: Sometimes a change of scenery is good

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
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When Nelson Agholor scored his 85-yard, go-ahead touchdown in last Saturday’s game against Miami, it powered the Raiders wideout to a new single-game career high with 155 receiving yards.

A former first-round pick, Agholor became notorious for his drops in five seasons with the Eagles. But he’s turned that around in a career season with Las Vegas.

Agholor is averaging 17.9 yards per reception in 2020 — 6.7 more than his average from five seasons with Philadelphia. He’s registered a career-high 839 yards receiving and tied a career high with eight touchdowns.

In his Wednesday press conference, quarterback Derek Carr said he was surprised when he looked up Agholor’s career stats and compared them to what he’s done this year.

“Sometimes a change of scenery is good for somebody. Sometimes a change of scenery doesn’t mean the player has changed, just means he fits better in that system or he fits better in that scheme or it just works out better for him,” Carr said. “Obviously this is a career year for him. I am so thankful for him. I tell him all the time I love that man so much. I’m so happy for him. He bet on himself, you know? He came here, bet on himself and it’s really worked out for him. I’m happy for him.”

Agholor signed a one-year deal with the Raiders last March, which means he’s a pending free agent. It seems like Carr would like to continue their partnership for at least another year.

11 responses to “Derek Carr on Nelson Agholor: Sometimes a change of scenery is good

  1. Dude helped to bring our first SB to Philly. Wish he was balling out in midnight green, but still happy to see him doing well.

  2. Nothing but love for Agholor from this Eagles fan! He came up huge in the biggest moment of his career. We don’t win that SB without him! Happy that he’s having success in Vegas!

  3. Congrats, too bad he plays for a .500 making his stats meaningless. But sure is nice for “captain average at best” Carr to comment on it, as if he’s the reason. I hope LA/Oak/LV (soon to be Boise) keeps Carr and Gruden for a long time, it’s just too comical.

  4. there is absolutely NO way the Raiders give up on Nelly, there isn’t another WR inthe NFL that would come in and know this offense, have great chemistry, and produce like he has for the Raiders like he has.

    Stupid to not resign him. The WR room is set, the TE room is set, even IF Witten retires, the RB room could use a swap with Booker for a bigger back but the O line is where changes will have to be made. Drafts or whatever. AND the place where some draft pics could be gained.

    Losing 5 games with the lead in the last 2 minutes is a clear signal that all the offseason efforts will and should be focused on the defense.

  5. What’s really impressed me about Agholor this year has been his toughness. Hope he sticks around.

  6. he is the one UFA, along with Hankins that we should resign for sure this offseason. One would assume we would resign Raekwon McMillan as well, but we are already over the cap, and only have 39 players signed. Books need to get in check from doing stupid contracts like Trent Brown.

    Really it’s all about Mayock this off season as well as Gruden finding a D-Coord. The core pieces are in play , sign a UFA Free Safety (Marcus Williams) , and maybe get lucky with the Giants Leonard Williams….We need to do well in the draft.

  7. Sometimes it’s about playing for a contract. He’s on a one-year deal and wants to get paid. Once some team pays him it’ll be back to dropping the ball every other play again.

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