Adam Gase will meet with Christopher Johnson, “not predicting anything”

NFL: JAN 03 Jets at Patriots
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The Jets ended the 2020 season with a 28-14 loss to the Patriots on Sunday and all eyes are now on when they’ll make a call about head coach Adam Gase.

Gase is 9-23 in two seasons as the Jets’ head coach after going 2-14 this season and the expectation around the league is that the Jets will be making a change. After Sunday’s loss, Gase said he expects to talk to team CEO Christopher Johnson Sunday night or Monday.

“I don’t know. I’m not going to predict anything,” Gase said, via

With ill-timed penalties, costly turnovers, and long bouts of offensive inefficiency playing a big role in the loss, it was a fairly representative effort of the Gase era. That’s why an announcement of his dismissal is thought to be imminent even if Gase doesn’t want to offer his guess about what happens.

13 responses to “Adam Gase will meet with Christopher Johnson, “not predicting anything”

  1. You know there is a franchise out there that will hire this guy as a coordinator thinking he’s a QB whisperer

  2. One of the biggest frauds ever to get a head coaching job. He wasn’t even that good with Peyton Manning in Denver. Not even a good OC. The End.

  3. What odds do I get that Gase doesn’t get fired? IDK who’d want that job with the Jets not getting Lawrence. And it is the Jets; they might figure why pay an established coach a fortune to take the job? Their roster is full of holes; Lombardi wouldn’t make the playoffs with that team. I’d need long odds but I’m thinking why did they wait until the end of the season to fire him. I’ll wait until the laughter subsides.

  4. From the outside looking in, if he has another year on his contract I would let him honor it. Since he got rid of the all the problems within, things seem to be a whole lot better. This is what is wrong with the NFL teams (well most), they are to quick to move on. Now with all that said if they stink next year, yes move on. Look at the bright side for now, they have won 2 out of the last 3 games and they have good draft picks coming.

  5. the longest Darnold has gone in his nfl career so far is 3 games without an interception. That ended today. Sorry…Gase was hired to develop darnold, and darnold totally fell apart.

    Gase should be fired since Darnold has not developed in 2 years–injuries or not,Jets need to start over with a new coach and a qb on a rookie contract.

    Could Gase survive? Sure, its the Jets. But I hope not. I mean, he can’t even tell the truth if he was calling the plays or not when he had the sheet and the headset…too weird to make it in new york or anywhere without Peyton Manning putting in a good word for him.

  6. He’s actually very good just on a bad team, organization and fan base. Plus the weather sux there. And everything around it there is old and run down.

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