Tony Romo out Sunday due to COVID-19 protocols

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Tony Romo will not be in the CBS booth on Sunday.

CBS announced that Romo will miss the Cardinals-Rams game because of COVID-19 protocols. The network did not say whether Romo tested positive or was exposed to someone who did.

Boomer Esiason will be in the booth with Jim Nantz on the Cardinals-Rams game.

If he’s healthy enough to call a game, CBS would surely like to set up Romo to call the game from home, just as ESPN did yesterday for Kirk Herbstreit, who called a College Football Playoff game from home after testing positive for COVID-19. But the logistics were likely not feasible for CBS to outfit Romo’s home with the proper equipment in time for tomorrow’s game.

CBS has not said whether Romo will return next weekend, when the network will air one playoff game on Saturday and one game on Sunday.

20 responses to “Tony Romo out Sunday due to COVID-19 protocols

  1. They didn’t want Simms back with Nantz? They could have joked about playing hurt.

  2. So, this means we’ll have to watch the actual plays rather than Tony telling us beforehand? Wow! Get well soon
    Mr. Know-it-all!

  3. don’t know why people don’t like Romo cause he’s a lot!! better than most. if he sucked as bad as some say he wouldn’t be paid what 17 million a season. the guy knows the game and does a good job at it. thumbs down all you want he turned out to be a damn good commentator like Aikman did, and moose! New era folks.

  4. Well this is honestly and easily the worst loss in any single game this season covid related.

  5. Covid is taking them down fast now, how does anyone in power think all the teams will field elite level playoff rosters? Watch a NFC east team at 6-10 win the SB because they were the only team healthy!

  6. Romo is great. Boomer will be very good too. These guys sure beat some of the new guys that are out there today. Glad Chris Speilman went to work for the Lions, as he stunk as an announcer.

  7. Did anybody hear Aqib Talib attempting to become a commentator a couple weeks ago?? It was painful to listen to.

  8. Romo is annoying. I can’t stand the way e tries to call every play before it happens…and that whiny voice too

  9. It wasn’t Joe Buck because that would indicate that someone would have to be hanging out with him outside of work in the first place

  10. Guess Rams and Cards didn’t give him the play calling so he can act like he knows what is gOing on

  11. Because he couldn’t do it from home? Didn’t Herbstreet do that yesterday? Welcome to 2021, where we pretend it’s 1980.

  12. Getting tired of Romo – same as Dallas got tired of Tony. I used to like his calling of what we would be seeing but now I am getting bored with it. Nantz deserves somebody with a bit more pizzazz

  13. Hate the Cowboys as my wife is a lifelong Washington fan, but I like Romo as an announcer. I enjoy hearing him anticipate what play may happen next. But to each her/his own. Get back soon, Tony. Most of us will miss you….

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