Report: Jim Schwartz will leave the Eagles after 2020 season

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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Every team has changes after the season ends. In Philadelphia, plenty of changes are possible. One change that will be definite, at least reportedly, will happen at defensive coordinator.

Jim Schwartz will leave the team upon expiration of his contract following Sunday’s game, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Media.

Schwartz, 54, reportedly plans to take a year off, during which he will contemplate retirement. Per the report, the Eagles previously offered Schwartz an extension, and Schwartz “is still thought of highly by the team.”

While that may be entirely true, the fact that the NFL is rife with realities that don’t meet the eye invites speculation that there’s more to this story. Did the proposed extension amount to an offer that the Eagles knew Schwartz wouldn’t accept? Is Schwartz being coy about his future in the event that the phone doesn’t ring during the coming coaching carousel? Is he simply trying to market himself by creating a sense of scarcity.

Schwartz, the former head coach of the Lions (29-51 in five seasons), served as defensive coordinator of the Bills in 2014, was out of football in 2015, and joined the Eagles in 2016. Despite solid work with the Philadelphia defense, Schwartz has received less interest regarding a second head-coaching opportunity than his performance would suggest.

Could this all be a little media manipulation aimed at creating a demand for Schwartz’s services and/or softening the appearance that the Eagles wanted to move on? Given that it’s landing at a point on the calendar when attempts at media manipulation are running rampant, it would be foolish to rule that out.

23 responses to “Report: Jim Schwartz will leave the Eagles after 2020 season

  1. Finally! I’ve had enough of his soft defenses. Sick of the Wide 9, sick of watching DBs left out to dry, sick of the bend, bend, and eventually break defense.

  2. “While that may be entirely true, the fact that the NFL is rife with realities that don’t meet the eye invites speculation that there’s more to this story.”

    Right. Because telling everyone you’re considering retirement is such a great strategy that doesn’t scare off potential employers that want long-term stability…

  3. Considering he’s had health issues with his hip and eyes including surgery thinking that’s the reason for taking a year off not some conspiracy theory .

  4. I’ve been an Eagles fan for 42 years and one of the best defenses they Eagles have ever had was when Buddy Ryan was the coach leading the defense. With that being said I’d love to see the Eagles hire Rex Ryan as the new defensive coordinator. He had to have learned alot from his dad plus he coached some great defenses in Baltimore, the Jets and in Buffalo.

  5. Granted his schemes were of the bend-don’t-break variety with that goofy picket fence set up which offenses always seemed to beat. And giving up nearly 600 of offense in the SB was insane, fault also lies with Howie Roseman for not drafting or acquiring top-notch DBs and LBs. Perhaps with a more stout back end, the defense would have been different. Still, not too sad to see him go.

  6. Combine lack of talent past the front four with poor drafting, poor coaching and injuries its time to rip this house of cards in Philly down.

  7. Good for him. I think everybody should take a year off when it comes to the NFL. Very damning physically and/or mentally.

  8. The guy held the odds on favorite to win the NFC to 7 points in 2017 NFCCG. Give the man some credit where its due you ungrateful Philly fans!

  9. Schwartz’s defense has been mediocre since Super Bowl LII. Time for a change. Hopefully a more aggressive blitzing scheme.

  10. Schwartz masterminded the 2014 Buffalo Bills defense that was destroying the best offenses in the NFL.

    All of our defensive leaders were totally crushed when Schwartz left. We had the roster for his defense.

    Buffalo Bills legend Kyle Williams said you would have to drag him kicking and screaming through the parking lot if Schwartz left.

  11. Good for him. Lot’s of hate fro this guy but the Eagles defense has been pretty good for year. Every team has injuries,enjoy your retirement!!

  12. Maybe if Harbaugh returns to the NFL he will hired Swartz for DC job.Then after a victory they can take turns seeing who can slap each other’s back .

  13. Age 54 with health problems? That’s pretty young. He seemed to do a pretty good job in that SB year, although every tim I see him I think of that Harbaugh handshake and his Detroit era nickname “gym shorts”.

  14. he wasn’t horrible. but he isnt great either. I’d take Jim Johnson any day of the week or Schwartz. too bad we didnt give his protege an opportunity to grow in the position when Jim died..he’s looking mighty good now as the HC in buffalo.

    Also, thats some real BS he didnt have talent. Sydney Jones, Rasul Douglas, Ronald Darby, Malcom Jenkins..etc.etc.. they all came into Philly with a Stud review.. all but malcolm fizzled here, and now they’re all have pretty good careers.. even Malcom, who they said last year was too old.. Where do the Saints stand this year?

    yeah, ok, they got hit with injuries this season, sucks for everyone. but the coaches are supposed to teach, and use the players to their abilities, not try to make the players fit into a mold they cant fit into..

  15. The Vikings should bring him in to help shore up Mike Zimmer’s “defense”!

  16. Good riddance. Saying this before the last game is over shows how little he cared for the team and a total lack of class. He’s a loser. Hope the door doesn’t hit him on the way out.

  17. He’s a smart guy that saw the writing on the wall and decided to go out on his terms rather than be the scapegoat in this mess of a season.

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