Justin Fields gives Jaguars something to think about


The Jaguars have secured dibs on drafting Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Now, they’ll have to give some thought to whether that pick should be used on Lawrence or Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

One week after Saints running back Alvin Kamara scored six touchdowns in the Superdome on Christmas Day, Fields ushered in the New Year by racking up six of his own, with multiple impressive deep throws and an amazing display of toughness and grit after taking a huge hit to his lower abdomen in the second quarter.

While it will take a lot to get the Jaguars to place Fields’ name on a draft card, there’s one more chapter to be written, in 10 days against Alabama. If Fields can do it again, on the biggest stage in college football, will the Jaguars seriously consider taking Fields over Lawrence?

First, the Jaguars need to hire a General Manager. Then, they need to decide who their coach will be. The identities of the persons who get those jobs will go a long way toward influencing the final decision.

What if former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who has been linked to the Jacksonville job, becomes the head coach of the Jaguars? He recruited Fields to Columbus. Surely, that would be a factor in the full analysis of whether it’s Lawrence or Fields in late April.

Regardless of how it all plays out, Ohio State’s unlikely 49-28 win over Clemson makes what was a no-brainer something more than that. The Jets, meanwhile, will get whoever the Jaguars leave on the board — and they surely can’t be upset about that, after what happened tonight.

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  1. He played awesome, but… he will be second off the board. Lawrence is not going anywhere but first.

  2. Sorry, Lawrence was penciled in at number one 3 years ago. Don’t make it any more difficult than it is. Fields should be a good QB but at this point Lawrence is the better prospect imo.

  3. “Ohio State’s unlikely 49-28 win over Clemson”

    Unlikely? What season have you been watching? Who seriously challenged OSU this year? It’s not like this was some big upset. The better team won. I’m not even remotely close to being and Ohio State fan. But give them the respect they’ve earned.

  4. Not surprised that this game would yield overreactions with respect to Fields’ draft stock. Well, I’m a little surprised that this is coming is in the main and not the comments. I expected more from an NFL writer, namely not being dazzled by long bombs thrown in a college game. Especially since he had a few troubling performances this season.
    The deep throws make for great highlights, but they don’t say as much about the quarterback’s skills particularly as they translate to the professional game. A good QB needs to make a wide variety of throws, be able to process the defence coverages quickly and make the proper decisions. To say the Lawrence and Fields are comparable with respect to those attributes is a wee bit of a stretch.
    Heaving a ball downfield is nice but that’s not what separates the best from your average cannon-armed bench warmer.
    The Jets, if they were smart, should be happy about the game. But only with respect to it possibly increasing the yield of draft picks from a team that got distracted by the spectacle instead of the substance.

  5. Win or lose, if Fields repeats this performance in the Championship game, I would root for him as the first pick.

    Everyone slurps Lawrence…he came out and hit his stride early…ok. Definitely was a revelation. How much has he improved though?

    How is his ability to throw guys open? What’s with all the turnovers?

    Both vs LSU and now OSU he has not played well from behind.

    Fields is peaking and showing development…so Lawrence was better than him two years ago….now?

    Hmmm….and I was not a fan of Fields before this thought he was just another hyped up OSU project…but man….better pure passer than Lawrence….stronger…can take more of a beating…


  6. I knew this logic was going to come into play after his six touchdown tosses.

    Watch the Northwestern game and that is the QB I believe we will see in the NFL.

  7. Lawrence has been the presumed #1 pick for years now. If the Jags pick Fields based off this game the 4 Jags fans left will riot

  8. Yeah….no. Fields is MAYBE the third best QB in this draft after Lawrence and Zach Wilson. Cardale Jones threw “multiple impressive deep throws” in the college playoff a few years ago…how did that work out? The same way it did for every Ohio State QB in the NFL…Jags need to be relegated to the XFL like they do in English Premier League if they take Fields over Lawrence…

  9. No. We’ll stick with Trevor. The most dangerous thing to do is to get hyped by guy on one game. Remember Clowney?

  10. Surely it only gives the Jets something to think about – Jags are taking Lawrence unless something absurd happens

  11. History doesn’t bode well for Ohio State QB’s drafted in the first round. Buyer beware.

  12. Honestly, I still think TL is the dude… But earlier today, i thought it was a no-brainer, but now I’m wondering if maybe Fields is the real deal. Problem for me is, I have been fooled by several OSU QBs… As Mr. Florio pointed out, this question could/will grow exponentially if Fields goes out and slays the Tide.

  13. Trevor Lawrence is going number 1 overall. If that is to the Jags or someone else because of a trade I don’t know. But I am certain of Lawrence being first overall pick.

  14. Ya, right. This is a no brainer there is nothing to think about here, Trevor Lawerence is the obvious pick here. Lawerence is the much more complete of the two QB’s and should quickly become one of the best young QB’s taken over the last 5 years along with QB’s like Kyler Murray and Justin Herbert who are the two best young passers taken over the last 5 years.

    No offense to Jaguars fans at all but the one worry I have though is that the Jaguars will somehow ruin Lawerence and won’t use all of the resources available to them to build one of the best teams in football. Hopefully if the Jaguars do land Lawerence they land one of the best coaching staffs on the market and put the resources into the team to compete for Super-Bowls year in and year out during Lawerences prime.

  15. Urban Meyer never recruited Fields to Ohio State. Fields entered the transfer portal after Urban resigned, and Ryan Day recruited Justin from the portal. Urban has made it very clear he didn’t have anything to do with recruiting Fields when he was transferring from Georgia

  16. Never, ever trust an Ohio State QB to do well in the NFL. Of course as a child I heard multiple times, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. So Fields has that ever so slim chance to be the one to make it in the NFL.

  17. I think Lawrence is going #1 no matter what and Im assuming the Jags make the pick (and dont trade out). I honestly dont think the Jets are taking Fields at #2. I think they trade down and build around Darnold. Fields may not even go in the top few picks.

  18. Go ahead, Jets, draft Fields. See where that takes ya.

    I know Fields played great yesterday, but you can’t get swollen after 1 game. He’s been terrible often during the season.

    Now, if they do draft Fields, that might leave the door open to the possibility of my 49ers drafting Zach Wilson without a lot of draft capital.

  19. Ahh yes, Clemson’s defense leaving guys completely wide open all night and fields barely hitting wide open guys was really impressive.

    All night the commentators kept telling me how incredible his throws were while I was watching wide open guys have to make diving catching instead of easily walking in for touchdowns if the ball wasn’t so off the mark.

    Clemson’s secondary was totally overmatched by Ohio’s receivers and Fields had all day to throw.

    Maybe I’m jaded from watching so much NFL and so little CFB but if Fields was as phenomenal as the commentators were making him sound he would’ve had 10 TDs with how many opportunities Clemson’s Defense was giving him.

  20. Haskins, Cardale, Pryor, Troy Smith, Braxton Miller. Craig Kreznel

    All the last Ohio state QBs

    The most successful Ohio State qb to ver make a career in the NFL was in the league for 14 years. Punter Tom Tupa.

  21. Did anyone consider he really played up that hit from Skalski to get him ejected from the game for Targeting? He seemed to be fine when he was playing but hamming it up after every drive. He got their most important player on Defense taken out of the game with his gamesmanship.

  22. It’s easy to see why NFL coaches and GM’s have no respect for the knowledge of the media when statements like this are made.

    It’s also easy to see why they have no respect for fans knowledge when people think because a player attended the same university as previous players that didn’t work out he will be a bust (especially considering he played for a different coach).

  23. Don’t take him first, Jacksonville. This has JaMarcus 2.0 written all over it.

  24. The lack of football knowledge in these comments is not surprising, but if you watch the football game and the QB play of both Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence you would have seen that Fields was the elite QB on the football field yesterday. Justin Fields was dropping dimes all night on an excellent Clemson defense. Both QBs put up excellent numbers but Justin Feilds showed he could make every NFL throw in the book. For both of these QBs, I’m not excited about being selected in the draft by either New York or Jacksonville. If you QB rated in the top 15 of this year’s draft the last football organizations you want to start your career are the Jets, the Washington Football Team, or the Jaguars. These organizations are trainwrecks.

  25. godkingskovald says:
    January 2, 2021 at 8:29 am
    Did anyone consider he really played up that hit from Skalski to get him ejected from the game for Targeting? He seemed to be fine when he was playing but hamming it up after every drive. He got their most important player on Defense taken out of the game with his gamesmanship.

    Um, watch the tape, it clearly shows Skalski lowering his head into Field’s ribs

  26. For everyone knocking osu QBs, other than dwayne haskins no osu QBs have been selected in the first round in 20 years. Haskins was probably a reach. it’s not like five OSU QBs have been taken in the first round in 10 years and all have been busts.

  27. Two cents. First all the top players want to play at OSU for a reason: The agents their parents hired are telling them the big ten is soft and a team like OSU will almost always breeze through and get to the big dance. Thats what they want to be on the big stage and improve draft position.
    Look OSU looked fresh and very fast. Clemson looked tired and sluggish. A 6-0 team that played no one of importance against a 10-1 team who was in some tough battles.
    Fields gives you the Kyler Murry look with size. I would take him in a minute over Lawrnece who spends too much time eyeing one guy. He wont have that time in the pro’s.

  28. Lawrence will be the first pick. He’s the best college QB to come along in a while. That’s not even a question.

  29. I’d rather take Zach Wilson over any one. His arm strength and accuracy is crazy good, better than Field or Lawrence. Trust me they’ll regret not picking Zach.

  30. No,he doesn’t. The 2021 NFL Draft silly season has begun. Next up “Jaguars Seriously Considering Trading Down”.

  31. If you make a decision based on 1 game then your surely making a mistake no matter what the game is.

  32. I still have to see how Fields plays against Alabama before thinking he may even be worthy of the 2nd pick in the draft.

  33. I wouldn’t take either first, but Fields is going to be the better pro. I mean as long as neither goes to the Jets.

  34. “ Who seriously challenged OSU this year? ”

    Indiana did to answer your question. Lost by 7 and had a pick6, lost fumble at goal line on what would have been 1st down, fumble at OSU 20 on what would have been a 1st down, and dropped 4th down pass at OSU 30 with open green in front.

    Buyer beware on Lawrence. Good talent but 2x on biggest stage he has pissed down his leg.

  35. Falcons will pick 3rd or 4th, and if the Jets stick with Darnold, look for Fields to return to Atlanta, his hometown.

  36. If you want to know how a top 10 pick who played QB for for Ohio State will perform in the NFL, look no further than Dwayne Haskins. Good Luck Jets, have fun with Justin Fields.

  37. I get that no other Ohio State QB has worked out, but what does that have to do with this kid? I’m seriously asking? Is it because of their competition? Something in the water? Like, why do OSU QB’s never pan out. I like Zach Wilson as well …

  38. I knew this logic was going to come into play after his six touchdown tosses.

    Watch the Northwestern game and that is the QB I believe we will see in the NFL.
    You literally attempt to diminish a one game performance in your first sentence with “evidence” from another one game performance. Go watch the VT game for Lawrence, looked about the same that Fields looked against NW.

  39. It doesn’t matter who the Jags draft at QB if they don’t fix that OL first…if they don’t, the QB they draft will be another Sam Darnold…

  40. I tell you…people these days are so weird. They never want to adjust their view or expectations.

    Lawrence played great as a freshman….everyone though crowned him as the next great QB based on that game vs Bama….what has he done since?

    Beaten up on the ACC who has zero other respectable teams?

    Remember how Tua was that guy after his debut too? How is he doing?

    Is he still suffering from getting hurt?

    Lawrence arm looked like it was shot last night….he was struggling to get the ball to his receivers on 8yd outs!

    But people are still going off his freshman year.

    He barely beat OSU last uear….now Fields comes back and plays as a champ while he…not only can’t get his team going….but is responsible for a couple bad turnovers all by himself. The guy is regressing.

    The commentators mentioned this was the first time he had played from behind all Season….am guessing last year was same vs LSU….did they ever trail OSU last year?

    This is not just about Fields ascendancy…Lawrence himself seems to have issues.

    Funny that the Jets players winning a couple games may actually have done the team a favor.

    Am off the Lawrence train.

  41. If one game has them questioning their choice then guaranteed they’ll make the wrong choice!

  42. No, OSU hasn’t generated great NFL QB talent – but there’s no college that does. It’s not about the school, it’s about the individual. I have no idea how Fields will do in the NFL. I also have no idea how Lawrence will do in the NFL.

    Remember a few years ago when Winston/Mariota were both “sure things”? It’s the nature of the beast – there are a ton of NFL writers and too much time to fill in the offseason, so QBs are talked about ad nauseam to fill the time, but no one really knows how anyone will do in the NFL.

    My main issues with Lawrence is that he was anointed as Football Jesus way too early, and his frame is very slight. It looks like one hit from Aaron Donald would break him in half. But then I feel the same way about Lamar Jackson and he’s managed to avoid heavy contact so far.

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