Sam Darnold: I absolutely believe my best days are ahead

New York Jets v Los Angeles Rams
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Until the Jets defeated the Rams in Week 15, it seemed like Sam Darnold would unquestionably be replaced by Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall pick.

But now New York is presumably out of the sweepstakes for the Clemson quarterback, since the club’s two wins helped Jacksonville secure the No. 1 overall pick. And that means the Jets drafting a quarterback isn’t as much of a foregone conclusion.

For his part, Darnold has maintained he’d like to continue his time with the Jets and further develop as a QB.

“I absolutely believe my best days are ahead,” Darnold said, via Rich Cimini of ESPN. “I know we all like to think of hypotheticals and what-ifs, but I’m a Jet right now. I love being here. I love the guys in the locker room. I love going to work every single day here.”

Darnold is 13-24 in 37 games as a starter since being drafted at No. 3 overall in 2018. This season, he’s completed 58.8 percent of his passes for 1,942 yards with eight touchdowns and nine interceptions. That works out to a 72.3 passer rating, which is the worst among 36 qualified players.

“I think there are stretches where I didn’t play nearly as well as I should’ve, and I’ll be the first to admit it,” Darnold said.

The Jets seem likely to fire Adam Gase after the season concludes on Sunday. Time will tell if Darnold will be replaced in 2021 as well.

14 responses to “Sam Darnold: I absolutely believe my best days are ahead

  1. Not sure if this an indication that he plans to work ever harder to improve his game, that he’s at heart an optimist, or that he’s been given word that his days as a Jet are nearly over.
    Could be all three, for his sake, and those things out of his control, I hope the last is true.

  2. Wow! If I were a Jets fan, I sure would hope his best days are ahead of him!!! Because he hasn’t exactly been Johnny Unitas with the Jets so far.

  3. Oh yeah. If anyone’s breathing a sigh of relief that the Jets won some games and got out of the first round pick, it’s Darnold. No way he’s guaranteed to be picked up anywhere else as a starter if they got Trevor

  4. With the lack of talent around him, Peyton Manning, Bret Favre, and Tom Brady would have problems succeeding. Hard to pass with that sieve of an offensive line in front of him.

  5. I am betting the Jets are going to give Urban Meyers, Jeff Bezos type of money. Sam may flourish in a collage style offense.

  6. Don’t worry Sam. Young QB’s take 2 or 3 years to settle in, depending on the team they go to. The Jets are the absolute worst case scenario. Remember, just a few weeks ago lots of people were still saying negative things about Josh Allen. But those are probably people who are new to football. Many HOF QB’s started their career’s just like you. NFL history shows where lots of great QB’s went to horrible teams and struggled early. They eventually started winning Super Bowls and ended up in the HOF. But those first couple years, the naysayers were saying the same things about them that they’re saying about you.

  7. Only a young John Elways succeeded with less help. It won’t matter who the QB is if they don’t put talent around them. Keep Darnold, use resources on draft OL and WR.

  8. blknyellow says:
    December 31, 2020 at 8:04 pm

    Darnold…Haskins. Can anybody see the double standard here?

    If Darnold was on Washington, Alex Smith probably wouldn’t be playing. Washington is a better all around team.

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