Report: Packers lose David Bakhtiari to season-ending knee injury in practice

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers have suffered a major blow just before they attempt to clinch home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

Starting left tackle David Bakhtiari suffered a season-ending knee injury today in practice, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Although the diagnosis won’t be confirmed until Bakhtiari has an MRI, it is believed to be a torn ACL, which could also affect his availability for the start of the 2021 season.

Bakhtiari was chosen to this year’s Pro Bowl roster and is one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. His stellar play is a major contributor to Aaron Rodgers‘ MVP candidacy, and to the Packers’ success as a team.

Just last month, Bakhtiari signed a four-year, $103.5 million contract that made him the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history.

48 responses to “Report: Packers lose David Bakhtiari to season-ending knee injury in practice

  1. So there is never a “good” time to suffer a career altering injury but it really sucks when it happens so late in the year.

    Miss the playoffs and then the majority of the next season IF you make it back at all the next season. Green Bay’s offensive line has not got near enough credit this year compared to their QB/WR combo. This is a big blow for them.

  2. That is Not good.. even tho my Vikings are out of it, I’ll root for the NFC North in the playoffs. I hate the Saints.

  3. The one player outside of Rodgers the Packers flat-out could not afford to lose. The entire NFC playoff picture just got turned on its head.

  4. bahoto34 says:
    December 31, 2020 at 7:16 pm
    Khalil Mack is licking his chops

    Mack is overrated !

  5. I like my left tackles that do not tear their ACL during a walk through. Delicate David.

  6. The NFL is a war of attrition. There have always been really good teams who were impacted by injuries. Packers now get their turn.

    It is the most-talented, consistent and healthiest team that usually wins the Super Bowl. Have to have all three variables working in your favor.

    As a Packers fan, this stinks, but just have to see what happens next.

    2020, please leave already!

  7. The Packers will be fine. Bad news to lose a guy like David, but not the end of the world. The way the Packers defense has been playing the past few weeks, it’s not all on the offense.

  8. That stinks. Not sure why an OT as good as him has to run through live action drills this late in the season though.

  9. It looks like Bakhtiari and rodgers are done playing together unless rodgers takes Bakhtiari with him after next season.

  10. They still will beat the bears regardless Mack is overrated it don’t matter the bears are horrible

  11. brutal injury–the OL depth is very good –Khalil mack steals money with his overall. stats. and the money they pay him

  12. Well wait, hold on, the self appointed packer super fan,coach,trainer said Bakhtiari is a 100% go this Sunday.

  13. I like teams with a track record of heroically overcoming adversity like this – such as these same Packers in 2010.

  14. Packers will adapt. The Ravens lost Ronnie Stanley and they are humming now. So life will go on

  15. Combine the loss of Bakhtiari with the easiest schedule in the league, GB is in a spot of bother.

  16. O-line depth may be good but you don’t just replace an All Pro left tackle the last game of the season.

    The only way the offense could have taken more of a hit was if the QB went down. NFC is wide open

  17. This is the deepest line in the NFL. Looks like Elgton Jenkins is gonna have to play left tackle now. Is there anything the guy can’t do?

  18. That sucks…this Vikings fan wishes him a speedy recovery and will also be rooting for the NFCN.

  19. The only way the Packers become irrelevant to the playoffs is if Rodgers is hurt. They’ll be fine. The loss of a good (but gets away within holdings a LOT) LT that was just payed a lot of money is more concerning for them is what it does for the next season and beyond, however….

  20. Hope most everyone had a safe and Happy New Years Eve. I know I had a blast with loved ones! Will also enjoy time with them today and try to squeeze in some football.👍

    The results of the MRI should be out shortly and we can hope for the best, but it doesn’t look good. Bakh is as tough and strong minded as they come and will be back stronger than ever after recovery.

    Injuries happen and the Packers have dealt with them all season, including Bakh being out for a few games earlier this season.

    Billy Turner played some LT earlier this season. Elgton Jenkins has experience there as well. Whatever way the Pack decides to go it will be full speed ahead and no one will flinch.


  21. top rated tackle….allowed 1 sack all year..
    dillion, jones, williams will have to pound,
    pound, pound.

  22. Doesn’t matter anyway. Packers are not that good with him. They will lose their first game in the playoffs.

  23. Yeah, this guy could never match the career of the legendary Bryant McKinney. He helped bring the Vikings so much big time success and titles over the years.

  24. From a purple fan, get better soon man and hope Rodgers gets the mvp and you guys a superbowl. I like a guy who proves people wrong and just goes out and wins with little help in the draft. I enjoy watching a QB who masters the craft and a guy that knows how to win by realizing how to just pick up 1st downs and play action passing. Rushing up the middle every other play and going deep on 3rd and 2 all the time is for the birds!

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