Giants hold on for 23-19 win that eliminates Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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The Giants beat the Cowboys 23-19 in an elimination game that was not without controversy.

The Giants (6-10) stay alive in the NFC East race. They need the Eagles to defeat Washington in Sunday Night Football to win the division.

The winner of the division hosts the Buccaneers next week.

It was a fast and furious final seven minutes in a game the Giants never trailed.

The Giants faced a third-and-16 at the Dallas 42 with 7:07 remaining when Daniel Jones completed a 10-yard pass to Dante Pettis. The ball, though, hit the ground without Pettis’ hands underneath.

Replay likely would have overturned the call on the field of a completion, but Mike McCarthy didn’t challenge it. Graham Gano kicked a 50-yard field goal with 6:27 left to give the Giants their final margin of victory.

The Cowboys got as close as the Giants 7-yard line on their final possession. But on first-and-goal, Leonard Williams sacked Andy Dalton for a 10-yard loss. Two plays later, with Williams pressuring Dalton again, Dalton threw the ball up for grabs in the end zone.

Xavier McKinney intercepted it with 1:15 left.

Still, the Cowboys had three timeouts. Wayne Gallman went 5 yards on first down, and then 8 yards on second down, which should have ended it. But Gallman inexplicably dropped the ball on the 8-yard carry.

He did manage to get on the ball, though the Cowboys came out of the pile with it.

Replay let Gallman’s fumble recovery stand, and the Giants ran out the clock.

Dalton had his left hand inadvertently stepped on by Williams in the second half. He put a glove on the hand, but it obviously bothered him, and a close-up of the hand showed blood coming out of the glove. He finished with seven carries for 48 yards and completed 29 of 47 passes for 243 yards and the pick.

Jones went 17-of-25 for 229 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Sterling Shepard caught eight passes for 112 yards and a touchdown and also ran for a touchdown.

Williams could win NFC defensive player of the week honors with seven tackles, three sacks and five quarterback hits. The Giants had three other sacks of Dalton.

38 responses to “Giants hold on for 23-19 win that eliminates Cowboys

  1. After the INT in the end zone I couldn’t help but think about Joe Pisarcik when the Giants took over and lo and behold that RB made a play that could have eclipsed the Pisarcik play. I still don’t understand how they called him down. Giants got a bit lucky there but it probably wouldn’t have mattered. They’d have just sacked Dalton twice more to win the game.

  2. Giants defense fought hard again and made the critical stops late that have eluded the team the last few years. But McCarthy is going to be raked over the coals for not challenging that catch by Pettis before the Gano FG that made it a 4 point lead. That was definitely a trap, and Gano was not going to make a 60 yarder in that weather. Without that FG, Dallas could have kicked a FG and gone ahead instead of Dalton throwing what proved to be the game-sealing interception.

  3. Lost in everything, Graham Gano’s 30th straight FG is a Giants record. More than Bahr, Tynes, Treadwell. That’s incredible considering he’s been with them only 16 games and Judge often passed on FG attempts. Congrats!

  4. Not a Cowboys fan, but they were robbed on that fumble.
    Then the fake crowd noise after “the ruling on the field”, was ridiculous.

  5. Andy Dalton lost the game for them with that red one INT. Like just throw the ball away, you’re a veteran. You know better in that situation.

  6. It is beyond me to think a coach of Mccarthy resume would not challenge that play, it was a clear as day it was not a catch I’d fire him alone on that play you gave them the points that in the end beat you. Congratulations to the giants they played a good game , oh and Jason Garrett is laughing all the way to the playoffs.

  7. McCarthy did a terrible job in this game. Besides missing the obvious trapped ball he tried to call long developing pass plays behind a suspect offensive line and ended up with Dalton running for his life. I expected more from an experienced NFL coach……hell any coach.

    The Cowboys need a lot of help….through out the organization.

  8. Obviously Brady wants Washington but I don’t like his chances against The Giants defense if Evans is out and with Brown suspension looming.

  9. I don’t know what has transpired with L. Williams but he is a monster, at this point. Cannot block him. I wonder where the guy in charge of Dallas’ replay calls is working next year? McCarthy is the HC but I don’t put that all on him. Jones might, tho.

  10. The entire NFC East should be banished to the Pac 10, where’d they’d all still somehow manage to go 3-9.

  11. The Cowboys are a clown show yet again this season, but the Giants seem to be the worst all-around team in the division right now. For them to reach the playoffs would be ridiculous beyond their record.

    The WFT winning the division would be the only outcome that seems legit. They seem the most serious and with-it team in the division right now.

    And I say this a living-with-disappointment Cowboys fan.

  12. How Bout them Cowboys !!! Fly EAGLES Fly !!!!

    McCarthy Thanks for not taking the New York GIANTS Job !!!

  13. The boys just juked the Giants out of one draft spot (assuming the Giants dont win the east). Id say that the boys actually won today, despite losing the game on the field….and Im a Giants fan.

  14. This is good news for the Cowboys. Regardless of who wins the division, none of the teams are remotely good enough to win anything so draft position is far more valuable at this point. I hope Philthy wins to further increase their position and decrease NYs and Philthy’s. Win win…

  15. Is Devonta Freeman playing next week?

    Confirmed Mccarthy will be fired Moore will be the favorite.

  16. McCarthy cost his team a shot at possibly winning the division due to a total lack of employing a competent coaching staff. How an NFL coaching staff doesnt challenge the trap by Petis is totally inexcusable. McCarthy has to rely on his guys telling him what to do and they failed utterly.

  17. Watching Dalton throw that atrocious pick in the EZ reminded me of all those type boneheaded plays he had when playing Pitt twice a yr for a decade, when he was with the Bungles. Thanks for the memories, Red Rifle.

  18. A couple of thoughts….

    1. If he threw the challenge flag, and the play was overturned – no one knows what would have happened next. Would the Giants have made a 60 yard field goal? Gano does have the leg. Would the Giants have gone for it on 4th down? Unlikely – but possible. Would they have punted? Probably – but maybe the Giants hold the Cowboys and get the ball in better field position.

    2. After the Giants field goal, the Cowboys got the ball back. They had an opportunity to score, and they didn’t. Could we argue that Dalton’s int in the end zone was a more likely cause for the cowboys to lose? A TD at that point puts the Cowboys in the lead, with under 2 minutes remaining in the game.

    Bottom line, MccArthy should have challenged the call but he didn’t. Gano could have missed the FG after – and no one would be talking about it now. Or, since there was over 6 minutes remaining in the game, a number of different scenarios could have played out changing the outcome as well. The Cowboys had 60 minutes where if they could have scored more or stopped the Giants more, they could have won. They didnt.

  19. I’m hearing way too many excuses for being over paid and under performing. All you Cowboys fans should know this game by now. They”ll get your hopes up at the beginning of the season only to come up short or not show up at all when it really matters at the end of the season. Oh well, there’s always next year…when it all happens once again.

  20. Does anyone truly think any team from this division this year could do anything in the playoffs. All I see is fans from other teams basically saying we didn’t suck as bad as you. The whole division is horrible and to be honest I’m glad the Cowboys didn’t win. I don’t want them to make the playoffs just to get embarrassed the first round

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