Dolphins will pick third in 2021 NFL Draft thanks to Laremy Tunsil trade

Houston Texans v Detroit Lions
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The Dolphins didn’t get the on-field results that they needed to make the playoffs, but they did have one thing go their way.

Sam Sloman doinked a last second field goal off the upright, but it still went through and the Titans beat the Texans 41-38 to secure the AFC South title. They also secured the third overall pick of the draft for the Dolphins.

Miami acquired Houston’s first-round pick in the 2019 trade involving left tackle Laremy Tunsil and they will wind up picking right behind the Jaguars and Jets if everyone stays put. The Dolphins also have their own first-round pick at No. 18, so they will be well positioned to improve their club this offseason.

The fourth and fifth picks are also set. The Falcons will pick fourth and the Bengals will select fifth. The Eagles will have the sixth pick if they lost to Washington on Sunday night. The Lions, Panthers, and Broncos would follow, but they’ll precede the Eagles if they win and wind up with the ninth pick.

Washington picks 10th if they lose while the Cowboys would pick 11th. Dallas will pick 10th and the Giants will pick 11th if Washington wins.

The draft order for the rest of the non-playoff teams are listed below:

12. 49ers

13. Chargers

14. Vikings

15. Patriots

16. Cardinals

17. Raiders

18. Dolphins

24 responses to “Dolphins will pick third in 2021 NFL Draft thanks to Laremy Tunsil trade

  1. The Dolphins will likely make another disasterous first round pick.

    Draft a QB with a 1st round pick, take 2!

  2. Bill O’Brien….the gift that keeps on giving.

    So the Dolphins, with ten wins, misses out on the playoffs, but the winner of the NFC LEast could be a team with ten losses and gets to host a playoff game. #smh

  3. DeVonta Smith is a no brainer pick. Reunite him with Tua because the Dolphins need weapons.

  4. Bill O Brien deserves NFL Executive of the Year by being able to operate two teams to entirely different seasons, fleecing the Texans while building the Dolphins future. Bravo!

  5. The Dolphins don’t have anyone in their organization that knows a quarterback when it sees one. That’s not the problem though. The problem is they’ve known that since Marino left and haven’t fixed it. Justin Herbert was in our interviews ,we went over him and Tua with a fine toothed comb and then picked Tua? Herbert is setting rookie records on a bad team, Tua can’t figure out that you throw the ball where the blitz is coming from,I know that and never played organized ball in my life. He’s accurate and doesn’t get flustered so he’s focused,but he is struggling mightily against NFL defenses. If Miami doesn’t draft a QB with that 3rd pick we’ll be waiting 3 years to start all over again. To draft that qb they need to bring someone in that knows how to find one.

  6. Another Belichick protégé in O’Brien screws his team over….. Pioli, McDaniel, I mean, come on, not a single person came out of that organization with any success.
    It was all Tom Brady, every last bit of it

  7. Nobody can fairly assess Tuas true NFL capability after 3/4 of a year while learning on zoom calls. He’s a rookie. Settle down.

  8. The 14th pick AND another offseason championship – this truly as been a magical season for the world class MN Vikings.

  9. In no world is laremy tunsil worth the 3rd overall pick. You cannot convince me that bill o’brien was working undercover to directly sabotage the Texans.

  10. The Vikings need to draft QB Zach Wilson. His talent is the like Patrick Mahomes. His are strength and accuracy is crazy good.

  11. Well first of all draft a QB to learn behind Fitzpatrick for a year and get rid of Tua.

  12. Feel bad for whoever lands with the Jets . You wanna be optimistic but that franchise is a DISASTER right now … these kids are too talented to have to deal with that and have it eat up their learning years

  13. The best move for Miami is to trade down, and hopefully in the process acquire another teams 2022 first round pick.There are 3 QBs in the top 10 and 2 will go in the first 2 picks. Someone will want that 3rd QB

  14. The Dolphins have two glaring needs.. WR and RB…. Devonta Smith makes all the sense in the world.. but I could see them trading back 3-4 spots.. picking up more 2’s and 3’s and still getting Smith. As for RB… a horse to team with Myles Gaskin (a Darren Sproles clone) will needed. Do they go FA there or draft one? Most of the rest of the team has a solid core.. which is why they won 10 games.

  15. Phins are in dire need of offensive weaponry, need at a minimum 2 STUD WR’s, an NFL quality center, 2 safeties and a 3 down MLB/ILB. Also on the “NEEDS” board a power RB. They’ve been using bandaids at center since Pouncy left. I say, draft that Alabama center that got hurt in the last regular season game, yeah he’s injured now but he is a stud OL guy and he fires up the rest of the Oline and he will heal. Tua gets way too much pressure up the middle a solid center would mitigate that.

    Right now the only real receivers Tua has are Parker and Gesicki, Grant is fast but doesn’t run great routes. Ford has dropped more passes than he has caught. Preston Williams is great for 3 games a season then on IR for the rest of the year. The other guys were college QB’s. they could have possibly grabbed better receivers at an adult flag football game. What at one time was a strength in Miami is now a liability.

    I’m still not sold on Tua, but I would like to see what he could do with some real skill position talent around him and an OL that can keep him upright

  16. If the Dolphins do draft a qb, please please don’t listen to Nick Saban for the thidrd time!

  17. The Dolphins need to draft offensive skill players early and a lot. Chan Gailey should gracefully retire. The Dolphins need quick wide receivers who can get open early in their routes. The NFL is an offensive league where defense could be characterized as time of possession on offense or limiting the opponents offense on the field!

  18. Dolphins could trade down a few places (Detroit maybe, a good candidate), and pick up a pile of picks for that #3.

  19. First hire Mike Shula as OC. Then draft: #3) OT PENEI SEWELL, #18) WR JAYLEN WADDLE, #35) RB NAJEE HARRIS, #50) TRADE PICK to Houston for J.J. Watt, #81) C LANDON DICKERSON, #119) TE BREVIN JORDAN, & BPA w/picks 195, 204 & 256. Sewell at LT, Kindley at RG, Dickerson @ Center, Austin Jackson to RT, Robert Hunt to RG. Sign 24-year old UFA JuJu Smith-Shuster. Use Mike Gesicki/Brevin Jordan together similar to a young Rob Gronkowski/Aaron Hernandez duo.

  20. All you football experts forget that Tua is a lefty. If they drop a OL at 3, they should place him on the RIGHT side to protect the blindside. Also, it takes time for receivers to adjust to the ball coming out of a lefty. Even Jerry Rice said he had to take time to transition from Montana to Young.

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