Brian Flores: We didn’t coach well, we didn’t play well

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Dolphins had an opportunity to make the playoffs with a win against the Bills on Sunday, but they failed miserably.

They trailed 28-6 at halftime and wound up losing 56-26 to leave their playoff fate in the hands of the Jaguars. Jacksonville has to beat the Colts in order for the Dolphins to advance to the postseason, but they are double-digit underdogs in that contest.

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw three interceptions, Bills wideout Isaiah McKenzie returned a punt 84 yards for a touchdown, and the Bills backups continued to put up points in the second half of the game. That led Dolphins head coach Brian Flores to say that his team didn’t do anything well on Sunday.

“We didn’t coach it well. We didn’t play well. I’m not going to sit here and put it on one player,” Flores said, via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Flores said that the entire Dolphins team has to do better. Unless things work out in Indianapolis, they’ll have an extended wait to see if they can take that step forward.

17 responses to “Brian Flores: We didn’t coach well, we didn’t play well

  1. He did a great coaching job this year, they just may have selected the wrong QB. They can certainly right that wrong with a top 5 pick courtesy of Houston.

  2. Flores is conpletely clueless when the game matters most, it was quite evident today.

  3. Flores did a great job with the Dolphins this year. Today was a tough loss, but when you look at the season the Dolphins had,compared to preseason predictions he is a candidate for Coach of the year.

  4. When your team is not prepared for the biggest game of the year and you’re playing against the opponent backups that’s all on coaching.

    Flores should be fired tonight.

  5. No one predicted 10 wins for Miami this year, so they did much better than expected.
    Flores should get a lot of credit for this alone.
    But I agree, Tua did not show a lot at times. I didn’t get the sense he “lifted” the play of others and put the team on his shoulders in many instances. Maybe in his second year with OTA’s, and full training camp he’ll improve.
    Miami still has to determine if they are going to draft someone else to compete. They again have ample draft capital to get another QB or stock the team with some blue chip players and continue the rebuild.

  6. I’m not even sure the switch up to Fitz would’ve worked against the Bills. No Fitz this year and this year is 5-11. Good defense lucky offense

  7. No playoffs, but they did clinch the #3 overall pick and also have the 18th…..

  8. I guess nobody wants to give the Bills credit? They are a very talented team who’s defense is playing much better than they were earlier in the season. They have the best offensive coordinator in the NFL who has a great quarterback and quality skill players to play with. Best of luck to them. They certainly look “Super”.

  9. The Dolphins really have to get quicker receivers who create separation. Lynn Bowden Jr. type who can also get down field. I really think Chan Gailey should be replaced. Create some diversions to get receivers open! Tua showed a strong arm at Alabama. Did he lose it or are the Miami receivers just not elite enough to get open and accelerate to the ball? Miami has the number 3 overall pick in the draft. Please find an elite receiver who can pick up first downs on 3rd and 3 or 4. Wes Welker was a first down machine when he was with Miami. Smaller quicker receivers work in the NFL. I never felt that Parker was elite and he’s injured a lot!

  10. Miami must get someone in the organization that knows what a quarterback is. Herbert was there being interviewed and and tested by our organization before the draft,we picked Tua? He doesn’t even look like he wants to play football. Certainly not showing any leadership. The list of pro bowl quarterbacks the Dolphins passed on over the last twenty years is staggering. Right now we just went backwards,Tannehill is in the playoffs. Tannehill won’t win Super Bowls without a lot of help,but he’s a much better piece than Tua. Tua is accurate but he won’t throw you open,if you’re not open he won’t throw it. To win with Tua you”d have to have a great o- line built for the run and we’ve already drafted a pass blocking line. Then you need a great running back and a great receiver. Then your defense has to be dominate. Getting that lucky is rare,we need a quaterback that makes these units better and Tua ain’t ready. Miami didn’t miss the playoffs because they lost today. Miami missed the playoffs because Tua played most of the Denver game.

  11. The Dolphins didn’t bring their A-game, but let’s give the Bills credit. The Bills’ roster is deep and excellent in every area and their coaching is superior. Their second string is as good as some teams first teamers. Klein, McEnzie, Love, Bates, Zimmer, etc. are first line players for other teams. So, yes, Miami, didn’t play great, but they were up against a very good Bill’s team.

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