Aaron Rodgers burns Bears’ blitz as Packers lead

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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There’s one play in the Bears’ defensive playbook that needs to be shredded.

The Bears put together an awful play call in the second quarter against the Packers, bringing a safety blitz that Aaron Rodgers saw coming a mile away, and leaving inside linebacker Danny Trevathan covering wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling downfield.

Unsurprisingly, Rodgers found Valdes-Scantling for a 72-yard touchdown.

What Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano was thinking on that call is unclear, but it’s the single biggest play so far in a big game for the Bears. The Packers now lead 14-10.

19 responses to “Aaron Rodgers burns Bears’ blitz as Packers lead

  1. Ariani, they seem to be better than the garbage Vikings defense thats home for the year….

  2. Areola, it’s looking like the packers will have the week off next week… I wonder if your Vikings will survive the first round of the playoffs so they’ve got the chance to meet up with the Packers down the road? Oh wait……

  3. Bears have no pass rush. Rogers could set up a hot dog stand and sell red hots while he waits on his 3d progression. Bears lucky to be only down by 8 at half.

  4. Not really sure why we let ariani get under our skin. He’s obviously jealous and just trying to rile Packer fans up. Shouldn’t even answer him….BTW, enjoy the early off season ariani….

  5. Regardless how much longer the Bears season goes, they have to move on from Chuck Pagano. Their defense has gone from a team strength to a flat out embarrassment on his watch. They could also use some players who can rush the passer and tackle.

  6. The play clock was at 00 for 2 seconds before the ball was snapped, once again the refs just looked the other way. Disgraceful!

  7. the worst thing is that whether the Bears sneek in or not after this loss nothing at Halas hall will change for next year. More Truibsky, more Nagy, and more overpaid defense. the Green Bay game was not as close as the score.

  8. Sickening to watch how the rules of the nfl change depending on who the qb is. GB is the far better team then the Bears, but that is not to going to stop the refs from padding the game for darling little erin.
    GB is allowed to BLANTENTLY hold on EVERY play. Now they dont even have to go by the play clock. Several times (including this td throw) the clock is at zero for 1-2 seconds before they even hike the ball. Yet the sgt shultz refs at every gb game never see anything, unless of course the other team does it.

  9. Yeah, those poor Bears never got a break on any penalties that could have been called . . . things like motion, etc . . .

  10. There was at least one play where the play clock hit zero well before the play started, but still let Trubisky run the play. Then I realized… as we’ve been told for years, the TV clock is not always sync’d to the field clock. So I got over it.

  11. I enjoy winning football – especially since my team is the most successful franchise in NFL history. Dominating our division and the NFC is fun.

  12. ariani1985 says:
    January 3, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    Packers defense is garbage yet again.


    ….. and yet, they’ve garbaged their way to another 13-3 season and first round playoffs bye.

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