Eagles unfazed by report of fractured relationship between Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson

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The Eagles weren’t fazed by the first ESPN report that Carson Wentz wants out, and the Eagles also aren’t fazed by the second one.

Two weeks after Adam Schefter reported that Wentz wants out if he’s not the 2021 starter, Chris Mortensen reports that Wentz wants out, period.

Per Mortensen, the relationship between Wentz and coach Doug Pederson is “fractured beyond repair.”

League insiders continue to view these reports as an agent-driven power plays, with no credence given to the notion that Wentz would want out until he says so himself. More importantly, neither report has caused the Eagles to waver in their intention to, as explained earlier, press pause after the season ends and then formulate a plan for the quarterback position in 2021. Wentz could be reinstalled as the starter in the offseason. At a minimum, he could have a fair chance to compete for the job.

This doesn’t mean Wentz is guaranteed to be an Eagle next year. But the thinking is that the Eagles aren’t going to panic or buckle or otherwise freak out in response to the report that Wentz and Pederson have crossed the point of no return.

20 responses to “Eagles unfazed by report of fractured relationship between Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson

  1. Sounds like chatter from Wentz’s agent which is doing more harm than good. If this is the tactic being resorted to than that tells you all you need to know about Wentz’s prospects for starting for a team in 2021. He’s gonna be lucky to be a backup. Maybe he can help a team tank for draft picks? Mike Glennon, you have competition.

  2. Wentz should barge into Pederson’s office and slap him in the face several times.They won’t be able to get him out of town fast enough.

  3. Gotta like what you’ve seen from Jalen Hurts as a rookie, especially behind that OL, and in the same offense as Wentz.

  4. Wentz is a cancerous diva. That’s been confirmed beyond any doubt. Good riddance.

  5. marino28546 says:
    January 3, 2021 at 2:36 pm

    They will trade him to the Patriots and BB will make him the next Tom Brady.

    Wentz is closer to being the next RG3.

  6. I think Wentz should have been benched when players and the Public were kind of on his side.

    Look at the Trubisky benching. When he was benched a lot of people were like What happened? Now a lot of fans are on his side.

  7. Very funny to see all of the Philly fans that were on the bandwagon just a few seasons ago now go ballistic.

  8. bob1959 says: January 3, 2021 at 8:55 am “Whether its Day, Meyer or anyone else coaching its Lawrence going number 1. Now if Day comes in and thinks Fields is as good or better than Lawrence they may try to get a huge haul from the jets but Lawrence goes number 1 no matter who is picking or coaching that team.” If the Jags call the Jets about moving down one spot even the Jets will smell a rat. If the Jags fall lower than the 4th pick they won’t get Fields or Lawrence (Cincy already has Burrows who I think is going to be the best of the 3). So they can play games if they want but they really need to go get their “guy” and then sit him for a couple of seasons. Too many of these kids are tossed into the fire and they aren’t even close to ready. Considering the number of 1st Rd QB busts more teams should follow the Green Bay-Rodgers model. ——–———————
    1st the game and logistics has changed since Rodgers sat on the bench. Playing a young qb who takes up minimal cap space is the best chance teams have at winning a superbowl. Sitting a qb for years means your wasting not only the low cost years your also unsure of the qb when you finally play him and then will have limited time to evaluate him before your paying him top dollar. 2nd you act like this doesnt happen all the time. The Jags will let it be known their willing to listen to offers, their not going to go to the jets and say “hey we like fields better so help us out and let’s make a deal” like your making it sound.

  9. Mac/JJ. He should slap you a couple of times too. Maybe that would straighten you out.

  10. With the Eagles way over the cap, the cap reduced next year and the huge bonus recapture if Wentz is traded, it’s pretty tough for the Eagles to move on from him in 2021.

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