Two Browns players test positive, facility closed during contact tracing

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The COVID-19 situation is getting worse in Cleveland.

The Browns had two more players test positive today and have closed their facility while contact tracing goes on.

“The Cleveland Browns were informed of two additional positive COVID-19 test results among our players this morning,” the Browns said in a statement. “The Browns facility is currently closed while contact tracing is conducted to identify any high-risk close contacts. The team will continue to work remotely this morning while following the NFL-NFLPA intensive protocols as the health and safety of our team, staff and the entire community remains our highest priority.”

These two positive tests are the latest in a string of positive tests on the Browns’ roster. Cleveland also had to play last week without most of its wide receivers, who were classified as high-risk close contacts to one player who tested positive.

The Browns have the biggest game in recent franchise history on Sunday, with a win over the Steelers guaranteeing them a playoff berth. They may not be at full strength.

19 responses to “Two Browns players test positive, facility closed during contact tracing

  1. “They may not be at full strength.”
    no one is at this point in the season.

  2. The Steelers should forfeit this game…RIGHT…NOW!!! ….Why risk getting your team infected and have to sit key players in the playoffs because another organization can’t keep their house in order…..Not worth it.

  3. Remember the good old days when the league would keep pushing the game back for the Ravens due to additional positive tests every day?

    Good times. I bet the Browns wish this was the good old days of a month ago.

  4. This is crazy. Every time the Steelers have a rest in mind our opponents screw us with Covid outbreaks. We lost our bye due to TN. Playing a Thursday game, expecting to get a break but then the Ravens get an outbreak. This week, we want to rest some players and the Browns get an outbreak. Moving this game might also mean we don’t get much of a break before our Playoff game. Crazy year.

  5. You would think by the last week of the season these players would get it. Protocols aren’t punishment, they are in place for their safety. If Cleveland loses because a couple key players miss the game I won’t feel bad for them.

  6. I like when folks complain about other teams Covid outbreaks as if it could never happen to their team!

  7. Meanwhile, the same NFL that helped out the Ravens for 2 straight weeks of supportive, biased, and helpful game reschedules…….looks the other way.

  8. So let’s compare this to what happened in Tennessee, Baltimore, and Denver.

    Both Tennessee and Baltimore had full blown outbreaks and had games postponed due to that. No problem with me.

    Denver just had a bunch of QBs meeting in the same room when they shouldn’t have, possibly exposing others, not an outbreak. No need to postpone that.

    What’s going on now in Cleveland seems to be more similar to what happened in Tennessee and Baltimore, not what happened in Denver. So the league would be justified in postponing the game. Now of course, that wouldn’t be fair to Pittsburgh.

    Bottom line to me…if you’re a franchise like Cleveland, you don’t get the breaks. I’d bet if a team like New England, New Orleans, Kansas City, Seattle, or Dallas was going through something like this–needed to win to get in but in the middle of an outbreak–the game would be postponed.

  9. Yeah, this situation is nothing like the Ravens. Browns have about another dozen players to go before it’s comparable. Even so, would the Browns really rather postpone a game against the Steelers backups just so they can get shorted on rest for this first playoff game in forever? You really want the Browns to play the Bills with such rest disparity?

    Just hope it gets under control and that their playoff game won’t be affected by the players who tested positive, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, that the players recover fully.

  10. They did so well all season containing COVID – 19 and now at the end of one of our best seasons in decades this happens. DAMN IT !

  11. this is what happens when you have people not following protocols. Browns should be forced to forfeit if they can’t field a team. Its their own fault

  12. A player’s girlfriend leaving their home could cost a team the Super Bowl this year. I do feel for the Browns fans. COVID basically took out Myles Garrett, who hasn’t been the same player since, and now this.

    I don’t take pity on the organization. Other teams in highly infected parts of the country have been successful in keeping the illness at bay. Something went down there

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