Mike Daniels tests positive, as Bengals scramble to identify close contacts

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team
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All season long, the NFL has feared that teams without postseason possibilities will have COVID-19 issues. The day before Week 17, one of the eliminated teams has a sudden issue.

PFT has confirmed that Bengals defensive lineman Mike Daniels has tested positive. The first report came from NFL Media.

The Bengals currently are engaging in the usual post-positive contact tracing. A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Bengals fear up to 10 players could be deemed “close contacts” with Daniels and placed on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Even if 10 players plus Daniels miss Sunday’s game against the Ravens, the game will proceed. The NFL has made it clear, both by words and by actions, that games won’t be delayed for competitive reasons.

As noted yesterday, it’s unclear how many players would have to be unavailable before the league would conclude that a team doesn’t have enough players. However, the number of players the league will deem necessary to proceed is likely far closer to 11 than the full complement of 69 available players on the roster and practice squad.

10 responses to “Mike Daniels tests positive, as Bengals scramble to identify close contacts

  1. Is it bad that my first thought as a Bengals fan was how a game cancellation would affect their draft position?

  2. Mike Daniels might be the smartest man in the NFL. Dude has not had more than 10 solo tackles in 3 years and he’s currently enjoying a 9 million dollar a year deal from Cinci. Last year he called Matt Patricia a genius, and the Lions gave him 10 million for “buying in”. He never plate and when he does he barely notches a stat. 19 million over 2 years. If this guy writes a book I’ll read it.

  3. Cant say I would be surprised if the game was canceled. I have 4 ravens playing in my fantasy football championship……

  4. IMO this was a god awful season with the majority of the teams just plain lousy. Way too many ‘who cares who wins this stinker’ games that the NFL did their best to avoid. Ravens, Cinn, Jax, and Jets playing anyone was a snoozer. Vikes 1-5, Lions, even the Bears tanking the whole division.
    No its not just the kneelers that are chasing fans away its the game itself.
    Defender puts hand on receiver bit time penalty. Defender hits QB too hard, big time fine, game ejection.
    Might as well be playing tag.
    The NFL tweaked the game the way NASCAR did and they changed it to something less then it used to be.

  5. Teams better start bubbling up their team/organization. The Saints, Browns, Ravens, & now, Bengals demonstrating that the virus has taken hold of the NFL. The SB participants have almost always been the team that keeps its players healthy & available.

  6. Here we go again.

    Notice how every single piece seems to be falling into place for the Ravens this year?

    They had a game pushed back for 1 QB, and yet the Broncos couldn’t even play a QB at quarterback because 1 of theirs tested positive.

    Then Dez Bryant tests positive and he’s the only one out of the game? How did he not have “close contact” with any of the other wide receivers?

  7. Hey bob, here’s your answers.

    No I do t see how everything is falling into place

    They had games pushed back because of an uncontrolled outbreak. Different than the Broncos.

    Dez was community spread. It’s not just the Ravens or the NFL doing contact tracing. The state of Maryland is involved so no conspiracy can be invented here

    If you think the game is rigged why bother watching and commenting on this site?

  8. Wait, wait, wait. So, the Broncos problem was too FEW players tested positive? They should have falsified some more positives so they could have had the game pushed back?

    And what are you talking about with Dez Bryant? He was on the field with the entire team when they thought he was positive! He was in the locker room with them! How is that not close contact?

  9. What does the NFL do when a number 1 or 2 seed has multiple starters out with Covid during the playoffs?

  10. Look, Herr Goodell has never been known for consistent application of rules and punishments. The Ravens are in the “most favored nation” camp. No loss of a draft pick despite having the worst outbreak of all teams? Check. Moving not 1, but 2 games due to said outbreak which allowed Lamar to play in game #2 which he should have missed? Check. No fine for Bluetooth Guy on the sidelines in clear and direct violation of league rules? Check. So this is no different. The NFL loves them some Lamar while most other teams like the Bengals are chopped liver.

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