Teddy Bridgewater would like to complete a game-winning drive to end 2020

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team
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Though the Panthers are 5-10, they’ve played close games. There’s been an opportunity to at least tie the score in eight of their losses.

But they’re 0-8 in such situations.

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has experienced and up-and-down season in his first year as a starter since 2015. While the numbers are modest, he’s set career highs in yards passing (3,557) and touchdowns (15), while also being on pace to set one in completion percentage (69.7).

Questions remain as to who the Panthers’ quarterback will be in 2021, but Bridgewater would at least like to end the season on a high note.

“To go down there and put together a game-winning drive, I think, for one we owe it to ourselves. We’ve worked extremely hard this year, and we want to show that we can execute in those situations,” Bridgewater said, via Alaina Getzenberg of the Charlotte Observer. “I think it would be good just moving forward into the offseason, being able to just learn from the different experiences that we’ve had this year and what better way [than] to put one together this week.”

The Panthers played spoiler last week in defeating Washington, keeping the Football Team from clinching the NFC East. A win this week would keep the Saints out of the NFC’s No. 1 seed and the all-important playoff bye.

10 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater would like to complete a game-winning drive to end 2020

  1. Teddy is an average QB. His salary ranks him 19th – last among starting QBs not still on their rookie contract. To cut him after one year and incur a $20 million cap penalty, when his salary is $23 million, seems irresponsible at best. The Panthers can’t even sign a backup QB for the $3 million they will have saved. Draft the QB of the future and have him compete with and learn from Teddy.

  2. Maybe Teddy can have a successful drive leaving 1:30 left on the clock and then Drew Breeze can throw a touchdown with 10 seconds left. Best outcome for Panthers is to STOP WINNING.

  3. Well signing Teddy was a gamble in the first place. Not having CMC much of the seaon didnt help Teddy’s case either. Bottom line, Panthers need a QB either in the draft or free agency.

  4. I get it that a lot of people like this guy, but fact is that he’s a fringe starter/quality backup. There are 50 players of similar skill level out there and not all of them cost $20M/year.

  5. Bridgewater is a below average QB made to look better than he was by Sean Peyton. He can be a backup on a playoff team or a starter on a losing team.

  6. “Teddy already had a winning drive. It was when he drove out of Minnesota!”

    Ding ding ding! We have a winnah here.

  7. Teddy is not going anywhere in 2021. His contract pretty much guarantee he will be a Panther. He may not be the starter depending on who the Panthers draft but I am thinking there is a at least an 80% chance he starts game 1 in 2021.

    Ideally, the Panthers have the opportunity to get one of the fantastic QBs in this years draft and Teddy is around to show the kid the ropes.

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