Rams put Michael Brockers on COVID-19 list

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
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The Rams have placed another player on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

Defensive tackle Michael Brockers was added to the list on Thursday. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp was placed on the list earlier this week after testing positive.

No reason was given for Brockers’ placement on the list. If he tested positive for COVID-19, he’ll be out for Sunday’s game and the timing of the move suggests he’ll be out as a high-risk close contact as well.

Brockers has started every game this season. He has 51 tackles and five sacks.

If Brockers is out, he’ll join Kupp, quarterback Jared Goff, and running back Darrell Henderson as key players who will miss their game against the Cardinals. Running back Cam Akers appears to be on track to miss the game as well.

The Rams will advance to the postseason with a win or a Bears loss on Sunday.

6 responses to “Rams put Michael Brockers on COVID-19 list

  1. Players not being available is a real challenge to a team during a “normal” season. Now with Covid it is extremely worse. I know they say that it averages out over a period of time and the Rams had practically no missing time their first couple years back in LA but this is a nightmare, especially when you had questionable depth going into the season.

  2. The NFL is big on competitive balance right? So team A has multiple starters out due to Covid 19 exposure, or high risk, and team B has zero, and somehow that’s not a competitive advantage? We’ve seen a team have no quarterback on the active roster for a game, and another team missing almost all of their starting receivers, and the league thinks that’s fair? .. Right got it

  3. Being able to keep yourself healthy and following the covid protocols is part of 2020.

    Some teams are handling it much better than others. Sure there is also some luck involved but the same with injuries.

  4. Losing Brockers and Kupp is much worse than loosing Goff. But because the NFL chose not to put players in a bubble, losing players for games due to Covid was a reality for this year’s season. If the owners are on the hook for paying players who are out because of Covid, then the owners should have pressed harder for a bubble.

    But the half-full side of the glass is that no one has gotten so sick that its been career-ending or fatal. We’re reaching the point where we’re all going to know someone who has died of this.

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