TV networks have their eyes on Philip Rivers


Colts quarterback Philip Rivers knows that Sunday’s game against the Jaguars could be the last game of his career. It could open the door to a new career that, given recent trends, could be nearly as lucrative.

Michael McCarthy of reports that TV networks are eyeballing Rivers as a potential game analyst in 2021. McCarthy writes that Rivers could become a candidate for the No. 2 analyst spot at FOX, behind Troy Aikman.

Aikman has spoken openly about working for a team at some point in his career. If Aikman would leave FOX, Rivers could quickly become the FOX equivalent to Tony Romo.

Rivers was linked to ESPN before signing a one-year, $25 million deal with the Colts in free agency. ESPN had been looking to dramatically upgrade its booth, trying and failing to get Romo away from CBS and to persuade Peyton Manning to finally embrace a job he seems destined to do, and do very well.

The money is there for Rivers to do very well financially. CBS has obliterated the curve for Romo, paying him $18 million per year in order to keep him out of ESPN’s clutches.

The NFL currently is negotiating new TV deals with the various networks, and some believe an announcement regarding the next wave of contracts could come at any time. After the destination of each TV package is known, Rivers can then figure out which one — if any — best fit a life that includes being a father to nine children.

However it works out, fans would benefit from his involvement in calling games. It’s easy to compare him to guys like Romo or to all-time legends like Don Meredith, given the southern accent. But when considering the combination of knowledge, experience, passion, genuine interest in the game, work ethic, and a folksy, effervescent charm that could make words like “dadgum” and “shoot” far more popular than their four-letter counterparts, Rivers could be one of the best to ever do it — especially if Manning never does.

Heck (see?), Rivers could end up being the guy everyone has been waiting for, for more than a decade: The next John Madden.

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  1. He could be competing with Brees for a broadcasting job. Personally, I think Brees will be better.

  2. I have always respected the abilities of Phillip Rivers. I had wondered if he’d reached the end of his career when he was released by the Chargers, but I watched him a few times this season and given that he’s with a totally new team, and seeing guys like Cam Newton step up to the payroll window and collect a check every week, I’d say he’s still a starting quarterback in this league.

  3. Let’s at least let him call one game first before anointing him the next Madden. Sheesh!

  4. 2006 AFC Play-offs; Chargers against Patriots; in San Diego.

    Chargers are ahead which is amazing because Phillip had an acl removed from his knee the day before and instead of taking 6 months off to whine and gingerly repair it, he is 4 minutes away from getting a ticket to the Super Bowl, when, Chargers ahead, Tom Brady, running behind, throws a bad pass and Brady is intercepted by the deep safety in the end zone: instead of falling to the ground, the knucklehead loses his poise, runs out into the playing field and is quickly stripped of the ball that gives the ball back back to Brady, who closer to the red-zone, throws a touchdown and our last memory that day was of LaDanian crying on-air as he was wont to do, L.T. crying about Patriot players dancing on the field’s big lightening bolt. It wasn’t Phillips fault; nor the next year when the Charger kicker misses 4 makable field-goal kicks before, once-again, hitting the bricks. 17 years in the League and all some people have knowledge as to Phillip Rivers on Monday Night Football, a dozen-years-ago, is our QB telling the Denver Broncos Quarterback directions to Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears. We who have watched Phillip ‘push’ the ball rather than ‘pass’, including the one he threw to Mike Williams that kept Kansas City home while the Chargers continued on in the Playoffs and Andy Reed complained about this almost-pick-pass play that had burned his defense for 14 points AND the League outlawed that exact ‘play’ during the Winter Owner’s Meetings. You can look it up! Phillip doesn’t curse, doesn’t backdown and he doesn’t QUIT. Phillip and the Colts won 10 games behind a better line this year. I’d hoped Phillip would make the Playoffs with the Colts this year, just to prove he still has it? He will become a Legend following Troy Aikman into the booth. Ask any longtime Charger Fan, we’d take Phillip again rather then Ben or The Manning Family, fully knowing that there wouldn’t be any Superbowls: it’s just different ownership we’ve always prayed for.

  5. Maybe if Schottenheimer had stayed, both would have finally won a championship but he was fired and Rivers had the talent on his team to win it all but never could.
    He is a good, tough, durable QB but not a HOF one … too inconsistent but he can change that with a SB victory this year.

  6. Hoping he bumps Aikman from the top spot.
    The supposed number one Fox crew would almost be listenable if that happened.

  7. newencinitasnetwork I love the spirit of your rant, but you mixed your memories.

    Philip tore his ACL in the 2008 playoff run, before the AFC Championship in Foxboro where they lost 21-12. The Chargers played without Tomlinson AND Gates, as well as a hobbled Rivers.

    In 2006 Marlon McCree should have 1) Batted the ball down or 2) Stayed on the ground after the INT. He did neither. He is the reason that the beautiful city of San Diego is currently without an NFL team.

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