Philip Rivers to start 240th consecutive regular-season game

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Colts quarterback Philip Rivers will do something on Sunday that he’s done for 15 years in a row: Start all 16 games in a season.

By doing that, Rivers will start his 240th consecutive regular-season game, tying him with former Vikings center Mick Tingelhoff for the third-most in NFL history.

Only former Vikings defensive end Jim Marshall, with 270 consecutive starts, and Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, with 297 consecutive starts, have started more games in a row.

Rivers would have to play four more years without missing a game to break Favre’s record. Given that Rivers is already talking about the possibility that Sunday could be his last game, it seems likely that Favre’s record is safe.

No other active players have started even 200 games in a row, so it will be years before anyone approaches Rivers and Favre territory.

14 responses to “Philip Rivers to start 240th consecutive regular-season game

  1. Favre’s record is incredible, but wow 270 starts in a row by a defensive end!? I don’t think we’ll ever see that happen again

  2. Wow I had no idea he had this sort of streak running. Adds another chip to the hall of fame argument in my eyes.

  3. Correction. One 12 game season, two 16 games seasons at the end. Wonder if anyone else played in 1960 (last year of 12) and 1978 (first season of 16)?

  4. 2004 QBs drafted gave us some fun Football to watch the last 16 years. Rivers doesn’t have a ring but has an argument for the Hall. Congrats Phillip

  5. Of all the individual records, the one Tom Brady coveted the most is Favre’s record of 297 consecutive starts. It’s true that the best ability is availability. Respect to all.

  6. Favre even played the week his father passed away, and showed an incomparable commitment to the game and his teammates. Truly amazing.

  7. If he wants to play next year, he’s still good enough to start for some teams. Have a feeling family life will get in the way

  8. The most underrated attribute of any player but especially a QB: durability.

    That’s impressive.

  9. I remember watching Jim Marshall play. He was part of the famous Purple People Eaters (Alan Page, Carl Eller, Gary Larsen and Marshall). Page and Eller are HoF’ers and I thought Marshall might have been in there as well. This dude started at DE for 19 seasons with the Vikings–the last year he was 42 years old. Not only that, he’s a grade-A class act. He was huge for his time too and had good wheels. I wasn’t a Vikings fan but I was always a big fan of Marshall. They had some pretty good defenses there which included Matt Blair and Jeff Siemon. Paul Krause was a long-time DB that holds the NFL interception record. They also had Ahmad Rashad. And let’s not forget Fran Tarkenton. They were fun to watch.

    Marshall’s streak was just incredible but Favre’s streak of that many games started at QB is just ridiculous when you consider how much punishment QBs take. Even getting over 200 is quite an achievement. I bet not many QBs have ever gotten to that number.

  10. If there’s a Hall of Regular Season, Rivers belongs there because he hasn’t done squat in the playoffs

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