Report: Jaguars are “expected” to fire Doug Marrone, could turn to Urban Meyer

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Another year, another report that the Jaguars may be firing coach Doug Marrone.

Last year, ESPN reported on the Saturday before the regular-season finale that Marrone had been informed that he’ll be fired after the Week 17 game. This year, NFL Media is opting for the far safer suggestion that the Jaguars “are expected” to fire Marrone.

The Jaguars are the worst team in football. They’ve already fired General Manager Dave Caldwell. Of course they are expected to fire Marrone.

Here’s where it gets a little more interesting. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that, if Marrone is indeed fired, the team could pursue former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, whose name emerged last Sunday as a potential NFL alternative.

“The team has shown interest in former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who has been lining up a staff and telling people he’s close to in the football community that he expects to land in Jacksonville, per sources,” Rapoport writes.

It’s a somewhat stunning suggestion, since the notion that the Jaguars have led Meyer to believe the job is his if he wants it would turn the Rooney Rule on its head at a time when the NFL seems more determined than ever to ensure that teams engage in diverse, inclusive, and deliberate searches.

Hiring Meyer also would raise the question of whether Meyer would consider selecting Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields over Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the first pick in the draft or, potentially, flip flop in a trade with the Jets, allowing New York to take Lawrence and then selecting Fields.

However it play out, the first step will be deciding on the future of Doug Marrone. As we learned last year, he’s not out until he’s out. Once he’s out, things could get interesting in Jacksonville.

41 responses to “Report: Jaguars are “expected” to fire Doug Marrone, could turn to Urban Meyer

  1. With every new headline popping up I look quick to see who has the HOAX oops I mean “Virus”

  2. While I appreciate Urban for his accomplishments at Ohio State he has a habit of bolting when things get hard. He will leave in three years if not sooner

  3. The Rooney Rule is a joke and Black coaches have spoken out against it.

    If the Jaguars want to hire a coach they deem superior to others (rather he/she actually is) then as a 900,000,000 organization/business it is their right to do so.

  4. Shinnbone says:
    January 2, 2021 at 8:04 pm
    With every new headline popping up I look quick to see who has the HOAX oops I mean “Virus”
    Just the other day I was thinking…no one thinks Covid a HOAX now right? I was so wrong apparently…Keep wearing that tin foil hat mate. Lol

  5. So Urban will grab the guaranteed cash, coach a little, and retire due to health reasons? I’ve seen this movie. No thanks.

  6. The question is will Myer keep his streak of having a murderer, child molester or wife beater among his players and or staff

  7. is the Rooney Rule starting to become racist? if they wanted to fire Marrone and immediately hire Kevin Sumlin, nothing is said. If that’s who they want to hire, let them hire him.

    otherwise you’re wasting the time of some of these African American Coaches, who are good enough to get a Head Coaching position somewhere else.


  8. Most racist rule is the Rooney rule. Best candidates should be interviewed and get job regardless of color of their skin.

  9. Urban’s health is a issue. The stresses of coaching could lead to more brain cysts and other health issues.

    I don’t see his loved ones allowing him to risk his health in this way. Yes, wives have pull in these situations.

  10. Hiring Urban would be a mistake, on a few levels. One, he has given no reason to believe he could succeed in the NFL. Two, his health. Three, just don’t do it.

    Doubling down on that mistake by drafting Justin Fields at one would be awful. Nothing against Fields, but you look for the complete body of work, and that’s Trevor.

  11. The Jags are one again at a critical stage in this franchise. You get the opportunity to draft #1, which is presumably QB Trevor Lawrence to rebuild the franchise around. The Jags will also have some other good picks at this year’s draft.

    The GM has been fired and after tomorrow, so will be the coach. You also need a stable organization that has a plan to get better. You need a draft plan, a free agent plan, and an organizational plan. Everybody has to be on the same page. Having a plan and everybody being on that plan has been the Jags biggest problem for years and years.

    The Jags can’t afford to miss on a GM or a head coach. Having good draft picks is not a recipe for success without a plan. The Jags have had decent success at drafting with zero results. Why? No plan.

    I think Urban Meyer was a great college coach. How many great college coaches didn’t make it at the pro level, or stumbled for a few years? The Jags can’t afford to wait. I would be looking for a seasoned HC, OC, or DC at the pro level and a proven GM that has had success.

    I’d hate to see the Jags blow another opportunity for success!

  12. “Hiring Meyer also would raise the question of whether Meyer would consider selecting Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields over Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the first pick in the draft or, potentially, flip flop in a trade with the Jets, allowing New York to take Lawrence and then selecting Fields.”

    Mike Florio has also speculated that Meyer would be interested in Dwayne Haskins. NFL coaches who coached players in college don’t just assume their former players are better than everyone else. If the overwhelming consensus among top football minds is that Lawrence is better than Fields, I’d wager money than Meyer thinks the same way.

  13. While I understand the intentions of the rooney rule, it doesn’t make it right. Whenever race is brought into a discussion it automatically turns into a race themed discussion. Nothing will ever get better until you just treat everyone equally based on the person, and the content of their character not their skin color.

  14. Whether, Meyer is hired or not the Rooney Rule will be ignored. The NFL is known for not observing their own rules. See Las Vegas hiring of Jon Gruden, Los Angeles and San Diego relocation, etc.

  15. Shinnbone says:
    January 2, 2021 at 8:04 pm

    With every new headline popping up I look quick to see who has the HOAX oops I mean “Virus”



    It is amazing to me that 60 people think this post was a good statement made on sound logic.

  16. There is no tie between Urban and Fields. Justin went to the Buckeyes while Ryan Day was coach.

  17. The Rooney Rule is dopey. If I own a team and the coach I want is white then Im hiring that white coach (and I’ll interview 10 minorities in the process to placate everyone if thats what it takes). We all know this, so the question you have to ask yourself is who is making money from this “rule”? Somebody is always getting paid.

  18. Serious? No one is taking Justin Fields over Lawrence or in the 1st round for that matter.

  19. Colts_RULE says:
    January 2, 2021 at 8:07 pm
    Rooney rule is racist and should be illegal, period.
    Got it. But, the rest of the NFL is not. How naive are you folks???

  20. Every rumor about Urban to Jags I’ve seen has been Urban wants to coach Lawrence which is why he is considering the Jags job. Not sure why PFT has been pushing the Field’s to Jacksonville stuff but it’s not gonna happen. How could there even be a decision why they don’t have a GM.

  21. Rooney rule somehow excluded the Colts making sure caldwell followed Dungy into the head coaching role without any interviews. Why is that ok? This is so blatantly reverse racism it is sickening.

  22. Just like his college teams, Urban would sign the criminals, murderers, thieves, violent ones because they’ll have value. He justifies this by claiming he’s a good “Christian man” and holds prayer circles.

  23. Why would Lawrence want to play for this franchise? Does he want to? Will he tell his people to let them know he wont accept going there? How much will a trade to the top pick cost?

    For the last 3 months we have heard this about the Jets and Lawrence. Jax is clearly worse. Worse team, worse franchise, worse market. Yet these questions and headlines have stopped since they secured the top pick. Why???

  24. The Khans are clueless, we know that. And the Jaguars are historically a bad franchise.

    However, they have shown leniency with how long they keep their head coaches: see Gus Bradley and Doug Marrone.

    If they draft Trevor Lawrence and offer the coach complete control, or the ability to handpick his GM, I think Urban Meyer may entertain the offer.

  25. Meyer better get Gruden money to take that job. It’s not like the owner can’t afford it.

  26. If I had millions to waste I would do something stupid and hire the best High School coach out there. Nobody has done that yet, it would be better than wasting a bunch cash on someone who will leave as soon as they got there.

  27. Does it really matter who they hire…Its the Jaguars. With a stingy owner like that who trades away his franchise type players (Ramsey ect) instead of paying them it doesn’t matter if they Hire Bill Belichick.

  28. with the 1st pick of the 2021 NFL the JACKSONVILLE
    JAGUARS select QB From Ohio State Justin Fields

  29. Great college coaches generally don’t have great success in the NFL. Look at Saban and Spurrier.

    You know who does? Retreads. Look at this list of retreads: Belichick, Carroll (was an NFL HC before he was a college HC), and Reid.

    Also, former NFL assistants and coordinators do ok as well: Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Shanahan, McVay, LeFleur, even Doug Pederson.

    The college game is way to different. You can’t recruit your way to a better team, nor have 90 players on your squad. And it’s way more competitive–no Tulane’s or Arkansas State’s on the schedule.

  30. Not sure he could handle the pressure or the egos in the NFL – I hope they look to seasoned coaches (which seem to be in abundance this year) – I agree with the previous poster who mentioned how most college coaches do in the NFL – I don’t think Meyer can handle it. But that’s just me personally – I don’t have the faith in him to be able to do it based on his history.

  31. 99% of Jags fans don’t want Urban. The Jax Media started the rumor of him being sought or hired because all they know is Gator Gator Gator. Anyone or anything that was or is gator related they want it in Jax. Ueban in my opinion wasn’t all that. He’s a quitter in some form or another. He does not deserve a shot at screwing up Trevor Lawrence. Josh Mcdaniels and Eric Bienemy are also on the Jags Radar. So for Ueban too already being choosing his staff is purely speculation and rumor for the media. My choice is for Mcdaniels.

  32. Forget Lawrence. If Urban is hired he’ll sign Tim Tebow and any more of his previous Gators from those glory years. That’ll sell a lot of tickets in Jax.

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