DK Metcalf on verge of breaking franchise record, eyes Calvin Johnson’s record eventually

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In just his second season with the Seattle Seahawks, DK Metcalf is set to break a franchise record that has stood for 35 years.

Metcalf is just five yards behind Steve Largent’s franchise record for most receiving yards in a single season with one week left to play in the regular season. Metcalf enters this Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers with 1,282 yards on the year. Largent’s 1,287 yards from the 1985 season has stood as the franchise benchmark at the position.

“Just to break a record that’s been standing for so long, you know, it’s just a blessing just to be in this position,” Metcalf said on Thursday. “And an amazing opportunity I have in front of me.”

Metcalf needs just six yards to break Largent’s mark. He’s only failed to accomplish that once in his career when he was held without a catch by the Arizona Cardinals late last season. Metcalf wore a Largent jersey that he purchased himself to his first ever game against the Cincinnati Bengals last year.

“He’s the GOAT receiver in Seattle, so I’m just trying to be like him,” Metcalf said at the time.

Largent was the league’s all-time leading receiver when he retired after the 1989 season. He became the first member of the franchise to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Metcalf said he looked up what the record was last year and put it on his list of goals.

“I kind of looked up the record last year and saw how far it was until the end of the season so I knew it was going to be on the agenda this year to break it,” Metcalf said. “I got to start small, start with Largent’s record and then hopefully move on up to Calvin [Johnson}’s record.”

Johnson holds the mark for most receiving yards ever in a single season with 1,964 for the Detroit Lions in 2012.

“He can make every catch, do everything you want him to do,” quarterback Russell Wilson said. “To be even mentioned in the same category as a guy like Steve Largent so early is a blessing in itself.”

10 responses to “DK Metcalf on verge of breaking franchise record, eyes Calvin Johnson’s record eventually

  1. As amazing as he is, it’s going to mighty difficult in Seattle’s offense to break Megatron’s record.

  2. the game has changed incredibly in the last 20 yrs, let alone 30. largent’s records is crazy great in an era of run first, second and mostly on 3rd. you can’t compare today’s numbers to the 80s…

  3. Records for everything will start to fall when the NFL goes to a 17 game season. Then those records will fall a year later when it becomes an 18 game season. Missed Sunday’s games? No worry! You can catch gamesTuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  4. It’s crazy how every team passed on this guy, including his own. His measurables were too good to be true smh.

  5. Still can’t believe the Eagles drafted JJAW over him who will be out of the league next year.

  6. A record is a record, and Metcalf deserves kudos for what he’s set to do, but here’s some context for how terrific Largent was: Metcalf’s 1282 receiving yards makes up 35.6% of the average NFL team’s passing yards in 2020. Meanwhile, the average percentage of the same for Largent in his three 1200+ yard seasons (’79, ’81, ’85)? 39.9%! So, relative for its time, Largent will still take the cake in Seattle history. I hope someone points this out to Metcalf, as he is talented and driven enough to eventually top this figure of Largent’s too (his peak percentage was 42.9%, in 1979). The sky is the limit!

  7. Record is meaningless – can’y compare 80’s with 2020’s, it’s a VERY different game. DB’s could make contact the entire route until the ball was in the air. There was no holding penalties on DBs. There was no defenseless receiver penalties when going over the middle – guys got blown up and the announcers cheered the hit. Today they call the DB a criminal if he does it.
    Metcalf is a rare talent and deserves the accolades, but these record comparisons just don’t hold water as you are literally comparing different games.

  8. Finally another golden age of wide receivers is upon us. Led by Diggs, Cooper, Ridley, and then you have Metcalf, Jefferson, and many many others.

  9. Let’s hope that Metcalf never reaches Megatron, since that means the team is so unbalanced that they lack the offensive tools to make it to the big show. The real GOAT, Jerry Rice, never went to the Super Bowl when he caught over 1,500 yards in a season.

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